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In "Good Deed Seeds," Miss Spider does a good deed for Spiderus and his family. When Spindella asks what they can do in return, Miss Spider asks only that they pass the good deed on to somebuggy else. She likens this to planting a seed which then grows and blooms and spreads throughout the land. Spiderus isn't sure that he understands, but ends up passing along the good deed anyway. Though there are snags along the way, Miss Spider's one act of kindness slowly begins to bloom throughout Sunny Patch. Then, in "Shelley and the Brain," Feather, having moved from Mushroom Glen, has been trying to establish the Sunny Patch Strong Bug Club. So far, she has only Shelley as a fellow member. She holds a meeting in the hopes of getting others to sign up, but only Wiggle applies for the club. He is rejected because he's not considered strong enough and told to come back when he's grown some. Wiggle is disappointed and searches for a quick way to grow strong muscles. Miss Spider tries her best to...

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