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It's Complicated isn’t: It’s pretty simple. It’s simply a good time.
Ends up being one of the end-year's best sources of pure entertainment. And for those who believe laughter is the best medicine, there's more than a bellyful or two to be found here.
What Meyers doesn't do is take chances. She sticks to formula and predictability. In "Complicated," this is as much a matter of casting as writing.
The comedy approaches true hilarity only when Meyers resorts to the surefire gimmick of having the oldsters get massively stoned at a party, though Streep's dilemma is handled well enough for the movie to accumulate some gravitas as it nears the two-hour mark.
It's Complicated is middle-aged porn, the specialty of Meyers, who also set ladies and interior decorators drooling over homes and gardens in 2006's “The Holiday.”
Rolling Stone
You don't have to feel guilty for lapping up this froth. Just don't expect nourishment.
There's funny stuff here. We like everybody.
It’s bad enough that Nancy Meyer’s latest conventional romcom is blessed with a title so bluntly unimaginative as to seem facetious; the rub is that it’s not even a truthful assessment.
Cute and clever though the plot may be, everything is played out in the broadest possible terms without an iota of nuance or subtlety.
Village Voice
Watching this garish fiasco, I found it mildly depressing to see Streep hurdling through this gauntlet of strained whimsy, her every toothy smile and throaty chortle more affected than Sophie Zawistowski's Polish accent.

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