Red Dawn (2012) Poster


Plot Keywords

invasion woods
resistance captain
marine soldier
cabin in the woods execution
paratrooper spokane washington
teenager north korean
death of hero main character dies
death of protagonist terrorism
silencer booby trap
shotgun bomb
hand grenade patriotism
warrior tough guy
tough girl female warrior
female fighter female soldier
child with gun open ended
helicopter fighter jet
disguise deception
mercenary military
security camera surveillance
unlikely hero child in peril
teenage hero ak 47
army held at gunpoint
gatling gun prisoner of war camp
knife uzi
deer animal killing
target practice homemade explosive
car accident car chase
plane crash death
violence mixed martial arts
martial arts brawl
fight sniper
fist fight parkour
gunfight battle
montage survival
battlefield combat
fictional war resistance fighter
police officer killed deputy
major exploding body
air strike abandoned mine
product placement restaurant
stadium american football
u.s. marine corps high school
small town prisoner of war camp raid
uprising fire fight
hand to hand combat electromagnetic pulse bomb
campfire artillery barrage
spetsnaz stitching a wound
subway restaurant rocket propelled grenade
political prisoner invasion of the united states
m1 abrams tank building explosion
graffiti skateboard
practical joke drinking blood
telescopic rifle deer hunting
c 4 guerilla war
seeing father murdered flame thrower
summary execution binoculars
megaphone pickup truck
driving through fire plane shot down
toy soldier police officer shot in the head
police officer russian
jumping through a window shot through a wall
shot in the leg child uses a gun
shot in the side shot in the back
bus crash rally
body landing on a car raised middle finger
exploding building car bomb
training photograph
killing an animal c4 explosives
humvee shooting a police officer
murder army captain
sniper rifle news report
forest subtitled scene
hit by a car father son relationship
snowglobe blackout
iraq veteran school bus
cheerleader lens flare
reference to hillary clinton reference to barack obama
reference to kim jong il assassination attempt
bar flamethrower
car crash dead deer
blood drinking grenade
exploding car vomit
exploding house exploding plane
tank rpg
character says i love you american flag
prisoner of war police station
self sacrifice electro magnetic pulse
turncoat revenge
assault rifle machine gun
betrayal ambush
shootout shot to death
shot in the chest shot in the head
guerilla warfare mayor
high school student pistol
death of brother boyfriend girlfriend relationship
power outage high school football
murder of a police officer collaborator
police sergeant u.s. marine
explosion tracking device
suburbia underground resistance
machismo critically bashed
brother brother relationship remake of american film
two word title color in title
remake death of friend
death of father surprise ending

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