Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience
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182 out of 238 people found the following review useful:

If only there was a 0/10 option...

Author: Alex Baldwin from United States
12 March 2009

Face it folks, the Jonas brothers are atrocious. For anyone comparing them to LEGENDARY bands, you're forgetting a few things.

1. Legendary bands possess musical talent (i.e. they write their own music, have good voices, are skilled with instruments, etc)

2. Produce honest to god good music, are innovative, beautifully arrange their music, etc.

3. Are NOT whores of the Disney media machine. There's a reason they're plastered all over the Disney channel; it's because Disney is brainwashing their target audience (pre-pubescent girls) into thinking the music they make is good. IT ISN'T. It's's absolute rubbish. It actually manages to be more horrid than the trash boy-bands of the 90's put out. It flat out reeks of failure.

I'm a movie reviewer for my college newspaper, and to be perfectly honest, the movie was the worst piece of poorly scripted, overly cliché crap I've ever had the displeasure of viewing. Aside from the concert (which wasn't "incredible" chiefly because of their awful stage presence and even worse music) EVERY LINE was hand fed to these idiots. It's as if they were not capable of any conversation past the remedial level. In addition to that, the theatre was LOADED with girls who SCREAMED every time they came on the screen, it felt like there were over 9000 of them in there! God almighty...get over yourselves. Screaming at a screen isn't going to get you anywhere with and Jonas Failures

Want to see a real documented concert experience for a great band? Pop in Depeche Mode 101; an epic band who pushed the bounds of music in the 80's, and even today, and it's documented by one of the best, D.A. Pennybaker. Or, if that's music isn't your thing, listen to: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, U2, NIN, basically, anything that has the 3 criteria listed above. Not this spoon fed drivel passed along as "music" (which it isn't, it really, truly is awful)

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109 out of 151 people found the following review useful:

Why is Walt Disney Pictures doing this?

Author: Zaptharo from United States
13 March 2009

In honest truth, whether this was for getting paychecks or just putting on a pretty outfit for the girls to see, Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience was a film that should of never made it past movie critics. This is proof that the music industry is failing on the surface and is desperate to put any no-talent jockey on the music scene.

Look, I'm not all for critics or casual onlookers, but there was no need to green light this crap. The Jonas Brothers can prove to us that we can make it big by putting on a pretty face, and getting your popularity based on your image. The sad truth is that they didn't have to work that hard to make it to the top, so they steal elements based on other music artists and they try to regurgitate them into something new. They do so with flying colors, that is, with failure. Their music sounds so horrible I can make better sounds on my computer. That's really not saying much. Their poor guitar play, horrible singing, and a stale drummer add up to the realization that they possess no talent. Certainly nothing that would make a music critic go crazy about.

A sign of decline in this day and age is there are people dumb enough to compare the Jonas Brothers to great bands and artists of the past. Don't even try to compare them with Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Ramones, AC/DC, Aerosmith or the other great music artists who helped make a difference in the music scene. They set the stage for what was to come and were music artists that were actually liked for their musical influence and talent. The Jonas Brothers, on the other hand, seem more fit to be a quick fad that will fade out by the year's end.

The worst, and perhaps the most shocking aspect of the movie is Disney's involvement with the Jonas Brothers. Just seeing the Disney logo slapped on the front is enough to make any classic Disney fan cry in terror. Who is running this show? Why should Disney be involved in any of this? What is the purpose of putting on a terrible concert show in theaters? This is simply a message that Disney does not care anymore. Back in the day, Disney was something that every child and parent looked forward to. From Snow White to the Lion King, Disney entertained audiences for generations and set the bar for creating animated masterpieces and original shows. Walt Disney was a highly respectable man and was simply ahead of his time. Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience has none of the magic or innovation of the old Disney. It is simply a title of greed and misconception.

The Jonas Brothers need to leave our general conscious. If any idiot would stump so low to actually waste a hard day's paycheck to see this flying piece of crap, then that person should seek a mental hospital. The Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience is nothing redeeming, nothing new, nothing special, and nothing exciting. I'm very upset that Disney was involved in any of it, and the fact that idiots out there don't realize how bad this is, makes me very frustrated. People out there need to seek talent that is higher than the average person. All this is is a publicity stunt that can show us that any moron can go crazy over a band that was stale from the beginning.

This is why much of mainstream entertainment is failing to put out something of influence. Instead, they are promoting crap like Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience in order to have the mind-controlled sheep buy more fluff. The people behind the box office should be ashamed of this title. Don't believe the hype, just ignore the title and hope that the Jonas Brothers won't come back for a sequel. Critics should know what passes for a movie, and this doesn't qualify.

A title that holds nothing to the Disney name.

One out of Ten.

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120 out of 189 people found the following review useful:

Not A Movie Or Music...Just Terrible

Author: darthgamer360 from United States
12 March 2009

How Can People Listen to this stuff. It is just plain torture. These people are not a band they just want attention and money. They have no respect for the art of music. These idiots do not compare with any good rock band of the past. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Metallica...Those are real bands not this manufactured garbage. It is just terrible that music has sunken this low. And the fact that this useless movie exist is just a disgrace. Disney REALLY needs to start trying before they lose all their credibility. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE OR LISTEN TO THIS BAND IF YOU DO YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION BRING GOOD MUSIC BACK!

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97 out of 145 people found the following review useful:


Author: morbidnate from Canada
15 March 2009

This is simply trash. Garbage. This is lettuce rotting in a plastic bag under landfill mountain bad.

I don't only hate this band. My hatred of branded morals is all-encompassing. I don't like children being exploited and this is clear exploitation of both the audience and the band.

I am happy to see that while the band can maintain its bazillions of fans, this movie is failing hilariously. This movie should never have been made. STOP TRYING TO CAPITALIZE ON ONE SUCCESS BY OVER-SATURATING EVERY POSSIBLE VENUE WITH THIS KIND OF DIRT!

-end of rant-

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68 out of 104 people found the following review useful:

gouge my eyes and ears out!

Author: humbertothomas95 from United States
22 March 2009

Dear god, this is a disgrace. I'm baffled as to why anyone would like to see this. They are untalented, fugly boys who STILL haven't hit puberty, even though I'm pretty sure they are at least 15. If you want to see a movie that has talented actors, a good script, as well as excellent musical performances, why not see "U2 3D", or the best ever, "A Hard Day's Night", by the Beatles. They showcase excellence bands that can actually play music. I am convinced that the Jonas Brothers are sent here from Hell by Satan himself. I miss the days where musicians played music, not manufactured Disney crap that is meant only to sell sell sell.

btw- love that the movie is exactly where it belongs, it is officially the WORST movie of all time.

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50 out of 74 people found the following review useful:

I feel the PAIN!!!!!!!!!

Author: nikvosanas
24 March 2009

The first time I saw Jonas Bros was in the movie "Rock Camp" or something like this (by accident). I admit this was the lethal and final hit!!!!! Now I know why young people do drugs.

I know I am rough on this but please DO NOT TORTURE PEOPLE LIKE THIS.

I did also grew up listening the good and the bad music of my time (80's - 90's) but man, this must be stopped. It is beyond everyone can imagine.

Thank you for assuring that people can always go lower and you are helping more to do this. I hope that this will be stopped also.

Anyway, that is enough for me too. Really, before starting to write this comment, I thought about it very much, but I cannot sit watching pathetic Disney people giving 10 stars just to raise the bar.

Kids, please PLEASE, ask someone older that can actually tell you what is good and bad. No, not please, I am BEGGING you to get out of the mass and try something different like reading and writing and drawing. I can assure you that this will be the best things that you have ever done. And when a good movie comes out you will see that you will have a much nicer time watching it than ever before.

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39 out of 53 people found the following review useful:

It hurts less with the glasses off

Author: Ali_Catterall from London, England
14 May 2009

Hot on the huge red heels of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, another joylessly choreographed gig from Disney's stable of pop stars; so squeaky-clean they probably leave their internal organs soaking in buckets of Persil overnight. Nick, Kevin and Joe are the kind of all-American, all-processed poppets comedian Bill Hicks would have torn into like a school of piranha were he still alive. That job fell to Russell Brand, who mocked their no-sex-before-marriage 'Purity Rings' at 2008's MTV Video Music Awards. Yet instead of being forced to apologise, Brand should have been paid off by Disney for raising the band's profile.

For squillions of kids, however, the Little Christians That Could are already Olympus-sized. This becomes immediately apparent the moment we and our 3D glasses float, as if borne on angels' backs, into New York City's Madison Square Garden arena. Here, 20,000 screaming tweens waggle their glowsticks like unsullied pregnancy testers at the preening boy-men who emerge to bombastic strings and spurting sheets of flame. It's like Triumph Of The Will for under-12s. And everywhere you look, hydraulics. Hydraulic platforms to elevate the Brothers to the vertiginous level of ascetic monks, literally looking down on their fans; hydraulics to pucker their cyborg lips, offering the promise of a chaste, metallic-tasting kiss.

At various junctures, songs occur; as substantial as farts in a wind tunnel. At one point a baby gazelle with perfect hair called Demi nearly blows them off stage with her superior number, before being chased away again. Jonas songs are accompanied by a fey, second-hand gesture from lead vocalist Joe, in which he clenches his thighs together and raises one knee, as if frantic for a pee. Stage-moves as old as pop, courting reactions older than pop, from hormonal girls expertly shaken up like soda bottles, until diverted at the pass to explode their passions into waiting cash registers.

It is breathtaking in its contrivances and blatant in its borrowings. With an opening scene of three young men being chased by a swollen mob of rabid girls to a waiting helicopter, this mindlessly apes the beginning and closing moments of A Hard Day's Night. Director Richard Lester might have cherry picked from the greats - everything from Mack Sennett-style tomfoolery to stylized shots swiped from Fellini - but he did at least end up with something fresh and funny and new. This doesn't possess one-tenth of that film's warmth, naturalism or feral thrill. In his opener, Lester had expertly caught a sense of the Beatles as prisoners of their success; it's clear those girls meant business, that if they were to catch up with the lads they would have literally ripped them apart like latter day Bacchae. This lot look like they'd just text their prey to death.

Where there are stars, there are satellites. Here are three jokers in wigs and waistcoats posing with the multitudes outside the concert hall, engaged in what the Americans call "goofing around." These are the 'imitation' Jonas Brothers, buzzards pecking at the crumbs of celebrity. Robe-stroking lepers. If "the Jonas Brothers are living the dream, we're dreaming the life" they say. Trouble is, they actually appear to have more charisma than the real things who, on this admittedly scant evidence, lack strong, or even vaguely likable personalities of their own.

This personality vacuum is a real problem in a film that purports to depict a day in the life of young pop stars audiences can actually relate to. Straitjacketed into their roles (back-flipping; power-sliding; looking cute), and unable or unwilling to offer any organic or even semi-improvised conversation, the Jonas trio are obliged to traipse through shamelessly staged scenes of purported verite, such as belatedly catching the cameras 'accidentally' filming them taking their tops off backstage. Bad camera! This occasionally backfires, as in an early sequence where the breakfasting Brothers arrogantly shoo away their Trump Hotel waitress, who happens to be hovering in shot, either star-struck or, more likely, patiently waiting for another order. It wrong-foots, as do the 3D effects, which mainly consist of Joe hurling guitar picks or his sunglasses straight at us. How would you like to have a pair of sunglasses flung in your face? Watching this feels like working for Naomi Campbell.

At time of writing, this has achieved 1.3 out of 10 on the IMDb, the site's lowest ever score - for a documentary at least (it doesn't count this as a feature film). Yet this intensely polarizing movie has clearly been subject to some tactical voting, given the overwhelming majority of glowing, hysterical reviews. Meanwhile, the site suggests that "If you enjoyed this title, our database also recommends Gimme Shelter". A slightly reckless juxtaposition, given that the film, which documents the Rolling Stones' tragic 1969 Altamont Free Concert, culminates in the on-screen murder of an audience member by the Hells Angels. The only thing being murdered in Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience is music.

Well, alright. It's fairly safe to assume this reviewer is not the intended demographic for this movie. And couldn't be any less suited were they also blind in one eye, and thus unable to get anything out of the 3D experience. Not to belabor the point, but in the Jonas Brothers management boardroom there's a flip chart sporting this reviewer's photo and the word 'No' underlined three times in thick black marker pen. This will probably more than satisfy the audience it's aimed at. But for the rest of us, a tour called 'Burning Up' suggests only one thing. We are in Hell.

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46 out of 70 people found the following review useful:

The biggest bomb in history

Author: Laydee_Deathstrike from London
24 March 2009

I am a mother of two and I brought my two children to see the movie and it was outright the worst movie ever. My children walked out! And I had to persuade them to stay because I paid $10 for 3 tickets and I didn't want to lose my worth so I stayed through the movie. To my horror, it was as bad as my children thought it was. I almost projectile vomitted on others. DO NOT WATCH THIS. If I could less than 1, I would have. WORST MOVIE HANDS DOWN. If you have to watch a GOOD movie, I would suggest the Hannah Montana movie that will be coming out soon. Save your money, save your breakfast, SAVE YOURSELF. It's time to watch Jonas Brothers - where's your kids?

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33 out of 47 people found the following review useful:

Shut it, Jonas lovers!

Author: bravesfan35 from United States
5 June 2009

I swear, their fanbase is pathetic. Heaven forbid we should ever say anything bad about the Jonas Brothers. It's just like running over their dog or something. Shut up, already. They are horrible "musicians" and I use that term loosely. It's laughable that you think we are jealous of them. What do we have to be jealous of? Last time I checked, I have no desire to write crappy songs and target pre-teen girls. At my age, that would get me arrested. You all say we have no life, yet you're doing exactly the same thing we are so I guess that means you don't have lives either. I'm sorry you all have closed-minds towards real music but that's not our problem. You can all give in to their shameless pandering all you want. Every time I see a Jonas fan spouting off whiny little rants, it makes me even more glad I'm not part of that fanbase. I listen to bands with way more talent than them like AC/DC, The Beatles, Metallica, R.E.M., etc. Who cares if we haven't seen the stupid movie? The point is, we don't NEED TO see it. We KNOW what this lame movie is about: the Jonas Brothers in concert. Lah-de-freakin'-dah. Like seeing the movie is going to change our opinion of them? It won't. I would think you'd be smart enough to realize that. To the person who wished death on Jonas haters, real classy. I hope karma comes around to bite you on that one. We hate the Jonas Brothers and seeing their stupid 3D movie isn't going to change it. Now go back to kissing your Jonas posters and daydreaming about being their wives.

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35 out of 51 people found the following review useful:

Jonas Brothers 3D makes "Disaster Movie" look Oscar worthy

Author: bryanking86 from United States
24 March 2009

No, no no no no, the assumption that we cheered on N'Suck or the Bareback Boys is, to be quite honest, as wrong as is the belief that the Jonas Brothers produce something besides trash music. When the afore mentioned bands, and their contemporaries were popular, I was listening to Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Hendrix, NIN, and I knew many people in my age group (those who these so called bands targeted) with similar good taste in music. Face it, they are a rotten band, and if you think Nick playing a guitar in one video elevates their status from landfill worthy to anything else, as you rightly pointed out, it was only one video he played in. As for them not wanting to be in the publics eye…I won't even dignify that with a retort, as the only way you could possibly think that is if ones I.Q. is equal to the number of days in a week, or if one is simply so infatuated with them, no amount of reason could sway your beliefs.

They are media whores, and their sole purpose (even if they think they are hot stuff, and a new wave in music…LOL…) is to make cash. As soon as the public shows signs of disinterest, Disney will too, and the Jonas Brothers will disappear, maybe only to be remembered in a Distant VH1 special documenting their short claim to fame, built on the backs of pre-teen girls.

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