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Celebrity Big Brother USA Rumored To Have Casts Someone From A Former Controversial Show

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Hey, "Big Brother" fans. We've got another Celebrity Big Brother USA casting rumor for you guys. We know a lot of you just want to hear something official from CBS already. Unfortunately, we don't expect to hear anything from them until like maybe a week before the show starts. So, these rumor reports are all we have to go on to provide any sort of insight until CBS or the Big brother producers decide to chime in with anything. With that said, this latest rumor comes from the folks over at After they reported this latest rumor, a ton of other media outlets jumped on board. They're claiming that former MTV "Jersey Shore" reality star Sammi Giancola is rumored to have joined the cast. Her nickname was "Sweetheart" on Jersey Shore. We don't know exactly why she was given that nickname. It might have been because she was
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Celebrity Big Brother USA Three More Possible Female Participants Revealed

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Hey,"Big Brother" fans. More updates on the casting for the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother USA edition are now starting to trickle in a little more often these days. We've got a new one that just came in from site. They're telling us that former MTV's "The Hills" star Stephanie Pratt is currently in talks with the CBS Big Brother producers to participate in the first ever USA Celebrity Big Brother edition. They say that their sources confirmed it by saying, "While Steph's been in La, she has been seen by the producers of the new Us version of Celebrity Big Brother. The producers see her as a heritage reality star. One of the original global reality stars who has continued in reality TV both in the Us and UK. It's expected to be a huge show in the UK when it's shown over here." For
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South Side: Comedy Central Orders Scripted Series from Late Night Vets

Welcome to the Windy City. Comedy Central has ordered the South Side TV show to series. South Side, however, is still a working title, so we'll keep our eyes peeled for any changes and let you know. Back in April of 2017, the cable network announced it was developing the then untitled project from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon alum Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin, with Sultan Salahuddin. The press release notes the Salahuddin brothers grew up on the South Side of Chicago. A scripted workplace comedy, South Side will be executive produced by Riddle, Bashir Salahuddin, and fellow Late Night vet Michael Blieden. Set in the South Side's Englewood neighborhood, at a rent-to-own store, the Comedy Central TV series centers on two old friends who are trying to make it, despite all of the stumbling blocks in
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Comedy Central Orders 2 New Series From ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘Late Night’ Alums

Comedy Central has given series orders to The Other Two, from former Saturday Night Live co-head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider and the company behind the venerable NBC sketch program, Lorne MichaelsBroadway Video; and to South Side (working title), from former Late Night With Jimmy Fallon writers/performers Diallo Riddle & Bashir Salahuddin as well as Bashir’s brother, Sultan Salahuddin. The Other Two and South Side were two of the nine pilots Comedy Central or…
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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Is Going To Deliver Six New Surprises Very Soon

Hey, Grey's Anatomy fans. We've got a new report for you guys via the folks over at TV Line. It turns out that your favorite show will be offering up six new surprises as early as this Thursday night, October 12,2017! That's right. In the 4th new episode of this current 14th season, Grey's Anatomy is going to debut 6 new castmembers! They are all interns. And just to be all the way accurate, technically five of the six new castmembers will make their debut. One of them already debuted during the big two hour premiere episode. That one was actor Jake Borelli who plays character Levi. He is Jo's new intern. Levi will be a recurring character. Jake Borelli's acting resume includes roles in Psych, ICarly, The Forgotten, Parenthood, CBS' NCIS: Los Angeles,True Jackson, Greek, Suburgatory, Elf Employment, Supermoms, Nesting, a short called, "Meanamorphosis," a TV series called,"CeReality,
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'The Mayor' Creator Jeremy Bronson: How I Made It in Hollywood

Jeremy Bronson got his start in TV working as a producer for longtime MSNBC host Chris Matthews. So, it's only fitting that his new series The Mayor is about – you guessed it – politics. The half-hour comedy centers on a struggling young rapper named Courtney Rose who runs for mayor of his small town to increase his celebrity and ends up winning. That being said, the transition from Hardball producer to comedy series creator (with a few stops at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, The Mindy Project and Speechless along the way) wasn't quite so easy. Ahead of Tuesday's series premiere, Bronson...
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Sara Schaefer: the breakout comic on trashing Trump and bombing on stage

After writing gigs on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the American standup is heading for the big time via a show at the Edinburgh festival fringe

Losing control of your bladder in a grocery store. Being bullied at school for using men’s deodorant. Getting posture problems as a result of walking with a constant stoop to hide your flat chest. These and other harrowingly embarrassing tales are the stock-in-trade of Sara Schaefer, the latest potential Us comedy superstar to head to the Edinburgh festival fringe. In recent years, Trevor Noah and Michael Che both played the fringe as near-unknowns before getting their current jobs at The Daily Show and SNL respectively. Schaefer could well be set for similarly great things.

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More Than One Hat: August VOD and Web Series Picks

“Wisco Queens”

Oftentimes, women in the film industry wear more than one hat — especially if a project is very close to their own identities and lives. The women behind this month’s VOD and web series picks have multitasked, serving as some combination of director, writer, actor, or creator. Using their multiple talents, they’ve brought their deeply personal works to life.

Lisanne Skyler wrote and directed “Brillo Box (3¢ Off),” a documentary that follows the journey of an Andy Warhol sculpture that her parents purchased in 1969 for just $1,000 — and later broke records at the auction house. In doing so, she creates an insightful look at her own family while also chronicling the rise of the Pop Art movement.

Molly Gandour, who wrote and directed the doc “Peanut Gallery,” gathers her family to talk about and process the death of her sister, who became sick and died as a child. She and her parents hadn’t spoken about Aimee’s passing for years, but the film sees them ruminate on grief, loss, and family together.

In musical comedy web series “Wisco Queens,” creator, writer, and director Katie Goffman stars as Lucy, a young woman from Wisconsin who moves to New York City with her brother Walter to find adventure, excitement, and perhaps even love. Our other web series pick, “Everything Is Okay,” is a surrealist spin on urban millennial living, starring creator Cirocco Dunlap as a young New Yorker who deals with everyday drama like living with a roommate and using the fridge as a portal.

Here are Women and Hollywood’s VOD and web series selections for August.


“Brillo Box (3¢ Off)” (Documentary) — Written and Directed by Lisanne Skyler

“Brillo Box (3¢ Off)”

Lisanne Skyler’s “Brillo Box (3¢ Off)” intertwines humorous family history with the rise of Pop Art. In the late 1960s, Skyler’s family purchased an Andy Warhol sculpture — a replica of a box of Brillo soap pads — for $1,000; over four decades later, it sold at auction for $3 million. Skyler’s film follows the piece’s journey from a family home to the global art scene, and in doing so examines the Pop Art world and creates a compelling portrait of her own family.

Check out “Brillo Box (3¢ Off)” on HBO.

Peanut Gallery” (Documentary) — Written and Directed by Molly Gandour

Peanut Gallery

In “Peanut Gallery,” filmmaker Molly Gandour brings her family together to open up about the death of her sister Aimee, whose sickness and death was incredibly difficult for Gandour to come to terms with. She and her parents hadn’t spoken about their loss for decades, and by using her camera as a catalyst for tough conversations, Gandour creates a profoundly moving documentary about love, loss, and family bonds.

You can purchase “Peanut Gallery” on iTunes.

Web Series

“Wisco Queens” — Created, Written, and Directed by Katie Goffman

“Wisco Queens”

Wisconsin native Katie Goffman is the creative force behind “Wisco Queens.” Both the writer and the director, she also stars as Lucy, a young Wisconsinite whose younger brother convinces her to move with him to New York City. They reconnect with two of their friends from high school, who now live in the city but don’t have much love left for each other. Full of fresh comedy and musical moments, “Wisco Queens” explores what it’s like to make the jump from a small town to the Big Apple.

Check out new episodes of “Wisco Queens” on the series’ website or on YouTube.

Everything Is Okay” — Created by Cirocco Dunlap

Everything Is Okay

From the mind of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” writer Cirocco Dunlap comes an absurdist dark comedy about millennial city living. “Everything Is Okay” takes on staples of urban comedy like awful public transit and roommate drama with unique, sci-fi twists — using tasking apps to outsource your social responsibilities, for example, or having a refrigerator that’s also a portal. Dunlap, who also stars in the series, stands out as a relatable character in a sensationally heightened version of New York.

You can watch “Everything Is Okay” on digital storytelling site Topic.

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Interview, Audio: Actress Jenny Slate Answers the Call in ‘Landline’

Chicago – Jenny Slate keeps getting more high profile, both in voiceover work (“The Secret Life of Pets”) and as an actress. Her latest film is “Landline,” her second with director Gillian Robespierre. In the film, Slate portrays an engaged-to-be-married “adult” who is having trouble coming to terms with her life.

Landline” is set in 1990s New York City, just before the tech/mobile phone boom and the loss of grit in the Big Apple. Based on the growing-up experiences of Gillian Robespierre and co-writer Elisabeth Holm, the story is about transitions… Slate’s character to adulthood, the last days of being a teenager for her sister Ali (Abby Quinn) and the dissolution of their parent’s marriage (as portrayed by Edie Falco and John Turturro). It has a bit of a “slamming doors” edge to it, as misunderstandings and family connections blend into a very human story. Slate and Robespierre
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Demi Moore Tells Jimmy Fallon She Lost Her Tooth Due To Stress [Video]

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Demi Moore has revealed that she had recently lost her two front teeth due to stress. Demi Moore Describes Losing Teeth To Stress On Fallon “I sheared off my front teeth, I’d love to say it was skateboarding or something really kind of cool,” the 54-year-old star said on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week. “But […]

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Jimmy Fallon Opens Up About Fallout from Trump Interview: ‘I Was Devastated’

Jimmy Fallon Opens Up About Fallout from Trump Interview: ‘I Was Devastated’
Jimmy Fallon faced steep criticism for his September 2016 interview with Donald Trump, during which he asked the then presidential candidate goofy questions and petted his hair. The host of “The Tonight Show” was criticized both by social media users and by the media, with some people even blaming him for Trump’s surprising victory.

In an interview with The New York Times, Fallon has opened up about the fallout from Trump’s appearance on the show. “I didn’t do it to humanize him,” Fallon told the paper. “I almost did it to minimize him. I didn’t think that would be a compliment: ‘He did the thing that we all wanted to do.'”

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The comedian said that once the interview was broadcast, “it all started going crazy.” The host,
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Saturday Night Live Star Stand Up Routines

Saturday Night Live Star Stand Up Routines
Before tuning in Saturday Night Live alum Tracy Morgan‘s new Netflix special, see what kind of laughs current cast members can bring without the fancy costars and sets.

(Warning: some Nsfw language)

Aidy Bryant

A brave Bryant shared the angsty journal she kept as a 12-year-old while performing at the Just For Laughs Festival.

Kate McKinnon

See what McKinnon had to say about Food Network host Ina Garten and Olympic figure skating commentary in 2013.

Pete Davidson

Davidson explained his unique Biggie Smalls theory and the very pragmatic reason he loves “Gangsta’s Paradise” during his Goddamn Comedy Jam appearance.
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ABC Pickups Include Comedy About African-American Donald Trump — But He’s An Unlikely Mayor, With Advisors Who Actually Help

ABC Pickups Include Comedy About African-American Donald Trump — But He’s An Unlikely Mayor, With Advisors Who Actually Help
ABC has picked up four new series from its sister ABC Studios, including a new drama from Shonda Rhimes’ company, a drama about saving the world (starring Jason Ritter), a series about refugees… from America, and comedy that sounds like it might take a few cues from the recently installed White House inhabitant.

In “The Mayor,” Brandon Micheal Hall plays an aspiring young rapper, Courtney Rose, who decides – as a publicity stunt – to run for mayor. He did it solely to generate buzz and become rich and famous. Instead, he is actually elected mayor, an outcome he never predicted. Now he must lean on his mother (Yvette Nicole Brown) and friends, including Valentina (Lea Michele) to become the mayor he didn’t think he wanted to be.

Sound a bit Trumpy?

The series also stars Bernard David Jones and Marcel Spears. Executive producers include Daveed Diggs (Broadway’s “Hamilton”), writer Jeremy Bronson (“Speechless,
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Michael Moore To Take Aim at Donald Trump on New Broadway Play ‘The Terms of Surrender’

Michael Moore To Take Aim at Donald Trump on New Broadway Play ‘The Terms of Surrender’
Michael Moore will take aim at Donald Trump once again, this time on the Broadway stage. The filmmaker and author will star in a one-man show titled “The Terms of Surrender,” which will mark his debut on the New York stage. “Can a Broadway show bring down a sitting president?” reads the preliminary poster for the show, which will be directed by Michael Mayer, the Tony-winning director behind “Spring Awakening” and the “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” revival. In an interview with The New York Times, Moore described the play as “a very developed piece of entertainment for people who like to think.” He added, “It’s a humorous play about a country that’s just elected a madman — I mean, there’s really no other way to put it.”

Read More: White House Correspondents’ Dinner 2017: Hasan Minhaj Eviscerates Donald Trump and Those Covering Him — Watch

“We’re 10 blocks from Trump Tower,
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'Girls'' Jenni Konner, Lena Dunham Plot Tour Behind Feminist Newsletter

'Girls'' Jenni Konner, Lena Dunham Plot Tour Behind Feminist Newsletter
Days after the series finale of their acclaimed HBO series Girls, co-showrunners Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner announced a tour behind their weekly feminist newsletter, Lenny Letter. The six-date trek kicks off May 31st in St. Louis and wraps June 6th in Milwaukee. Tickets go on sale Friday. Lenny subscribers can access a special code for a presale launching Wednesday, April 26th.

During the Lenny: America Irl Tour, Dunham will be joined by nine other Lenny contributors: comedian/Saturday Night Live cast member Sasheer Zamata, poet Jenny Zhang, novelist Kaitlyn Greenidge,
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Han Solo Movie to Expose a Big Secret, Timeline Revealed

Han Solo Movie to Expose a Big Secret, Timeline Revealed
Oh, boy! This could go over like a lead balloon. But it seems Han Solo: A Star Wars Story may be taking a page out of the Indiana Jones playbook. Possibly as an ode to Harrison Ford, who is being replaced by Alden Ehrenreich in this second spin-off since Lucasfilm was acquired by Disney. And keep in mind, this isn't some lofty rumor. This comes directly from the mouth of Disney CEO Bob Iger, who is in charge of this entire operation. Apparently Han Solo isn't really Han Solo's name. But we'll learn how he got this name in the upcoming movie, set for release in summer 2018.

As many well know, Indiana Jones' real name is Henry Jones Jr., and that he took on the name of his family dog when he got into archeology. That has always rubbed some fans the wrong way. Now, it appears that Han Solo
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Fans Petition for Good Burger 2, Will It Happen?

Fans Petition for Good Burger 2, Will It Happen?
Do you want Good Burger 2 to happen? Well, you better make your voice heard. Fans have started a petition to insure Paramount and Nickelodeon that a sequel is good business. And it looks like the original stars might be on board if there is enough interest in the project.

The Care2 Petition for Good Burger 2 emerged after Good Burger Star Kel Mitchell said he and co-star Kenan Thompson have been discussing a sequel. This comes after the pair reprised their Good Burger roles on an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon back in 2015, which became an instant viral smash. This also comes at a time when vintage Nickelodeon is a hot property, and all things 90s are very popular, with the nostalgia for Good Burger reaching its peak amongst millennials. For them, a movie like Good Burger is their Star Wars.

You can sign the petition yourself at The Petition Site,
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Yvette Nicole Brown Joins ABC's Mayoral Comedy Pilot as Series Regular

Yvette Nicole Brown Joins ABC's Mayoral Comedy Pilot as Series Regular
Yvette Nicole Brown has a side piece lined up in case CBS hands The Odd Couple divorce papers.

The ex-Community actress has joined ABC’s untitled comedy pilot about a struggling hip-hop artist (played by Search Party‘s Brandon Michael Hall) who runs for mayor to promote his mixtape — and wins. Brown will play the newbie mayor’s mother.

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The potential series — which also counts Scream QueensLea Michele among its cast — is in second position to The Odd Couple, which means if CBS
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Lea Michele to Star in ABC's Mayoral Comedy Pilot — R.I.P. Scream Queens?

Lea Michele to Star in ABC's Mayoral Comedy Pilot — R.I.P. Scream Queens?
Lea Michele has elected a half-hour ABC sitcom as her next TV endeavor.

The Scream Queens actress has joined the network’s untitled comedy pilot about a struggling hip-hop artist (played by Search Party‘s Brandon Michael Hall) who runs for mayor to promote his mixtape — and wins.

RelatedPilot Season ’17: Scoop on This Fall’s (Possible) New Shows, Who’s In Them

Details on Michele’s character are Tbd.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon producer Jeremy Bronson penned the script and will serve as an Ep alongside former Hamilton co-star Daveed Diggs.

I’m told Michele’s casting is
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Ben Affleck’s Batman: The already troubled history of The Batman

Luke Owen looks at the already troubled history of Ben Affleck’s The Batman

It was news that concerned fans of the faltering Dceu when it was confirmed that Ben Affleck will no longer direct The Batman, which is still supposed to be released next year. This bad news about The Batman follows rumours that Justice League is a mess, as is Wonder Woman, and The Flash is getting a page-one re-write following the departure of its second director.

“There are certain characters who hold a special place in the hearts of millions,” Affleck said in a statement. “Performing this role demands focus, passion and the very best performance I can give. It has become clear that I cannot do both jobs to the level they require. Together with the studio, I have decided to find a partner in a director who will collaborate with me on this massive film.
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