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Who knew that the franchise's creators would eventually find a plot twist that made sense?
Conveys a much louder political message and the implementation of violence reflects as much.
There's still too much flashback material here about apprentices and evil cops. But if you've ever raged at nameless, insensitive service people, you won't mind seeing them strapped into a rotating turret, the shotgun cocking.
The New York Times
Warm feelings are inspired by the reappearance of old friends, even those who had their faces ripped off or their intestines ejected several films ago.
The Hollywood Reporter
It might well be time for a creative rebooting; the freshness, if not the viscera, has begun to strongly diminish.
A film so frighteningly familiar it could well be called "Saw It Already."
For fans, however, Saw VI is, pardon the pun, a cut above the rest but not, sadly, by much.
The thinnest, draggiest, and most tediously preachy of the Saw films.
One we wish we hadn't seen
Taken just as an objet d'art, Saw VI - gray, grisly, solemn, stupid - would be about the most dismal thing I've ever laid eyes on, the argument against film preservation. But it vaults into the realm of real detestability through pretensions of relevance.

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