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Season 5

6 Jan. 2013
Episode #5.1
Jojo returns to Dublin and RAW with a surprise announcement - she has just got married to Anthony, an American writer, and wants to throw a wedding party at RAW. Fiona and new temporary & hot-headed chef Max draw sparks off each other at the same time that Fiona breaks up with Ed. Fiona gets good news on the health front. Shane and new front of house manager Amy become close which doesn't impress Kate. Elsewhere, Philip's cousin Brian arrives unexpectedly and wants to stay for a while with Philip.
13 Jan. 2013
Episode #5.2
Jojo finds out the hard way that Anthony does not like it when his plans are thwarted and it doesn't help that he finds Philip near Jojo every which way he turns. When Jojo is offered the position of head chef in Fiona & Geoff's new restaurant and Anthony is given a magazine job in Egypt will this be the straw that broke the camel's back? Meanwhile, Kate enlists Shane's help to secure a premises for her new pop-up champagne bar which doesn't go down well with Zoe. Elsewhere, Fiona sees a new side to Max at Emma's 18th birthday party.
20 Jan. 2013
Episode #5.3
It's the day of Kate's official opening of her pop-up bar "Kitty's" and it doesn't go well for her in the run up to the opening. Philip is jealous of Emma's continuing friendship with Brian but refuses to tell her how he feels about her. Fiona continues to deny her feelings for Max and goes for a drink with a police officer at Kate's pop up bar - and Max isn't too happy. Meanwhile, Jojo finally decides to give up on Raw and move with Anthony on his travels - but is she doing the right thing?
27 Jan. 2013
Episode #5.4
Kate continues to needle Zoe by flirting shamelessly with Shane as she sets about growing her pop-up business. Emma realises that Brian lied to her about knowing the thugs who tried to rob Raw. Geoff arrives back from his travels and tries to throw himself back into work and the social scene but memories of Pavel make it hard for him. Meanwhile, a jealous Max decides to stay on at Raw after Jojo's departure to thwart Fiona as she goes on a date with Calum. Elsewhere, Max challenges Philip to come up with a 'special' dessert.
3 Feb. 2013
Episode #5.5
Geoff's father Peter makes a surprise visit from Australia to support his son on the anniversary of Pavel's death. Geoff is reluctant to deal with the day but after Fiona forces him to take the day off and go fishing with his father his feelings come to the surface. Peter asks him to return to Australia to take over the family business but he refuses. Meanwhile, Shane is in deep water after his on-the-cheap wine guy did a run with money from RAW. Zoe steps in to help Kate with her finances and ends up using the money from Kate's business to bail out Shane. Elsewhere, ...
10 Feb. 2013
Episode #5.6
Geoff scatters Pavel's ashes and has a change of heart - he will be returning to run his dad's restaurant in Sydney. Shane and Zoe panic about getting Kate's money returned to her before she realises. Help comes from an unexpected source - Max. Meanwhile, Jojo makes a decision on her marriage to Anthony and decides to leave with Geoff for Australia. Elsewhere, Max buys Geoff's shares in RAW and becomes a partner with Fiona. Brian decides to leave for Ibiza but after talking with Philip abandons his plan to bring Emma with him.

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