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"Eureka" Show Me the Mummy (2008)

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Eva Thorne, a.k.a. The Fixer, brings fame-seeking archeologist Sebastian Marx and an Egyptian mummy to Global Dynamics. GD's resident Egyptologist, Dr. Wilding, tries to prevent Marx from opening the tomb but Thorne, anticipating huge profits, is determined. Wilding warns them that the curse could signal a real danger but, with a metasomatic ray to protect the tomb's environment, Marx and Thorne press on.

With a camera rolling, Marx opens the tomb and sarcophagus, revealing Queen Nyota's mummy. "Will she rise again?" he speculates.

That night, when something touches him in GD's waterfall hall, Fargo, who is an adherent to the philosophy that sleeping cursed mummy should be left the hell alone, is sure the answer is "yes". He fetches Carter.

In the preservation lab, they find an unconscious Marx and, to Fargo's horror, an empty sarcophagus. Fargo thinks the curse is being fulfilled. Marx thinks Wilding stole the mummy.

Carter questions Wilding but Jo's research makes them doubt Marx's integrity. Thorne, meanwhile, has a question for Henry about an old cryptex. Becoming suspicious of her ability to "find" mysterious things, Henry declines, and she then turns to Zane Donovan for help.

Things take a frightening turn when Marx fails to show up at his own book signing. What Carter finds when he goes looking for him makes everyone believe Wilding's dire warnings. Is the curse real? And has it been unleashed in Eureka?


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