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After some kind of freakish group dance routine that's definitely going to cause some nightmares, it was time to find out which two contestants would be sent home on "So You Think You Can Dance?" on Thursday.

Host Cat Deeley handled the duties of introducing guest judge Adam Shankman, who again joined regulars Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. Cat said it was time to get right to business and introduced the first three couples that would get news on whether they were still in the competition for $250,000 and a chance to perform in Las Vegas. The bottom three couples would perform solo routines before the judges decide which guy and which girl were out.

To the results: First up were Chelsea & Thayne, who saw highlights of their quickstep from Wednesday's show, which failed to impress the judges. Nigel even said the couple should "get their solos ready." Nigel was right, and Mary said that none of the judges were surprised that they were in the bottom three.

Next were Katee & Joshua, who danced a samba that had the judges fired up -- in a good way. Joshua said that when he saw they had to do a samba, he thought he'd have to work on his solo. He was wrong. They were safe. Chelsie & Mark, who performed a hip hop routine that had Adam jumping out of his chair, got the results next. Safe.

Kherington & Twitch, who opened Wednesday's show with a "Prison Break"-inspired hip hop dance that left Nigel with nothing negative to say, were safe. Courtney & Gev, whose rumba was smoking hot and had the judges heaping praise upon them, were also safe. That left Comfort & Chris, whose Tice D'orio jazz routine failed to connect with the judges. They got the news they were dreading, and fell into the bottom three. Adam said he wasn't surprised they were in the bottom three and said the lesson for them was that they have to invest more than just technique because the piece needed more than just dancing.

Two couples remained: Kourtni & Matt, who played comic strip characters in a contemporary dance choreographed by new guest choreographer Sonya Tayeh; and Jessica & Will, whose disco routine mostly pleased the judges. The final couple into the bottom three was ... Kourtni & Matt. Nigel said Kourtni had been sensational early in the process, but now he wasn't so sure. He said the other competitors have more of a twinkle in their eye than she has lately. To Matt, Nigel said he wasn't immersing himself into the roles he was being asked to play in his routines.

Be our guest: The dance group Quest, including "SYTYCD" alums Ryan, Dominic and Hok, stopped by to perform a pretty manic breakdancing and tumbling routine, complete with flips, handstands and backspins. Later, "American Idol" Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks performed her song, "One Step at a Time."

Flying solo: Chelsea was the first to go solo, doing a bit in her contemporary style. Thayne went next, busting out some Bon Jovi for a quick contemporary routine. Comfort, up next, was all about the swagger as she hit the stage hard with her popping. Chris spun around the floor for a while with his quick contemporary routine. Kourtni, another contemporary dancer, threw her heart into a rhythmic routine. Matt stayed light on his toes with his contemporary dance.

The verdict: Nigel had a message for all six dancers: They've all been in the bottom three at least twice or three times in the three weeks, and they have to find whatever it is they're missing. To the girls, Nigel didn't waste much time, asking Chelsea to step forward and immediately telling her it was the end of the road for her.

Turning to the guys, Nigel asked Matt to step forward and said, "I'm sorry, I keep hitting on you every week, and I can only apologize." He said Matt's solo was brilliant, and told him to go sit down. He was safe. After two chances, Chris ran out of chances and was sent home. That made for a partner switch for the first time all season, as Chris' departure left Thayne to dance with Comfort next week.


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