That's My Boy (2012) Poster


Plot Keywords

single parent wedding
sunglasses beer drinking
jeans budweiser
foot race outdoor wedding
military dress uniform lemonade stand
car jump vanity license plate
oven mitts walking on a ledge
woman on top man wearing tidy whities
woman wearing a g string bare breasts
woman wearing a cutout bra woman wearing pasties
obscene finger gesture man using a facial mask
foot massage tattoo
cigar erection showing through clothes
woman in a bikini baseball game
outdoor party private first class
walkman reference to ebay
reference to charlie sheen soiling pants
prison visit vomit
nunchucks ice rink
drunkenness earring
pole dancing lesbian kiss
raised middle finger reference to rod stewart
reference to oprah winfrey fight
punched in the stomach head butt
freeze frame reference to hillary clinton
book hit in the crotch
character says i love you erection
baseball field cocktail party
diabetic reference to louis vuitton
character repeating someone else's dialogue fiance fiancee relationship
reference to facebook reference to star wars
reference to tom brady reference to rodney dangerfield
reference to corey feldman court
lens flare loud sex
losing virginity detention
teacher student relationship slow motion scene
reference to van halen massachusetts
statutory rape 2010s
year 1984 muscular physique
reference to duran duran wearing underwear on head
blood on face limousine
sock on cock massage
bitten hand punched in the face
priest tissue
wedding dress homoerotic fight
wrestling tickling
tattoo on back church
man in swimsuit male in shower
argument hot tub
hit with a baseball bare chested male
fat kid reference to vanilla ice
salute soldier
briefs beer
pregnant woman caught having sex
sex in public bar mitzvah
shock humor crude humor
single father claim in title
reference to tiger woods reference to indiana jones
f word objection at wedding
impersonating a soldier taser
older woman younger man relationship learning to ride a bicycle
public urination bowling alley
pistol shotgun
pop culture marijuana
bong sex in car
sex with a mannequin fellatio
topless female nudity bachelor party
spa masturbation
male rear nudity cheating fiancée
box office flop critically bashed
deadbeat dad stripper
strip club brother sister incest
brother sister relationship cameo
premarital sex child molestation
teacher student sex young version of character
three word title punctuation in title
contraction in title apostrophe in title
father son relationship title spoken by character

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