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  • When Tommy and Holly present a plan to refocus the family business and remove the Ojai name, it underlines the divisions at the firm. Saul quits his job, and Sarah, too, considers her position. Kevin has a chance to make partner if he can land a new account at a client dinner. But while everybody else is bringing spouses, Kevin's boss asks Kevin not to bring his. Justin starts working at an enlistment center and meets a soldier who wants to thank him for saving his life while they were both in Iraq.

  • A plan to change the family business and remove the Ojai name underlines the divisions at the firm. Kevin's boss doesn't want him to invite Scotty to an important business dinner. Justin meets a soldier who thanks him for saving his life.


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  • Tommy and Holly present a new vision for OJAI Foods to Saul and Sarah that includes changing the company name to Walker Landing. Saul and Sarah walk out furious. Kitty is in New York feeling out potential publishers for her book whilst remaining unsure if she really wants to publish it at all considering all that she would need to give up in the process. Kevin has a chance to make partner of the law firm where he works when he goes to a client dinner. His boss is wary of Kevin bringing Scotty along however and Kevin agrees to this despite having worked hard earlier to convince Scotty to come. Saul resigns from OJAI. He is struggling with all the changes going on and has had enough but Sarah feels abandoned. Justin has a job at an enlisting centre, and Anthony Lewis (the soldier Justin saved during combat) comes in and invites him to dinner with his family. Justin is uncomfortable with the idea but agrees. Rebecca notices his distraction and manages to convince him to bring her. Scotty finds out about his uninvitation and is ok with it but cautions Kevin about comprimising who he is. At a late night Board Meeting at OJAI, the board members are wary of the new gameplan until Sarah convinces them to trust in Tommy's vision. It will be her parting gift however as she too, tells Tommy that she is quitting OJAI. At Kevin's dinner, everything is going according to plan and the client seems interested in working with Kevin. Awkward questions about Kevin's "wife" ruin the night for him however and he understands Scotty's point now. At the Lewis', Rebecca is taken completely by surprise when she finds out that Justin saved Anthony's life. She pushes Justin to hear the story but he cannot handle it and has to leave. When he finally gets home, he and Rebecca fight because he's been at a bar and she was worried and upset. When he talks to Nora the next morning, he reveals that he is afraid that Rebecca won't like the side of him that he's kept locked away but Nora explains that shutting her out is not going to help the relationship. Kevin has landed the account but still cannot draw the line in the sand with his boss about allowing him to be openly gay with clients. Tommy tells Holly that although the new gameplan will go ahead, OJAI's name will not change. He realises that Sarah and Saul had a point when they were talking about brand loyalty. Kitty returns home and she and Robert celebrate her 4 book offers with champagne. Justin opens up to Rebecca about rescuing Anthony in Iraq.

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