It's Complicated (2009) Poster


Jane: Do you poke smot?

Jane: AW! It's official! We are having an affair!

Jake: Why do you need to label everything?

Jane: Because! THAT'S WHAT THIS IS!

Adam: Here comes your ex-husband. Uh-oh, not the best time to be feeling groovy!

Jane: Jane?

Jane: Hi.

Adam: Did you get this high from *one* hit?

Jane: Yeeeaaaaaahhh!

Jane: I like a lot of semen, always have.

Jake: And what's with the "big guy"? Is it because I'm fat?

Jake: I'm sorry.

Jane: How far back does that 'sorry' go?

Jake: How far back do you need it to go?

Jane: Wa-ay back.

Jake: And I like that you stopped getting bikini waxes. You've gone native. I was into it!

Jane: Fancy a toke?

Harley: Oh, no thanks, I don't smoke weed.

Jane: Me neither.

[takes a drag]

Harley: Are you smoking WEED in the guest bathroom?

Jake: Yes we are, and we'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone?

Harley: Oh no. Of course not. Just add it to the list.

Jake: Is it really necessary for you to always say no before you say yes?

Jane: Don't you ever eat at your house?

Jake: Pedro dictates most meals and he has a very... limited palate.

Jake: I don't regret giving it another shot.

Jane: It probably would of worked, if you hadn't been married.

Jake: I wouldn't of considered it, if I wasn't!

Jane: I don't regret it either.

Jane: I was going to call you last night, and then you wouldn't of taken the call. It would have of gone on for months and!

Adam: I would have taken the call!

Jake: [Discussing Jane's lack of a bikini wax] You've gone native. I dig it.

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Jake: Home Sweet Home.

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