The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) Poster

Plot Keywords

reporter general
first person narration hampster
reference to loch ness monster saddam hussein
fall of bagdad reference to mao tse tung
reference to jesus christ reference to walt disney
reference to manuel noriega reference to angela lansbury
reference to ronald reagan reference to bart simpson
reference to timothy leary hospital
roadside bomb suicide by pistol
reference to oprah winfrey reference to star wars
helicopter lieutenant colonel
george w. bush satire
psychological torture jedi knight in training
crohn's disease voice over narration
staring escape
captive liberation
archive footage shootout
kidnapping lsd
f word walking through wall
oh 58 kiowa hilicopter bandage
cigar smoking army base
hummer explosion
improvised explosive device court martial
jogging run over
fire fight walking over hot coals
jeep army training
dancing pickup truck
cloud airbag
american flag daisy
desert hot tub
new age movement iraq war
vietnam war shot in the chest
uh 1 huey helicopter flashback
packing a suitcase ann arbor michigan
begins with text remote viewing
vietnam war veteran told in flashback
secret past secret military operation
paranoid fantasy multiple narrators
kuwait historical fiction
hippie lifestyle hidden truth
government scandal fate
explosive device drug trip
drug humor doodling
destiny delusion
dark past dark comedy
cold war chance meeting
buddy movie break up
black humor black comedy
bad trip adventurer
acid trip absurdism
box office hit staring contest
new age hippie
goat psychic power
animal in title

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