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All of the actors play without winks and spins, unless you consider Lebowskism itself a wink and spin.
The go-for-broke performances help make all this paranormal activity too much fun to care.
Has a glorious good time satirizing the extravagant lengths to which the military and intelligence establishments will go if they think there's a payoff at the other end.
The film is more than a little odd but it has fun with its offbeat premise and moves along breezily until it gets bogged down in the third act.
An often highly amusing comedy in the vein of "Catch 22" and "Dr Strangelove," this lively satire looks destined for future cult status. Great soundtrack, too.
The Hollywood Reporter
Even if The Men Who Stare at Goats is not worth comparing to "Dr. Strangelove," it should satisfy audiences with its great cast and patent absurdities, coated in quaint nostalgia for the happy hippie days of yore.
This is the anti-"Hurt Locker" experience: Where that Iraq War film was absorbing and deadly serious, The Men Who Stare at Goats is irreverent and lighthearted. One only wishes it were a more consistently funny film.
What's impressive about Clooney in The Men Who Stare at Goats is how he marries his goofy, comic side with his dramatic side.
When the haze wears off and the movie grounds itself in reality, it's a bummer. Until then, though, what's weird here is gloriously weird.
Wall Street Journal
You may wonder if this screen version of the book of the same name is as unfunny and strangely mushy as it seems, but trust your instincts.
A magical-realist sitcom war farce that ends up being about nothing but its own slovenly smugness.

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