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Better than SvR 2008! but a lot of things are gone! (PS3 review)

Author: kanwar27
17 November 2008

The game still provides solid gameplay and the new fighting system is a whole lot better than last years......inferno match is good....there are two huge disappointments this legends and no GM mode....I understand why they took off the legends to make room for Legends of Wrestlemania but why did they leave the GM mode......the road to Wrestlemania is good but pretty short and u can only play as 7 superstars but its cool cause u have the career mode.....u can finally change superstars roster......create-a-player is better than ever....the whole new tag team system looked great but was a acceptable result.....there were only two new things.....tag finishers and hot tag which cool........create-a-finisher is a the road to wrestlemania batista an rey thing was a little hard to digest...i would have liked it more if we would have DX.......

All in all,it is huge improvement over last years including graphics...but could have been a whole lot better....

P.S menu screen is pretty bad.....

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Smackdown v.s Raw 2009

Author: adonis98-743-186503 from Greece
22 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Although Smackdown v.s Raw 2009 is not exactly bad the thing that you can't climb the Elimination chamber or throw your opponents in the corner is something that always bothered me although the stories were pretty good except the one with Undertaker that was cheesy as hell and the one with John Cena was pretty bad also but the one with Chris Jericho and Batista and Rey Mysterio were really cool the main menu songs were really cool and you can even form your Evolution and put the theme song by Motorhead which i found to be really cool also Big Show and Chris Jericho are back as far as unlocks go tho this one is pretty terrible there's nobody worth to unlock and some outfits were really bad like zombie Santino or a masked guy and John Cena's friend Tony? It's still a pretty cool game but easily my least favorite of all of them to be fair.

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Alone you're great Together you're Unstoppable

Author: Terryfan from United States
15 July 2015

Now when the Smackdown Vs Raw series started it was a try to have the brand extension to get more attention since the WWE had the two brands Raw and Smackdown along with ECW. I have played this game on Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable which I own on PSP

The new feature for the series: Road To Wrestlemania: In this new mode, players can choose from five superstars to play as in single- player story lines: Triple H, CM Punk, The Undertaker, John Cena, or Chris Jericho.

The Soundtrack for the game has Bloodsimple:"Dead Man Walking" Burn Halo: "Save Me" Disturbed: "Perfect Insanity" Egypt Central:"Taking You Down" and "You Make Me Sick" The Exies:"Lay Your Money Down" Murs:"SWC" P.O.D.:"Addicted" Steriogram: "Get Up"

What makes this a very good edition to WWE video games is that the tag team mode is pretty much the selling point of this game you can mix any two wrestlers together and they work like the perfect tag team

Of course you can also have different match types like Royal Rumble, Inferno Match, Steel Cage match, TLC Match any match your heart desires

The game play is pretty fun and it pretty much gives the Smackdown vs Raw series a new leash on life and it is much more fun for wrestling fans and video game fans to boot.

Plus many of your favorite WWE Superstars are feature in this game along with the chance to create your own wrestler to add more fun.

The controls are much better this time around and the graphics have impressive so much now as the wrestlers look closer to their real life counter parts

Overall WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 is a much needed improvement over SVR 2007 and it shows that this is how a wrestling game is suppose to be

I give WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 an 8 out of 10

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Still the same lazy old crap.....

Author: MikeLongJohnson2
5 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

But with more "important" modes that apparently needed to be in. These include: Road to Wrestlemania mode (character specific season mode), career mode, create a finisher, inferno match, highlight reel, & the new tag team system.

Apart from the tag team system & RtW mode (certainly better than the awful seasons in the past few games), are any of these modes really needed? No.

The series has dozens of flaws that should be addressed. But, THQ/Yukes would rather try to cover up these flaws with brand new modes. These modes are also badly done, so they don't even bother to try to cover up these flaws very well.

Career mode is a joke. Good idea in theory, but badly done. This is where you build up your created wrestler's stats. You do specific things in match to build up skills (e.g. submission moves build up submission skill), & you get star points for each match if you win.

This gets very tedious, because as your skills get higher, it needs more moves than before to build up. I understand that, but it just takes ages & it feels like a chore after a while. Very boring.

There are also abilities which let you do things in matches (e.g. referee shove lets you grab the ref & throw him towards your opponent). Like stats, you get these abilities by doing certain things in matches. Unfortunately, you are never told how to unlock these until after you unlock something (only the one you unlocked). So you have to be careful about what you do, because if you make a mistake (which is very easy to do), you cannot swap an ability for one you want. You'd have to start over, & that means all your stats & abilities are wiped. Some of these abilities are also very difficult to get, so that makes it even worse. How THQ/Yukes didn't even bother to realize that this idea wouldn't work astonishes me.

The body damage system is boring & doesn't work. In this years game, it is very quick for limbs to go to yellow, orange & red, so matches can be very quick. It is also basically just beat up your opponent until they lose just like any other fighting game.

The A.I. is also ridiculous, especially in gimmick matches. In ladder/TLC/Extreme Rules etc, the A.I constantly use weapons. It doesn't use actual moves to build up momentum, only weapons. This is pathetic & boring. In cage matches, if you are in red, the A.I. will do one basic move, & keep trying to escape. You can get up very quickly, & the process will repeat if the A.I does a move.

Royal Rumble matches are still crap. The rumble meter is pathetic, & it depletes extremely quickly. If you are double teamed, you should put the controller down because there is nothing you can do. It is also extremely easy to eliminate. Just Irish-Whip someone over the ropes, grapple them & mash the buttons as quick as you can. Repeat the process & you can win.

The auto targeting is pathetic. In 6 man matches, you will constantly go after people you don't want to target. It is especially annoying if you want to do a finisher, & you have a running finisher (e.g. clothesline from hell). It would be okay if you could store finishers, but you can't, so you've got to pull it off quickly.

Create a finisher mode is limited. They are only for front finishers, & each time you put in a part, the next option limits down. Not much of a variety.

Highlight reel is a great idea, but like everything else in this trash, it is badly done. You can only use clips from the same match, & putting in sound effects can mess up. If you have a crowd cheer & then put in a mat slam sound at the same time, then one of those clips will cut out before it finishes. If you put in an announcers comment at a specific point, it will end up coming out a second or two later.

The new tag team system is great though. Your partner has to stay on the outside, or else the ref will count him out. Your partner on the apron can also grab opponents & pull the rope down. The "hot tag" system is also great, but you cannot reverse it, so it can be annoying.

I do also like the Roster Editor & how you can put belts on who ever you like at any time, but I do wish there was a menu where you could see title histories. Apart from these, this game is still pretty much trash. You can see that extremely little effort gets into making them, & if they're going to just cover up flaws by putting in new modes, then they should at least make an effort to make these modes great. Unfortunately, it is still the same lazy effort, & they shouldn't charge people for the same price as other brand new games.

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