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Owen: Are you a vampire?

Abby: I need blood to live.

Owen: But how old are you, really?

Abby: Twelve. But... I've been twelve for a very long time.

Abby: Owen, do you like me?

Owen: Yeah. A lot.

Abby: Would you still like me... even if I wasn't a girl?

Owen: What do you mean? I don't know. I guess. Why?

Abby: No reason.

Abby: [to Owen] You have to invite me in.

Owen: Do you want to go steady?

Abby: What do you mean?

Owen: Do you want to be my girlfriend?

Abby: Owen, I'm not a girl.

Owen: You're not a girl? What are you?

Abby: I'm nothing.

Owen: You know, it's ok if you don't want to be my girlfriend. You don't have to make stuff up.

Abby: Can't we just keep things the way they are?

Owen: Yeah, fine. Whatever.

Abby: [touching Owen's bandaged cheek] What happened there?

Owen: Just some kids from school. Where do you go to school anyway? I've never seen you...


Abby: [interrupting Owen] Owen, listen.

Owen: What?

Abby: You have to hit back. You have to hit back hard.

Owen: I can't. There's three of them.

Abby: Then you have to hit back even harder. Hit them harder than you dare and then they will stop.

Owen: What if they hit me back?

Abby: You have a knife.

Owen: Yeah, and what if that doesn't stop them?

Abby: Then I'll help you.

Abby: Dear Owen, I am in the bathroom. Please do not come in. Do you want to hang out with me again tonight? I really like you. Love, Abby.

Abby: What are you doing?

Owen: Nothing. What are you doing?

Abby: Nothing.

Abby: Just so you know, I can't be your friend.

Owen: Why not?

Abby: That's just the way it is.

Owen: Well, who said I wanted to be your friend? Idiot.

Owen: How old are you?

Abby: Twelve... more or less. How old are you?

Owen: Twelve years, eight months, and nine days.

Abby: I just know that this is what happens when you don't invite me in.

Owen: [to his father on phone] Do you think there's such a thing as evil?

Abby: You know, I really want to be left alone.

Owen: Me too.

Abby: So leave.

Owen: You leave! I've lived here longer than you.

Owen: You smell kind of funny.


Owen: Aren't you cold?

Abby: I don't really get cold.

Owen: Look, it's so cool!

[shows Abby Morse Code]

Owen: We can talk to each other through the wall!

Abby: Can you hear me through the wall?

Owen: Only sometimes.

Abby: Did you hear anything the other night?

Owen: A little. What was your dad so mad about? Where's your mom?

Abby: My mom is dead.

Owen: My mom and dad are getting a divorce.

Kenny: What are you going to do with that?

Owen: [holding metal pole] I'm going to hit you with it if you try something.

Owen: When is your birthday?

Abby: I don't know.

Owen: You don't celebrate your birthday? Don't get birthday presents?

Owen: I want to go! Are you going to let me?

Abby: I told you we couldn't be friends.

[first lines]

Paramedic #1: One-three-one to dispatch, come in.

Radio Dispatcher: [after delay] One-three-one, this is dispatch, go ahead.

Paramedic #1: This is one-three-one. We have a male, mid 50s, with burns over nine to nine and a half percent of his body. Prior to our arrival on scene, the patient apparently doused his head, neck and face with some sort of highly concentrated acid. patient's airway is severely compromised due to fume inhalation. Vital signs unstable. Please advise, patient is a federal suspect. We're coming in with a police escort right now.

Owen: You kill people.

Abby: I do it because I have to.

Owen: [singing] Eat some now. Save some for later.

Abby: Help me!

The Father: Maybe I want to get caught.

The Policeman: Are you a Satanist? Are you involved in some sort of cult?

Mr. Zoric: Ok, Kenny. Ten laps.

Kenny: I didn't do anything!

Mr. Zoric: [yells] Now! Or I make it 20.

Owen: What are you? Really?

The Father: Please don't see that boy again.

Owen: Are you scared little girl?

The Policeman: What do you mean a little girl? How little?

Mr. Zoric: You come after school. We make you strong.

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