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Never got props it deserved
bballbm23 March 2017
This is one of those comedies I just wonder how popular it could have been with better promotion and/or better time slot. It truly was a great comedy. I always laughed. And to be able to remember scenes almost 10 years later is a testament to the great writing and acting this show had. Jay was perfect for this role. And the son was such a great bonus (the scene where he goes on a first date with a new neighbor was priceless). I wish this show would have been on longer for others to have the chance to discover it.
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Hilarious show
reviewisamust10 June 2016
I just recently watched Gary unmarried. I had never heard of it when it was on air. It is a great comedy! One of the best shows I have watched. To bad it only lasted a couple years. Horrible shows like 2 broke girls and corner gas kept going but great shows like this one didn't last long. They should bring it back. Love Gary Unmarried. I can't stop watching it. We need more shows like Gary unmarried because this is one of the best series ever!Gary is a hilarious character. Never a slow or dull moment. Again, it would be great to see this show back on my television. So glad I found it on my computer. To bad they take the good shows off! The writers did a great job!
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Can't believe this show was canceled
imhy20 March 2012
This show is really well written and has an excellent witty humour that is so hard to find.

The relationships between Gary and Allison works so well. Gary plays this simple man's man that works as a tradie, loves his beer and sports. Allison plays an uptight ex-wife that was in charge of everything and continues to nag at Gary. The sub-relationships with the kids and other characters compliment it perfectly meaning a great overall comedy.

There's a few surprising reviews I've read complaining about the fact the acting isn't perfectly Oscar worthy brilliance. I mean seriously, this is a sitcom that's suppose to be light hearted. It's not The Hurt Locker. Some people have these preconceived opinions of particular actors and won't like them regardless of what they're in.

Personally I find the humour in this very smart and funny. I'm really disappointed that this show was canceled as after only 2 seasons you're left a bit high and dry.
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Garry Unmarried - CBS must be diminished
Daniel2 February 2012
CBS has done a big mistake, canceling this show because it is very good and close to the perfection. It's funny, full with ironic jokes and has almost everything a comedy should have. I even think it would be in my top 15 if it had more seasons. It is about a divorced man having awkward and funny situations and disputes with her ex-wife and all the things are very well done. The acting is great - Jay Mohr and Paula Marshall are the main actors who do a great job, the jokes are decent and the performance is good - they're all just imperfect though it is one of my near-favorite comedies. I recommend it to everybody and I'm disgusted оf CBS about canceling the show.
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I Like This Show. It Is Fun.
Girish Gowda2 May 2010
I have watched only 4 sitcoms (Friends, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, Two & A Half Men - the first three are my favourites and the last one, I really hate) and this is my fifth. So, all of the clichés or stereotypes are not ALL clichés for me. This is a very funny show in my opinion. I watched this after watching the preview scenes on TV which seemed very fun. I have to say, its not bad and it is worth the time to check it out.

Gary divorced his wife of 15 years, Allison after built up tensions and hatred from the last few years. They have two children - a girl and a boy. I loved the girl as she's so compassionate towards environment, people and life in general. The boy is hilarious whenever he comes on screen (wat will I do when she expects me to tap it?!!). Gary is a type of jock and we all know that he is not cut out for the mature acting part, and I really liked him. His 40 year old wife, Allison is hot and she is also a really likable character. Gary is playing the field for now as he is a free man and just one month after the divorce, he is already in a relationship with another single mom.

Even though the show is about middle aged parents problems with their life, the writers have wonderfully concocted a very lovable family with some good writing. We don't have dumb beautiful girls every episode like in Two & A Half Men and the characters are fleshed out as well as you can expect out of a comedy sitcom. Nobody in this show is someone who you would love to hate, maybe Allison, but she's also pretty likable for me. The acting is OK for the most part, but sometimes Gary comes across as just delivering his lines, but it can be overcome because the screenplay is so much fun. The daughter's character is my favourite because she's so cute, loyal to her cause, and very positive towards life and the one scene I really like is when Gary tells her that she is beautiful and she blushes and tells him 'I knooooow. My friend's lazy eye totally corrected itself when he saw me.' That was actually really cute. I have seen 14 episodes of 'Gary Unmarried' and I am looking forward for the rest of the season. Though not a great sitcom like my favourites, this is a perfectly fine entertaining show for me to pass time in the evenings when I come back from college.

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who_da_man_129 October 2009
This recently came out down here in NZ. In my opinion, this show definitely has its laugh out loud moments, for which I am now a dedicated viewer, but this is somewhat marred by the shamelessly pretentious lines given to the children of Gary. Honestly, just on this night's episode, the girl's line, 'I'm Jane Goodall, living with the apes' made me want to shoot myself. No 9 year old girl in her right mind would realistically say such an academic wisecrack, and furthermore, it's not that funny. This show made me realise how much I hate precocious children. Let kids be kids, I say.

So overall, an interesting concept. It has its hilarious moments, but tends towards suicidally irritating when the kids are in the picture. 7/10.

By the way, Jay Mohr's portrayal of the character Gary is fantastic. Good on ya Jay!
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ciaran-flynn19 May 2009
The 1 star out of 10 is harsh. Also you admitted you only watched one episode which was a very average episode anyway. As the series progressed it gets better and better. Its not in the class of Frasier, Friends, Everybody loves Raymond etc but its not a bad sitcom at all. You need to give sitcoms a chance to bed in, remember the great Cheers nearly got canned after 10 episodes but survived and went on to be a classic. The characters are likable and new ones are added as the series progresses which add to it all. ALl in all this isn't a bad sitcom. Hopefully this will get a second season run now to let it progress even more.
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Upcoming star
antonismyl27 March 2009
I watched Pilot episode wondering if this show is as good as the other sitcoms aired by this channel.Well i think it's worth watching!Great acting, hilarious plot, common people (could be next door neighbors!). The script is very intelligent with catchy lines and jokes. I already spread the word for this show! Characters are strangling through everyday tasks in their own unique way. In every episode apart from the original cast a new character jumps in and flavors the plot. It's also fascinating the way characters cope with situations that are totally familiar to the audience. Bottom line is every character is unique having features so different and yet so funny. Another advantage is that you can see an episode and understand quite a lot without having seen the whole season from the beginning.
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Pleasantly Surprising
Feeny090210 February 2009
I was very skeptical that this show would be anything less that a jumbled mess with crass humor thrown in every now and then by Jay Mohr. Don't get me wrong, I love Jay Mohr, he has his moments, but I wasn't sure a sitcom was going to be a good moment.

But it's funny! It's really, truly funny! It's interesting family dynamics, with a flare of those good ol' sitcom family antics. Ryan Malgarini is hysterical, a young talent with great comedic timing. The writers put a lot of sass in it, and it's the kind of comedy that makes you laugh big.

It's a good laugh; you're going to smile all the way through the whole show. It doesn't take itself seriously, and it's funnier for it.
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episode 14
lj285223 January 2009
This show has become one of my favorite shows to watch! I Really enjoyed Marjorie the new next door neighbor and her interaction with Tom. I think It would be great to see her come back in other story lines! I think there could be a lot of funny story lines involving the character Marjorie. The Actor who played Marjorie was great and I think she would fit into the show perfectly! I Truly just enjoy this show a lot. It is one of the funniest sitcoms that I have seen lately. It has great story lines, great actors, and so on. And It keeps you interested and on your seat wanting more and more. Hope to see More of Marjorie and Love the show! Hope to see it come back for many of seasons!
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One of the best new comedies
grpetersen22 January 2009
I heard someone at work talk about this show and so I gave it a chance. I have never been a huge Jay Mohr fan so I was hesitant at first. I started watching and loved it. My wife is now hooked.

The supporting cast is great, mostly because of the two kids. The children are involved a lot in the plot lines and can hold their own.

However, I am not one of those that tunes into TV for the story lines to all tie in together well or to check on the congruity of it, I tune in to be entertained, especially when it comes to comedies. This is not a show that is going to make the world a better place, but it does make me laugh.
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Good Jokes, Good Cast
shark-4321 January 2009
This show is flat out funny. The writing has some strong jokes - some blue, some smart, some strange - but with twenty minutes to kill watching a sitcom, I just want some laughs. Mohr (who was so good in GO) is great in this role . It fits him perfectly - a blue collar guy trying to get on with his life after a rough divorce. The kids are perfect and they both play off of Mohr very well. He recently had a tender scene with his daughter in a restaurant that was truly touching. And Mohr has terrific chemistry battling Marshall. Marshall has impeccable timing. A good, throwback sitcom. It doesn't try and reinvent the wheel. It just delivers laughs. That's good enuff for me.
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Not gotta give it time
Michel Marion25 December 2008
I like this show, It's a light comedy and there's a lot that people can relate to on this show. After seeing the kind of crap they have put on the air lately I think it's kind of nice to see a good old fashioned light comedy. Something that makes me laugh for half an hour and makes me smile after seeing it.

I'm not about to compare it to other shows after only a few episodes, any of you out there that remembers Seinfeld?, they almost canceled the show but they stuck with it and it became one of the best show ever. Not all sitcom starts off really strong like Friends, give it time people.

Anyway, I think it has a lot of potential, even though it's kind of hard to stay original on television these days.
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Great new show - love the cast!
bfm_101724 December 2008
With so much junk on TV these days, and so much serious drama, it is refreshing to see good old comedy again. I loved Seinfeld, Cheers, Curb, Frasier - but this show is none of these. I watch The Office, and this is not The Office. It's a straight rapid fire comedy, no brains required, just sit back and enjoy. Gorgeous Paula Marshall has maybe found a show that will stick, and Jay Mohr is excellent as the struggling Dad, but Max Gail is the highlight for me and provides the crossover character I need. Unlike some of the other comedies on TV, the language is mainstream and not offensive. Even of we are not divorced, we can enjoy the banter between Paula Marshall and Jay Mohr, the same banter many happily married couples have. Ed Begley, Jr. adds a great foil for Mohr, and Jaime King is great to look at. Al Madrigal has a bit part, and I would love to see his character develop more. Finally the son, Ryan Malgarini has great comic timing, something many adults in comedies have trouble with. You can almost hear him thinking "Wait for it....", then deliver his line. I hope the show is renewed and catches on. Not in the same league as The Office or Curb Your Enthusiasm, but much better than How I Married... or Two and a Half... IMO
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One of the best new shows.
jasonchristensen26 October 2008
One of the new shows that is worth seeing.

I have liked Jay Mohr in most of the things that I have seen him in.

There have been many posts that indicate how mad people are over the portrayal of the relationship between Gary and his ex-wife, Allison. I don't know what is wrong with people.

If I wanted reality television, I wouldn't tune in to a sitcom (which stands for situational comedy, for those idiots out there that don't think the show is true enough).

I want a show that I can tune into and it will make me laugh. This show does that.

I thoroughly enjoy "Gary's" son Tom. The actor who plays Tom, Ryan Magarini, does a great job.

I hate it when writers try too hard to make kids funny on television. This seems to be a right mix of smart comedy for a kid his age.

Paula Marshall is absolutely fantastic in this show. I hope this show will stick around for a while.
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Hey it makes me Laugh!
kreanqt25 October 2008
All, I have to say is this is the first sitcom show this fall that I have liked. There aren't many sitcoms these days like back in the 90's.....and I am getting sick of reality TV.

Perhaps Jay Mohr's character does go a little too far at times, but it gets me laughing. I don't want this getting canceled like last fall's show with John Lithgow and Judith Light.

I think there is a better title out there for Gary Unmarried. Although it was the title that caught my eye. I don't feel Gary Unmarried really goes with what the show is about. Two parents who are divorced and taking care of their kids.
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A really good show
genko_one24 October 2008
I will take this time to respond to some of the negative comments I've seen about this show.

First off, the acting is great, despite some opinions. And second, some people are forgetting what these shows are all about. To help you relax, make you laugh and put you in a good mood. The show DOES that. And yes, if you sit there and start searching for things wrong with it, you will find some but that is not the point of the program. It doesn't matter that there are "loose ends" with the script or that somebody found a joke stupid. The show has a lot of originality in terms of comedy. If you are picky enough you will find wrong things even with the king "Friends", but if you want to enjoy a funny show watch Garry Unmarried.
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With a little tweak this show will fly...
foundsomefun22 October 2008
This show has great timing and it moves right along. You can't help but laugh. I love that there is finally a man on TV who doesn't whine and have his head handed to him each week. He comes off as genuine in trying to find his way through his new lifestyle and all of the speed bumps along the way. It doesn't hurt that he is adorable.

I will put it right along with "2 1/2 Men" because he struggles with things but isn't constantly apologizing for it. His character is in line with "Charlie Harper" in that respect.

The only thing I would change is to pull back on the attack of the ex-wife. That too is like "2 1/2 Men". Even though this ex-wife isn't as bad as that horrific one on the other show (she adds nothing to the show) it could go sour and she could become like her.

I wish the people on this show many happy and funny seasons to come.
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geamorock123-116 October 2008
I think this is one of the funniest sitcoms ever made. Friends,Two and a half men, How i met you mother and Gary Unmarried can just change your mood so easily.Gary personally is hilarious and his arguments with Allison make the show real addictive.Ha ha and his kid is a champ man!Gary however is my personal favorite and reminds me of Barney Stinson from how i met your mother. Each week I'm awaiting the new episode, but its upsetting once the 20 minutes are up.I hope the series goes a long way.This is probably one of the few series in which the husband and wife share such a cute love /hate relationship.In fact if it weren't for jake harper, i would rate this show higher than Two and a half men.

Gary Unmarried undoubtedly deserves a 9/10.
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some talented people, horrible show.
BeDrinkable16 October 2008
Jay Mohr, in the right vehicle (Go), is pretty good. In the wrong vehicle (Ghost Whisperer, this steaming pile), he's horrible. He has this smarmy ego that can come across as strangely charming at times, but merely annoying at others, and boy is this one of the others.

Ed Begley Jr. is rarely in good form. I think the only exception was Veronica Mars, and that's because the writers gave him some good lines, and he was killed off before he could act himself over a cliff.

Jaime King is still a mystery to me, but only because she's only been in bad shows (The Class anbody?).

Paula Marshall is the exception here. Almost always worth watching, she lights up her scenes, even with Mohr trying his hardest to pull her under. She's a relatively well fleshed out character, for a show of this type. If they made her the protagonist, I might give this another shot, but she's not, so I won't. Oh, and go back and watch Veronica Mars for her as well.
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Won't last long
bob-rutzel-111 October 2008
Apparently, Jay Mohr, who was one of the creators of Last Comic Standing, hasn't learned anything about comedy. The laugh track is annoying, but the writing is horrible and not even close to being funny. This won't last.

Why we need to use ten lines to say something is terrible is beyond me. Bad is bad. As I go on with these lines I don't want to keep putting nails in Mohr's coffin as that is not nice, Three lines to go now.

The premise of the show is fine, but they need to take some time off and get new writers as the ones they have do not produce funny lines. One to go. And, here we are, thankfully.

Oh, am really surprised James Burrows is associated with this.
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Project Gary ain't gonna make it !
Nishant9 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I've got to tell you,I really expected a lot after reading the show's plot outline. After the premiere though,I was thoroughly disappointed ! What a way to start?! There's just so many loose ends as far as the script is concerned and it just feels incomplete.The only reason I'm giving it a 6/10 ,is for the few bits of humor that is prevalent in each episode and the continuity present.In fact it not worth talking to your friends about..

I've seen all 3 episodes that have been aired and have to say,its simply not as entertaining as most other popular shows,except for the few funny moments thrown in!!

If the script & acting doesn't get any better ,I'm sure this will go off air eventually..


Episode 5:

Finally,an episode that was just about good.. Add in a few more laughs and obviously a better script and this might just get it going !
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