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8 Jan. 2012
Episode #4.1
Fiona celebrates her 40th birthday but gets a shock when she hears that her dad Dan has bought Raw and is planning to move back to Dublin from Spain. Fiona's former childhood flame Ed vies to become Raw's new organic vegetable supplier but Dan is none too pleased to see him and gives him a friendly warning about Fiona. Fiona and Kate's 16-year-old sister Emma also quits school and Dan coaxes Fiona into giving her a job at Raw so that Emma will eventually see the error of her ways and quit. Meanwhile, Kate has a false alarm and initially thinks she is pregnant but ...
15 Jan. 2012
Episode #4.2
Shane is faced with a difficult decision when Kate tells him she feels his hard-partying sister Jojo should move out. Elsewhere, Geoff gets a visit from an old friend from London.
10 Jan. 2012
Episode #4.3
Shane gets absorbed in his baby-making plans with Kate oblivious to the fact that Kate is not as into the idea as he is and she has also become distracted by Raw's new barman Chris. Jojo's drinking is starting to get out of hand and after ruining an important dinner Geoff sends her home. Geoff wonders how long he will have Selena's company in his flat and his life. Philip's life gets more complicated when his dad pressurises him to come home and Fiona goes in search of Ed after finding out that her dad had deliberately hid his visits from her.
29 Jan. 2012
Episode #4.4
After another night of serious drinking JoJo wakes up beside Philip in her mothers house. This prompts Maeve to seek an intervention to get JoJo the help she needs - but JoJo doesn't take it too well. Kate's milks the situation for all it's worth - glad that the attention is off her. Later, whilst doing inventory Chris makes a move on Kate and they are unknowingly discovered by Emma. Selena overhears Geoff telling Fiona he is leaving money for her and helps herself to some of it but when Geoff suspects her she denies it. She later tries to seduce him. Barbara, a tax ...
5 Feb. 2012
Episode #4.5
Jojo's in free-fall from her drinking and after many errors and a complete dressing down of Philip before his big competition leads Geoff and Fiona to fire her from her job. Meanwhile, guilt is attacking Kate after her tryst with Chris and she endeavours to turn things around - but is it that simple? Philip gets ready to present for his big cooking debut but will Jojo's outburst put him off? Elsewhere, Selena is determined to put a wedge between Pavel and Geoff to order to have Geoff to herself and Ed refuses to see Fiona.
12 Feb. 2012
Episode #4.6
Pavel remains unhappy with Selena in Geoff's life and asks her to move out only to be told that she is married to Geoff. When Pavel confronts Geoff he confirms that it is true and he did it to get a work visa and urges Pavel to thread carefully with her as she volatile. Jojo looks to moving abroad but tries to repair her relationship with Philip first before he moves home. Shane confronts Kate about her infidelity and tells her to leave - that he cannot trust her any longer. Philip's father comes looking for him and injures Pavel in the process. Later, before the ...

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