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(2009 TV Movie)


[Michael Heseltine has phoned Geoffrey Howe, ostensibly to say how sorry he is that Howe is resigning as Foreign Secretary. Having done this, he gets onto the real purpose of the phone call - a leadership challenge]

Michael Heseltine: [diffidently] Were I to stand... I mean, were that eventuality to arise... could I, would I be able to count on your support?

Geoffrey Howe: Michael, I think my position is probably best left... uncluttered by commitments of that kind.

Michael Heseltine: Of course.

[long pause]

Geoffrey Howe: Although... Should I have any further message to convey at a later stage, then I shall of course do so.

Michael Heseltine: Right. Yes, of course. Thank you Geoffrey.

[he puts the phone down and turns to his advisors who were listening in]

Michael Heseltine: [shouts] What the *fuck* does that mean?

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