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MPAA Rated R for crude sexual content throughout, nudity, pervasive language and some drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • Sex & Nudity: 7/10
  • A lot of sexual references and brief nudity (buttocks and breasts).
  • A 12-year-old asks for his teacher to give him a handjob.
  • A teacher seduces her student. She plays with her hair, unbuttons the top of her sweater, and leans over and says "You don't want me?". The boy reacts nervously and comically mentions various sexual acts that she could do to him (such as "eating [him] out" and "taking [him] from behind").
  • A student is caught having sex with a teacher. She is sitting on a piano keyboard, her bare back is seen and the bare chest and shoulders of the student that is thrusting towards her; Students and teachers applaud the act.
  • A teacher writes on a boy's test paper, "A+++ I'm going to sit on your face tonight!".
  • A teacher makes gestures replicating oral sex to her student.
  • A judge reads a statement from a teacher in court, regarding a the student: "I would fuck that kid again and again. He makes me feel like a rainbow is coming out of my beaver."
  • A boy becomes famous from having sex with his teacher.
  • A strip club called Bacon and Leggs features female dancers wearing pasties and panties. The main dancer is obese, and the other is wearing a neck brace. Purely comical.
  • An erection is shown through shorts. Later, a ticket fight ensues and it is shown again.
  • A man masturbates under a heavy quilt (we see movement) while looking at a frame containing pictures of a grandmother and her younger self while wearing a bathing suit.
  • A grandmother enters the room of a sleeping man who had been masturbating and finds dozens of sticky tissues all over the bed, one stuck to the overhead light and one stuck to a picture of her.
  • At a bachelor party in a men's spa, a man offers a woman $5 for masturbation and she refuses.
  • A man is seen with a sock over his penis.
  • Lap dances and poll dancing take place at a strip club, breasts and buttocks are briefly shown.
  • A woman shoots a tennis ball from her vagina, not explicitly shown; comical.
  • Oral sex briefly takes place, not explicitly shown.
  • A man admits to his friend that he didn't have sex with his friend's mother, but she only "whacked him off".
  • A man and woman are caught having sex in a car, breasts are briefly seen as they get out and chase the person that interrupted them.
  • A grandma in an "old timey bathing suit" says to a man that she will "ride [him] like a Model-T ford"
  • A drunken man has sex with a wedding dress, not shown on screen. Later, semen is shown on the dress and a woman tastes it to discern what the stain is.
  • Incest takes place, male buttocks is shown.

Violence & Gore

  • 6/10
  • A bride grabs a large knife at her wedding, screams and charges a man with it and her fiancé strikes her with a beer bottle to stop her (she falls unconscious); a man becomes angry and another man knocks him out with a beer bottle (we see no damage or blood on either person).
  • A father punches his son in the face for impregnating a teacher.
  • A man wearing only underwear pounds on his groin, says it's strong and wrestles with two other men; one of the others knocks him unconscious with a beer bottle.
  • A priest and a bridegroom have a fight after the priest says that no one's father was as bad as his own, hitting him regularly with a rake and no one will insult fathers in the church; the priest punches the groom in the nose, they go outside where the priest hits the man several times (we see no blood), and another man knocks the priest unconscious using a beer bottle (we hear that the priest is unharmed).
  • A man pierces another man's ear; the second man screams and we see blood on his cheek.
  • A man spits his beverage on the chest and lap of a woman sitting next to him.
  • A man throws a chair across a tax office when he finds out he owes the IRS a large sum of money.
  • A man drives a car over the speed limit and misses crashing into a gasoline tanker truck by driving under it; he drives off the road to avoid oncoming traffic and falls off a high wall into some grass and limps a bit, but recovers quickly.
  • A man argues with several friends as he tries to get a loan from them; he argues with one friend about having sex with the friend's mother (please see the Sex & Nudity category for more details) and they break a glass coffee table, although no one is injured.
  • A father and his son have several arguments about the son's childhood; the son complains that he was forced to get a full back tattoo at the age of 7 and was forced to drive his drunken father home at the age of 8.
  • People in a wedding party argue and a soldier barks loudly like a dog at the bridegroom.
  • A bridegroom learns that his fiancée is having sex regularly with her brother and he begins shouting.
  • A Marine says to a man, "You hurt my sister and I'll take my government-issue revolver and stick it up your pooper-chute and fire."
  • A man tells fictional stories about saving the life of his estranged son in a subway incident where he supposedly jumped onto the track to retrieve a burrito and almost died under a subway train.
  • We hear that a priest once killed a man in the boxing ring.
  • A man says that another man's father died in an explosion that left only a part of one testicle and that a squirrel stole that.
  • A man admits that he is in a rage-a-holic support group.
  • A man complains that he pooped in his pants as a child and had to walk home that way.
  • A man gags and vomits into an ice bucket after discovering incest between a brother and sister (please see the Sex & Nudity category for more details) in a hotel room.
  • Several men from a bachelor party get drunk and urinate on the side of a restaurant as people look down at them from windows; they level streams of urine at the windows, one of the men has a rifle and shoots out a window (no one is harmed), another man falls backward into a hedge of flowers and we see a stream of urine shoot into the air as he laughs.
  • A man becomes enraged, storming out of the prison after being tasered, falling and defecating in his pants (we hear the noise) during a prison visit to his mother, who's serving time for having sex with his dad when his dad was 14 and she was his teacher.
  • A man hits a ball during a baseball game and it hits his son in the throat (he falls to the ground and wheezes).
  • At a party, a man exaggerates movements of adjusting his underwear with his hand and party guests make faces at him.
  • A two-year-old in a baseball game picks his nose and grabs his groin while catching a ball.
  • A Chinese butler at a dinner hears a slur against the Chinese and licks a plate to be used for dinner as revenge.


  • 10/10 About 128 F-words and its derivatives, 8 obscene hand gestures, 15 sexual references, 53 scatological terms, 48 anatomical terms.2 comic racist terms a priest says "fucking white people" played for laughs also there are two chinese butlers and a woman says are you sure your'e not a chinaman

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