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The romantic comedy about a divorced couple having an affair manages to be both light on its feet and heavy enough to deliver something of a message.
I enjoyed the spectacle of middle-aged people making spectacles of themselves.
It's Complicated isn't: It's pretty simple. It's simply a good time.
Miami Herald
Funny even when it relies heavily on age-old, old-age gags.
The Hollywood Reporter
What Meyers doesn't do is take chances. She sticks to formula and predictability. In "Complicated," this is as much a matter of casting as writing.
It's Complicated is middle-aged porn, the specialty of Meyers, who also set ladies and interior decorators drooling over homes and gardens in 2006's “The Holiday.”
You don't have to feel guilty for lapping up this froth. Just don't expect nourishment.
It's Complicated is vacuous overall, although attractively packaged.
Wall Street Journal
After listening to Jane and Jake talk it out in the interminable process of working it out-they explore their relationship as exhaustively, and exhaustingly, as any kids on Facebook-I found myself wishing for more shallows and fewer depths.
The sum is a comedy that starts out slow and talky, picks up speed - and sexiness, and hysterics - somewhere in the middle, then drags to a stop when everyone starts confessing their feeeelings.
Baldwin and Streep do make the most of the situation, and their sparky chemistry provides the only real draw.

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