21 Jump Street (2012) Poster

Plot Keywords

high school drug
high school student police
jock geek
arrest prom
police academy underachiever
playing against type exploding motorcycle
arm sling little black dress
burnt corpse limousine chase
car explosion lithium battery
man carrying a woman shootout in a hotel room
shot multiple times pistol whip
tying a bow tie target shooting
laying down a motorcycle live chicken
tanker truck texting while running
gas cylinder motorcycle gang
wheel boot potassium nitrate
playing acoustic guitar menage a trois
knocking over a store display shoe store
breaking a vase over someone's head winking
male singer number 4
sticking out tongue stoned
drooling clique
shaving reference to fredrick aaron "fred" savage
tackling a suspect police chase
bicycle cop obstacle course
acing a test failed test
two man army buddy cop
mexican standoff kiss
love interest violence
police shootout street shootout
gunfight first part
wilhelm scream reference to miley cyrus
f word police misconduct
police arrest role reversal
parody chemistry class
school play drug induced hallucination
narcotics house party
false identity reference to tom cruise
popularity 18 year old
explosion scene during end credits
severed penis burnt body
shot to death shot in the arm
shot in the crotch shot in the chest
shot in the neck shot in the throat
disguise fake nose
555 phone number church
environmentalism character says i love you
stealing a car hit by a car
gay teenager hallucination
penthouse shootout
vomit hostage
limousine motorcycle crash
exploding car head butt
reference to peter pan text messaging
cell phone eavesdropping
high school play white tuxedo
chore reference to eminem
childhood photo poem
father son relationship mother son relationship
partnership male rear nudity
threesome prostitute
dove stabbed in the back
party reference to facebook
reference to twitter car chase
foot chase teacher student relationship
high school principal high school teacher
drama class high school senior
drug overdose drunkenness
underage drinking marijuana joint
slow motion scene deception
pinata drug supplier
drug dealer cameo
biker gang one percenter
kicked in the crotch fight
punched in the stomach punched in the face
pistol character repeating someone else's dialogue
friendship montage
police captain police station
flashback insecurity
year 2012 year 2005
party drug reference to justin bieber
three word title street in title
digit in title address as title
remake undercover cop
based on tv series title spoken by character
number in title surprise ending

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