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Two and a Half Men: Ashton Kutcher to Replace Charlie Sheen

Have CBS and Warner Bros. just been punk'd? Actor and producer Ashton Kutcher has signed a deal to join the cast of Two and a Half Men. The news comes after months of speculation about who would replace Charlie Sheen on the most popular sitcom in primetime television.

Though the casting of Kutcher isn't as bold a choice as Hugh Grant might have been, he does have impressive credentials. He has experience shooting a multi-camera sitcom since he spent seven seasons as a series regular on Fox's That 70s Show, from 1998 to 2005. He's got solid comedic timing and is familiar with the week-to-week schedule.

Kutcher's an experienced producer (Punk'd, Beauty and the Geek, The Real Wedding Crashers, Opportunity Knocks) and has a good professional reputation in the industry. That should be a welcome change for executive producer Chuck Lorre who was tired
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Opportunity Knocks and Pushing Daisies: ABC TV Shows to Return

Two series are coming back to ABC -- one beloved and one essentially ignored. Regardless of how viewers feel about them, neither one are going back into production. The network is just burning off already shot episodes of Pushing Daisies and Opportunity Knocks. What about Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money?

Pushing Daisies follows a lovable piemaker (Lee Pace) who can revive the deceased, his childhood sweetheart (Anna Friel), and his private eye partner (Chi McBride). Others in the cast include Ellen Greene, Swoosie Kurtz, Kristin Chenoweth, Field Cate, Sean Lake, Sy Richardson, Stephen Root, and Sammi Hanratty, with narration by Jim Dale. The series ran for two abbreviated seasons. Based on low ratings, ABC opted not to order any additional episodes past the 22nd. Only 19 of them have aired.

Opportunity Knocks is a reality game show that brings the competition to a family's front door. The series is hosted
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The trip from TV land to limbo

The trip from TV land to limbo
Most TV shows exit the airwaves with a flurry of headlines memorializing their demise. Sometimes, though, a program fades from the spotlight into a scheduling twilight zone: neither declared dead nor returning.

Here's the lowdown on some missing-in-action titles from this year that most expected to see again but which have no airdates on the horizon:

NBC's "American Gladiators." Gladiators ready? No, gladiators are not ready. This competition-series revival enjoyed terrific ratings for its initial run during the WGA strike early this year. A second season launched in May and saw a sharp drop in viewers, with ratings fading throughout its summer run. Most consider reality shows cheap to produce, but this stunt-heavy arena competition is not. NBC has not mentioned "Gladiators" on the record, but it's considered canceled.

Fox's "The Moment of Truth." Another strike-era reality hit, this, too, saw a ratings decline during its summer run. Unlike "Gladiators,
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Opportunity Knocks: ABC Cancels Family Reality Series

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While there's news that Beauty and the Geek may return to the airwaves, another Ashton Kutcher reality series has been cancelled. ABC has pulled its low-rated reality series, Opportunity Knocks, after three episodes.

Opportunity Knocks brings a full-fledged gameshow to the front door of unsuspecting families. Spouses and siblings prove how much they know about each other and correct answers bring them rewards of cash, concert tickets, big-screen TVs and more. The game show is hosted by J.D. Roth and comes from Kutcher's Katalyst Films and Roth's 3 Ball Productions. The series is executive produced by Jason Goldberg, Karey Burke, Todd A. Nelson, Kutcher, and Roth.

Knocks debuted on September 23rd on ABC. The premiere attracted just 6.6 million viewers, landing it in fourth place for the timeslot. In the desirable 18-34 demographic, the show drew just a 1.5 rating and five share. That's in sixth place for that demographic, lagging behind even
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Opportunity Knocks: "The Lauts"

Game shows always bring out the communist in me. Watching Opportunity Knocks tonight, as host J.D. Roth threw stacks of cash at a financially comfortable family of five, I tried to have fun with it. Really I did. But with our economy crashing, it's a little hard to enjoy this sort of thing guilt-free. Escapism is great and all, but you can't help wondering what kind of fantasy you're being sold, and who's doing the selling. And how the hell is Ashton Kutcher involved in all of this? Here's the pitch: host J.D. Roth and his crew pick a so-called average American family. They investigate that family's lives, from their houses to their neighbors to their school, and then, on a giant sound stage constructed on the family's front lawn, Roth tests Mom, Dad, and the kids on their knowledge of each other. The hour long show is divided...
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ABC's 'Opportunity Knocks' Tonight at 8pm

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Ashton Kutcher fans get ready for yet another production from the Punk’d master himself, as ABC brings us Opportunity Knocks tonight at 8pm. The show is the nation’s first traveling game show in which host JD Roth, along with his production crew, head to different suburbs across America and unexpectedly peek into our homes. They also give the families an opportunity to win some prizes, if they are able to answer a few questions regarding their other family members.

Similar to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, a van pulls up at the driveway and heads into the homes of unsuspecting families. This is where the fun starts, when families are then asked questions about the family members. If they answer the most grueling questions correctly, they have a chance to win as much as $250,000. The crew will also be setting up a stage outside the family’s house so
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'Opportunity Knocks' with Ashton Kutcher This Fall

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Reality show producer Ashton Kutcher has something up his sleeve yet again! The 30-year-old actor recently came up with Opportunity Knocks, a reality series which challenges family members on how well they know each other. The series was picked up by ABC and will be airing on Tuesdays at 8pm.

In preparation for the show, Kutcher tried the same principle on his wife and stepchildren. In fact, he recently told Ok! Magazine at the TCA Conference, "I got into the process of how well do you know your family. If somebody came and asked me what kind of perfume my wife wears every single day, could I tell you that answer? I could tell you."

Kutcher says that the beginnings of the show Opportunity Knocks laid in his goofy tricks while he was at home. He said, "I started playing with that idea with my family and with my girls,
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Kutcher Desperate For Moore On Show

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Kutcher Desperate For Moore On Show
Actor Ashton Kutcher is begging his wife Demi Moore to take to the stage on an upcoming U.S. TV gameshow he is producing.

The new series, called Opportunity Knocks, quizzes family members on how well they know each other.

And Kutcher, who is stepfather to Rumer, 19, Scout, 16, and Tallulah, 14 - Moore's daughters with action star Bruce Willis - is convinced his handsome Hollywood family would make the perfect team.

He says, "She'd be a genius. I actually think that in general the moms on this show are going to do a lot better than everybody else in the family."

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