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Matt Barr and Christina Ochoa Tell You What to Expect from Valor

There are a few military shows premiering on TV this fall, but The CW's Valor is setting itself apart with an underlying conspiracy.

Matt Barr (Harper's Island) and Christina Ochoa (Blood Drive) star in the new series as Captain Leland Gallo and Warrant Officer Nora Madani, elite helicopter pilots


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How well does the Slasher movie format translate to TV?




With the Scream TV series back on air and Scream Queens season 2 on its way, we look at the rules of making successful slasher TV...

Warning: contains mild spoilers for MTV's Scream season one.

"Think about it," says Noah Foster in the pilot episode of MTV's Scream. "Girl and her friends arrive at the dance, the camp, the deserted town, whatever. Killer-with-a-gimmick takes them out one-by-one. Ninety minutes later, the sun comes up as the girl sits in the back of the ambulance watching her friends' bodies being wheeled past. Roll credits."

It's an awkward piece of self-aware dialogue but also a fair, if simplistic, summation of what a slasher movie is. Like a musical or a rom-com the slasher genre is one hardwired to hit the same familiar beats each time around and, like a musical or a rom-com, audiences keep coming back for more.

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Christie's "None" Gets A New Film Adaptation

Still the best-selling novelist of all time with over two billion books sold (beaten only by the Bible and Shakespeare), Dame Agatha Christie's singularly most famous mystery is set to get another film adaptation.

"The Imitation Game" director Morten Tyldum has been hired to helm a new film version of "And Then There Were None" which 20th Century Fox has just acquired the feature film rights to.

Eric Heisserer ("The Thing," "Final Destination 5") has been hired to pen the script for the new version which Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, Dan Cohen and Hilary Strong will produce. The new one which reportedly boasts a "take that got the Christie estate excited."

The story follows ten strangers who are invited to an isolated island for a dinner party at the behest of a mysterious host. It's soon revealed they have been cut off from the mainland, and one of the
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'Scream' TV Series Renewed for Season 2 on MTV

'Scream' TV Series Renewed for Season 2 on MTV
MTV today announced that it has picked up its hit series Scream with Dimension Television for a second season. More than 21 million viewers have tuned in to the debut season of Scream on-air and the series has generated another 7.9 million streams across platforms. Additionally, Scream has averaged 60% increases in L+3 over L+Sd ratings week to week. Here's what MTV Executive Vice President of Series Development and Head of Scripted Programming, Mina Lefevre had to say in a statement.

"It has been a wonderful experience working with Bob Weinstein and his team who are such connoisseurs of this genre and we are thrilled by how our viewers have responded to the reinvention of Scream. We look forward to another season filled with suspense, horror and more twists and turns."

The horror TV series is set in the sleepy town of Lakewood, where a gruesome murder sets off a chain of horrific events.
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How the Scream TV series defied expectations

Despite scepticism from fans of the franchise, MTV's Scream series honours the first rule of remakes: don't eff with the original...

The Scream franchise is deservedly adored by cinemagoers and critics, and widely considered to be one of the best horror films to come out of the back end of the 90s. You can certainly see why, with Kevin Williamson's tack-sharp script packed with zingers, its overall clever subversion of the genre, a sterling central performance from Neve Campbell and an undercurrent of cheeky fun. The third act is still, to this day, a triumphant blend of humour, (literally) knife-edge tension and genuine scares.

Few horror movies have achieved what Scream did. Or, to give it its dues, what Scream 2 also did. The sequel to Wes Craven's original hit could have been a messy affair but it achieved an improbable feat: it was just as fun and spooky as the first.
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Major TV Cast Lines Up For Christie's "None"

To coincide with Agatha Christie's 125th anniversary, BBC One and Lifetime are teaming up for an all-star mini-series based on arguably the Grand Dame of mystery's most famous work - "And Then There Were None".

Set on the eve of World War Two, the story follows ten strangers with dubious pasts who are lured to an isolated rock near the Devon coast in southern England. Cut off from the mainland, their host is mysteriously absent.

A recording starts with each accused of a terrible crime. As each member of the party starts to mysteriously die one-by-one every few hours, the survivors realise one of them is a killer and start to turn on each other.

This time out the ensemble will be: Charles Dance ("Game of Thrones"), Sam Neill ("Jurassic Park"), Toby Stephens ("Black Sails"), Aidan Turner ("The Hobbit"), Miranda Richardson ("Harry Potter"), Anna Maxwell Martin ("The Bletchley Circle
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Last Call! These Movies Are Leaving Netflix at the End of June

Time to get cracking on that Netflix queue! A whole bunch of titles are about to disappear in July, including movies like Super Troopers, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Cast Away. Even if you're only halfway through June's new movies, it's time to take a break, because this may be your last chance to see She's All That for a while. Check out the full list of movies and shows below! Expiring July 1 Big Fish Big Top Pee-wee Bowling for Columbine Cast Away Cheech and Chong's Next Movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Four Weddings and a Funeral Fried Green Tomatoes Harper's Island: The Complete Series Jack Frost Louis C.K.: Hilarious Melrose Place 2.0 Melrose Place (Seasons 1-7) Moonstruck Natural Born Killers: Director's Cut Patton Racing Stripes Seven Years in Tibet She's All That Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Space Cowboys Stephen King
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Comic-Con 2015: MTV Announces Panels for Scream: The TV Series, Teen Wolf

MTV's bringing some scares to San Diego, offering two horror genre panels for fans to attend at this year's Comic-Con: a Scream: The TV Series panel on Friday, July 10th, and a Kevin Smith-moderated Teen Wolf panel on Thursday, July 9th.

Press Release: "Santa Monica, CA (June 25, 2015) – MTV will take San Diego Comic-Con by storm with the return of Comic-Con favorite and hit drama series “Teen Wolf” for the sixth time and convention debuts of highly-anticipated shows “Scream: The TV Series” and “The Shannara Chronicles.”

For the first time in network history, MTV will be on-the-ground with its own branded booth, giving fans an all-new interactive experience when they hit the floor of the San Diego Convention Center. Fans will be treated to exclusive swag and the opportunity to meet and get autographs from a slew of MTV talent set to stop by.

In addition, MTV will once again sponsor the Sdcc wi-fi.
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Binge or Bust: 16 TV Shows Leaving Netflix in July 2015

Binge or Bust: 16 TV Shows Leaving Netflix in July 2015
Netflix giveth and it taketh away. Though there are many new additions coming to the popular streaming service this July, many old classics are cycling out. Below, we've compiled every departing scripted series, as well as singled out a few you may want to check out before it's too late. You best get crackin' — 10 shows are gone as of July 1. Read More: 'Changeling,' 'Serena' and More on Netflix This July (Plus Indiewire's Picks) Leaving July 1: "Beauty and the Beast" Seasons 1-3 "Harper's Island" The Complete Series "Hawaii Five-o" (1968) Seasons 1-10 "Knight Rider" Seasons 1-4 Indiewire Pick: "Louis C.K.: Hilarious" (2009)Okay, so technically this isn't a TV show, but any fan of "Louie" is likely also a fan of Louis. "Hilarious" is exactly that — Louis' performance ended up winning Best Comedy Album at the Grammys and earned him two Primetime Emmy nominations. If you've caught up on all of.
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What's Leaving Netflix in July 2015

Want to revisit "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" before "Terminator: Genisys" opens? Better do it before July 1, when Netflix says "Hasta la vista" to the 1991 sequel.

If you have a hankering to watch "Four Weddings and a Funeral," "Moonstruck," "Cast Away," or "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," get on it, because those are also disappearing in July.

And start marathoning these TV classics before they go poof: "Leave it to Beaver," "Dragnet," "Mission: Impossible," "Hawaii Five-o," "Magnum P.I.," "Miami Vice," "Knight Rider," "Melrose Place" and "Wings." Also bid goodbye to the Stephen King miniseries "The Stand" (1994) and "The Langoliers" (1995).

Below is a complete list of the movies that Netflix is pulling from your streaming list. And, just so you're not left empty-handed, here's a list of what's new on Netflix in July 2015. (All titles and dates provided by Netflix and subject to change.)​

Leaving July 1

"Beauty and the Beast" Seasons 1-
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DVR Gridlock 2015-16: Tuesday Nights

  • Hitfix
DVR Gridlock 2015-16: Tuesday Nights
[As in years past, this week, I'm going to be glancing, night-by-night, at how the primetime schedules have changed after the network announcements at upfronts. I'll be looking at how the various changes will impact the ratings races on each night, as well as my own DVRing habits. Readers can chime in on how their own DVRs will be impacted. And yes, this brief series assumes that anybody still watches TV on their TVs. I'm old-fashioned. I'm also probably gonna ignore that I have a fancy new six-tuner DVR that means that I really don't have to make choices anymore. This will assume that I make choices for my own sanity.] Tuesday Nights 8:00 p.m.  ABC: "The Muppets"/"Fresh Off The Boat" CBS: "NCIS" The CW: "The Flash" Fox: "Grandfathered"/"The Grinder" NBC: "The Voice" 9:00 p.m. ABC: "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." CBS: "NCIS: New Orleans" The CW: "iZombie" Fox: "Scream Queens" NBC: "Heartbreaker" 10:00 p.m.  ABC: "Quantico" CBS: "Limitless" NBC: "Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris"/"Chicago Fire" What's Changed: There were six half-hour comedies airing on Tuesday night at the start of last season and there are four half-hour comedies set to air on Tuesday nights this fall and there's no overlap between them. That's pretty remarkable if you think about it. Of last season's fall Tuesday comedies, "Mindy Project" has moved on to Hulu and "New Girl" is returning at midseason and the other four are dead. So it's no wonder that not only are networks doing new comedies on Tuesday,
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Fox's 2015-16 Schedule: 'Minority Report' takes Monday, 'X-Files' returns in January

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Fox's 2015-16 Schedule: 'Minority Report' takes Monday, 'X-Files' returns in January
Fox announced the first part of its 2015-16 schedule on Monday (May 11) morning and even though the network has abandoned its annual tradition of revealing two separate schedules, what we already know is full of interesting tidbits. A few highlights before we get down to the night-by-night breakdown: *** "The X-Files" will return with a two night premiere starting after the Nfc Championship on Sunday, January 24. *** "New Girl" is being held for midseason and will air [virtually] uninterrupted in the spring. *** "Empire" will continue to air at 9 p.m., meaning this season's biggest ratings sensation won't be able to serve as a lead-in for anything new, though Fox hopes a halo effect will benefit "Rosewood." *** A Tuesday comedy block featuring Rob Lowe and John Stamos suggests a bit of a demographic shift for Fox. *** Oh and this next season of "American Idol" will be its last. But that's important enough for its own story.
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Scream TV series trailer arrives with MTV debut date

Scream TV series trailer arrives with MTV debut date
MTV has revealed the first trailer for its upcoming Scream television series.

The network also announced that the spinoff will debut on Us screens on June 30.

Scream Wes Craven on TV show: 'If script is good it could be fun'

Bella Thorne plays Drew Barrymore's Casey in the show, although the film's famous masked Ghostface killer will not initially feature in the series.

Scream's small screen adaptation begins with a YouTube video going viral, which soon sparks a string of murders in a quiet town with a troubled past.

The trailer also offers a first look at Willa Fitzgerald as Emma Duvall, Bex Taylor-Klaus as Aubrey Jensen and Carlson Young as Brooke Maddox.

Wes Craven, who helmed all four Scream films, is also in the director's chair for the TV spinoff, which has been penned by Harper's Island writer Jill Blotevogel.

MTV has picked up ten episodes for the first season,
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'Rush Hour' TV Pilot Gets 'National Treasure' Director

'Rush Hour' TV Pilot Gets 'National Treasure' Director
Just weeks after CBS issued a pilot order for their Rush Hour TV series, National Treasure director Jon Turteltaub has signed on to direct the pilot. The filmmaker will also serve as executive producer alongside series creators Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick. No cast members have been attached at this time, and it isn't known when the pilot will start production.

Bill Lawrence revealed last month that the show will center on the same types of characters as the Rush Hour movie franchise, except they will be "a little younger" and the show will feature a whole new story. The Rush Hour movies starred Chris Tucker as a cocky Lapd cop who is forced to team up with a by-the-book Hong Kong inspector (Jackie Chan). The original Rush Hour, which hit theaters in 1998, spawned the sequels Rush Hour 2 (2001) and Rush Hour 3 (2007).

Brett Ratner, who directed all three Rush Hour movies,
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'Scream' TV Show Gets 10-Episode Order; Premieres on MTV in 2015

'Scream' TV Show Gets 10-Episode Order; Premieres on MTV in 2015
With Halloween just around the corner, MTV revealed today that the network has issued a series order for their Scream TV show. The announcement came through MTV's official Twitter page, which comes with a phone number (310-461-4299) that allows fans to hear a pre-recorded message revealing the show will debut in October 2015. Take a look at the tweet, and check out the full message below, which is delivered by the iconic creepy Scream voice when you call the number.
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MTV's "Scream" Series Hits Oct 2015

MTV has officially picked up its TV series based on the "Scream" movies with a ten-episode order.

The network has also announced an October 2015 premiere date for the adaptation of the comedy/horror film franchise with Jill Blotevogel ("Harper's Island") serving as show runner.

Bex Taylor-Klaus, Willa Fitzgerald, John Karna, Connor Weil, Amadeus Serafini, Carlson Young, Tracy Middendorf and Joel Gretsch star.

Source: Deadline
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Ghostface not involved in Scream TV series

Ghostface not involved in Scream TV series
The upcoming Scream television series will not initially feature Ghostface.

There are no plans in place to bring the masked killer from the films to the small screen, according to Ghostface designer Rj Torbert.

"I had been in communication with The Weinstein Company regarding this, and they have informed me - that as of now and during the initial launch - that Ghostface is not involved in the new format," he said in a Q&A (via Ghostface.co.uk).

"They also indicated that because of this direction, it does not mean that Ghostface will not be involved at a later date."

Torbert added: "We believe Scream is Ghostface and Ghostface is Scream. However, while Ghostface is owned by Fun World, the Scream motion picture franchise is owned by The Weinstein Company, and it is their option to film a movie or TV show without Ghostface.

"Who knows what will
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Interview: Matt Barr on his still-mysterious 'Sleepy Hollow' rogue

  • Hitfix
Interview: Matt Barr on his still-mysterious 'Sleepy Hollow' rogue
Wilmington, Nc. I sit down with Matt Barr on the "Sleepy Hollow" set in Wilmington, Nc in late August without really knowing much about the actor's character, Noah Hawley. I know he's got Han Solo rogue swagger and a holstered firearm, but little else. The reports when Barr was cast described his character as a bounty hunter and then he was later described as an arms dealer, two descriptions with a potentially wide gulf between them. Nearly two months later, I've "acted" in a scene with Barr -- possibly appearing in Episode 8, until they decide to cut me out for reasons that I certainly won't begrudge -- and watched two episodes featuring Hawley and I'm still not sure I know all that much more. Hawley first popped up in the season's third episode and he returned in the fourth, both times on the trail of the same artifact Crane and Abbie were looking for,
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More Scream Casting News

Some quick casting news is here for the upcoming MTV series based on the Scream franchise as THR is reporting that four more actors have signed on for active duty, one of whom will be replacing the previously announced Amy Forsyth.

Willa Fitzgerald will star as Emma Duvall, a classic beauty whose looks and popularity hide a natural shyness and intellectual nature. Her new life with the “in crowd” leaves her estranged from her childhood best friend, Audrey.

Emma is the lead in MTV’s "Scream" take and bears a resemblance to Neve Campbell’s tortured high school student Sidney Prescott in the 1996 feature film.

Bex Taylor-Klaus, who has been recurring on The CW’s "Arrow" as DC Comics character Sin and whose credits also include "The Killing" and "House of Lies," will replace Forsyth in role of Audrey, the daughter of a Lutheran pastor. She’s described as an
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MTV's 'Scream' TV Series Announces Cast and Director

MTV's 'Scream' TV Series Announces Cast and Director
MTV and Dimension TV announced today that Jamie Travis (For a Good Time, Call... and Faking It) will direct the highly anticipated Scream pilot and that it has cast Willa Fitzgerald (Alpha House, Royal Pains), Amy Forsyth (Torment, Reign), John Karna (Premature, The Neighbors), Carlson Young (Key & Peele, Kroll Show) and Amadeus Serafini for key roles in the pilot.

Here's what Susanne Daniels, President of Programming for MTV, had to say about the casting in a statement.

"We are excited to be in business with the formidable Weinstein brothers. Scream is an iconic franchise, and MTV is the perfect network to bring this consistently surprising film to life on television."

Bob Weinstein, Co-Chairman of The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films, had this to say in his statement.

"Scream has been one of our largest and most treasured franchises at Dimension and we are thrilled to embark on the next chapter
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