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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

Eric tells Jenko that he doesn't trust him because he looks 40. When he says "After a stunt like that, there is no way you can be cops," his mouth doesn't move.

Character error 

During the limo chase, Jenko mentions covalent bonds in context of lithium batteries and potassium nitrate. A bond involving metals would be ionic, not covalent.


Immediately after the fight at the party ends, Schmidt's back is visible with no stab wound. A few shots later, it's revealed he has been stabbed.
When Jenko writes on the board in AP Chemistry after he takes the drugs, he writes with a piece of chalk. When camera angle changes, the board is a whiteboard, with writing in marker.
When Schmidt and Jenko first open the door for their party, Zack, Roman, and Delroy are on the other side. Zack and Roman walk in, and the door closes. Delroy never walks through the door.
When Schmidt prays to Korean Jesus, a dove is in the statue's outstretched right palm. In a later scene, the dove is gone.
Schmidt and Jenko walk through church doors that are covered with old newsprint, which disappears as they enter the church.
When Schmidt chases the drug dealer on his bike, his gun is drawn. In the next scene, is gun is holstered.
After the gun fight at the hotel, Jenko vomits on Schmidt's white jacket. Later in the next scene, the vomit on the jacket is gone.
When first arriving at the school and analyzing different groups of kids, an Asian girl with spiked hair can be scene wearing a Panda dress. Shortly after as Schmidt and Jenko talk with Eric by the cars, a different Asian girl is now wearing the Panda dress.
Mr. Walters says he needs Schmidt to run the last leg of the 4x400. At the track meet, Schmidt's leg of the race is 100 meters.
After Schmidt shoots Mr. Walters, Jenko stands up 3 different times.
When the Driver's Ed car is stopped at the red light behind the bikers, the car's front right alternates between damaged and undamaged.
When Schmidt tells Jenko that tapping Eric's phone was a bad idea, a substantial number of cops are behind Schmidt. The camera cuts to Jenko, then back to Schmidt, and fewer cops are behind him. When the camera cuts back to Jenko and back to Schmidt one more time, no cops are behind Schmidt. The number of cops behind Jenko never changes.
When Schmidt is running in the relay race, he throws his baton across the finish line. He has the baton again immediately afterward, and makes inappropriate gestures with it.
When Jenko throws the bottle to explode in the black limo, he throws it with the bottom flying forward. When the bottle is shown in the air, the cap flies forward.
When Mr. Walters is holding Molly hostage, his grip changes from under and over her right arm several times between shots.
When Captain Dickson talks to Jenko and Schmidt, one of the undercover women appears in the background. The camera switches to Jenko and Schmidt, then back to Dickson, and the woman is gone.

Crew or equipment visible 

(at around 1h 13 mins) During the motorcycle chase, in close-ups of Schmidt and Jenko and through the rear window, a car across the street is clearly stopping traffic on the highway for filming.

Factual errors 

The officers' mistake at the beginning is not accurate. A police officer is never required to read a suspect their Miranda rights. Miranda rights only become relevant when a person is in custody and being interrogated by the police. Then even if you are not read your Miranda rights, the only consequence is that the police cannot use anything you say as evidence against you.
Eric received early admission to the University of California at Berkeley. In real life, none of the University of California campuses allow early admission.
Much of the Korean writing in the church is grammatically incorrect, the type of translation produced by online translators. For instance, the Korean version of "Aroma of Christ Church" has Christ Church as the possessive of the word aroma, e.g., "Christ Church's Aroma" or "The Aroma that Belongs to Christ Church".

Revealing mistakes 

During the motorcycle chase, one gang member shoots a gun with his right hand while appearing to accelerate. The throttle control is on the right handlebar.
The rear-view mirror has been removed from the Hyundai, the Ford Mustang, the Porsche, and the red Mercedes.
When Jenko attempts to shoot Mr. Walters, Jenko pulls the trigger on his Glock pistol twice. Pulling the trigger once on an empty Glock locks the trigger in place.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


When Jenko is hanging with the nerds listening to Schmidt at the party, his collar on the left side is open in long shots and folded in on closeups.

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