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‘Crows Zero II’ gets its rival gang leader!

Ask me what is high on my list of anticipated films for 2009 and if I don’t say Crows Zero II kick the guy standing beside me in the nuts and yell out, ‘See! See what happens when you forget?!’ Don’t matter who they are, if I forget, they pay.

Filming has already started on the sequel to Takashi Miike’s awesome adaptation of the Japanese manga. If I’m to believe anything that Google Translate and Babel Fish tell me from the report on the official site the conditions are hot but the cast has plenty of willpower and filming is progressing at a nice clip [ie. the shout potato sufficient of the cast]. Damnit, I really need to learn Japanese. But, what does translate well is the fact that the final battle in the sequel will involve 500 gang members. Oh, bliss!

Haruma Miura [Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge] has been cast as the rival gang leader. Miura plays Tatusya Mito,
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Time to shave that head! ‘Crows Zero II’ is looking for some skinheads!

I finally got my copy of Takashi Miike’s Crows Zero the other week and I haven’t put it down much since then. Absolutely love it. In fact, writing this post is so inspiring I think I’ll pop it into the player again tonight! So here I am, chomping at the bit, waiting for any information about the next film in the series and lo and behold those fine lads over at Nippon Cinema have given me my Miike hit for the day. They have found a casting call for the next Crows Zero film. And what is the production looking for?

The production is looking for a large number of 18-35 year-old skinhead extras to play students of Housen Gakuen; one of the rival schools featured in Hiroshi Takahashi‘s Crows manga spinoff, “Worst”. They’re also looking for “big-boned” tough-looking dudes to play Serizawa’s army,
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