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In the high school flashback scene (set in 1984), the teenage character of Donny is seen carrying around an "ALF" lunch box. ALF premiered in 1986.

Character error 

When Jamie asks Todd what 452 x 77 is, he gives the answer 84304. The actual answer is 34804.
When Donny is scaling the hotel to Jamie's room he is seen opening a beer and holding it in his right hand, in the next shot the beer is gone and the two ice cream comes are both in his right hand


In the scene after Grandma finds all of the tissues on Donny's bed, Todd goes into the bathroom to wash his hands. When Todd comes out of the bathroom, the light is on, but when Donny says the line about "La Vida Loca," the light is off.
When everyone is visiting the church we see chad in his USMC uniform with the correct PFC rank insignia on his sleeves. For a brief second he is seen with a Corporal's insignia which switches back to PFC in the next shot.
When Todd and Donny are visiting Mary McGarricle in prison, her orange jumpsuit goes from buttoned to unbuttoned, to buttoned again until she unbuttons it.
When Father McNally first hits Todd, Todd's pants are grass stained. In the next sequence the stains are gone but they reappear eventually.

Revealing mistakes 

Although Donny is single,he has a wedding ring mark on his finger, most noticeable during the hug after the bachelor party.
In the courtroom a cameraman punches young Donny in the face and calls him a dumb ass. The cameraman clearly misses Donny. He just makes a punching motion in front of Donny a considerable distance away.

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