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Originally, the drama teacher talks about doing cocaine with Whitney Houston's niece. After Whitney Houston died, the line was changed to "doing cocaine with Willie Nelson's horse."
Channing Tatum passed on the movie twice before Jonah Hill convinced him to take the role.
Jonah Hill lost over 40 pounds for his role because he and Channing Tatum were required to do a number of physically demanding stunts.
When Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill exit the limo and enter the prom, the two guys dressed as ushers standing on both sides are their stand-ins.
While undercover, Jonah Hill's character's cover is almost blown by someone he knows personally, and he avoids this by pushing her away and saying that she tried to grab his private parts. This same exact thing happened to Johnny Depp's character in Donnie Brasco (1997) while he was undercover.
When Schmidt and Jenko go undercover as brothers, their last name is McQuaid. In the original TV show, Johnny Depp's and Peter DeLuise's characters would also go undercover as the McQuaid brothers in several episodes.
All original cast members from the TV series have cameos in the film, except Dustin Nguyen. In one scene, the bad guys watch the original TV series on TV, and almost every shot shows Nguyen's character.
Emma Stone was considered for the lead female role. She had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts with The Amazing Spider-Man (2012).
While Jenko and Schmidt are being briefed on HFS, a video sharing site is on the computer. Two of the related videos in the sidebar were uploaded by users Chanchan and Brielar, references to Channing Tatum and Brie Larson.
At one point, Dave Franco's character says that he doesn't trust Channing Tatum's character because he looks like he's 40 years old. In reality, Tatum is only five years older than Franco.
When Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill choose the car from the motor pool, Holly Robinson Peete reprises her role as Judy Hoffs.
Throughout the film, as the two main characters return to "The Chapel," they encounter 2 female officers who tout their own exploits, including busting a prostitution ring, and busting a chop shop run out of a high school auto shop. Both of these cases are clearly based on episodes from season 1 of the TV series, in which the cops infiltrated a modeling ring that was used for prostitution and a chop shop run out of the auto shop.
The understudy for Peter Pan is named French Samuels. Samuel French is the name of the publishing company that manages the rights to the musical "Peter Pan".
One scene includes the song Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A.. Ice Cube, who plays, Captain Dickson, was a member of N.W.A.
WILHELM SCREAM: During the car chase, just before the One Percenter leader crashes his motorcycle into the chicken truck.
Schmidt's first name is Morton and Jenko's is Greg
The drug Schmidt and Jenko go undercover to look for is abbreviated H.F.S., which stands for Holy F*cking Sh*t. It's also the first phrase the teenager in the Youtube video says when he takes the drug.
WILHELM SCREAM: During the credits, when a character dives through a window.
Before the end credits, a montage of various images are shown. One image shows a man (Stephen J. Cannell) at a typewriter. This is a reference to the famous Stephen J. Cannell Productions Productions typewriter logo which was shown at the end of his TV productions. Stephen J. Cannell co-created "21 Jump Street".
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

At the end of the film it is revealed that one of the bad guys is actually Tom Hanson, played by Johnny Depp, from the original 21 Jump Street (1987) series. He has been undercover for years with the villains using the alias D.B. Following 21 Jump Street, Johnny Depp played another cop who went undercover long term with criminals: Donnie Brasco (1997).
Hanson appears in disguise as a biker eating a jar of peanut butter, based on a suggestion by Depp during his last season on the show. Penhall also appeared in disguise as a biker, based on one character's dress in the original series. Jonah Hill specifically wrote the disguised characters for Depp and DeLuise.
Johnny Depp's character Tom Hanson eats in every scene where he appears. Hanson ate often in the original TV series, sometimes several times during each episode, often in scenes of vital to the plot.
When Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum come across the biker gang in the park one of the bikers says "If you guys are cops then I'm a DEA agent." This character is later revealed to be a DEA agent.
Footage of Dustin Nguyen from the original show appears on television screens during the shootout at the prom. Whenever Nguyen is shown, a TV screen gets shot.
When Schmidt and Jenko take HFS, Jenko remarks that it tastes like Cool Ranch. Soon after, they run into Coach Walters, carrying a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. It is later revealed that Coach Walters is the mastermind behind HFS.
Channing Tatum's character is named Jenko after Captain Richard Jenko, played by actor Frederic Forrest, on the original 21 Jump Street (1987) TV series. Jenko was the original captain of the squad before being killed off and then replaced by Captain Adam Fuller, played by Steven Williams.
When the two undercover DEA agents are gunned down, it actually conflicts with the original series episode 21 Jump Street: Back from the Future (1990) which features 2 elderly, retired officers reminiscing about past cases. (Clip show episode)

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