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Interesting series with a good start, a tedious middle, and a strong ending

Author: plopmasterj from United States
19 June 2009

I had the opportunity to experience the Legend of Spyro video game trilogy by way of Youtube. I watched someone who made three video play lists of themselves playing all three games non-stop. I saw the PS2 versions of the first and second installments and the XBOX 360 version of the third installment. I enjoyed watching this person play the first game, which had good voice performances by Gary Oldman, David Spade, and Elijah Wood. The story grabbed my attention as did the game play. I must admit though, sometimes I got frustrated with the guy playing the game because he did things or did not do things that I would've or wouldn't have done. Anyway, the first game was good enough to make me watch the other two play lists. The second game was very tedious, with long intervals between each major event in the game. But the last game was much better than the second with a spectacular ending and what I consider to be great game play. I would say Dawn of the Dragon is my favorite installment just based on the fact that you can be either Spyro or Cynder in either one-player or two-player mode, and you get to fly at anytime (something that I've been begging and wishing for ever since I first played the original Spyro games). I liked Gary Oldman as Ignitus and David Spade and a somewhat unrecognizable Wayne Brady as Sparx in the first and third installments respectively. Elijah Wood wasn't a bad choice for Spyro, and my favorite person playing Cynder was Mae Whitman in the second installment (I wish she stayed on for number three, but she probably had to do Avatar: The Last Airbender at that point). All in all, a pretty good reboot series. If more Spyro games are made, maybe they can do more with Spyro and Cynder.

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An Adventure To Be Remembered

Author: Sapphire383 from London
22 October 2013

I remember first having this game on the PS2, but when we replaced it for a Wii, I was heartbroken to give away my game. Luckily a friend of mine who I enjoyed playing the series with kept it and it is here to the day.

When I saw it online for Wii, I knew I had to get it. I bought it on Friday and arrived on Saturday, I struggled not to open it until my friend was here, i wanted a surprise for her.

I remembered not many things from playing the past game, and all the controls were different with the Wii, but it all seemed a surprise to me, Every single chapter is more captivating than the other, the animation is to the point of highest excellence, and the lines are not only strong but emotional. The plot came to life as every single event seemed more realistic. You are not only playing the game, you are in the game.

The flying is something to mention too, you can't fly too high near things that you need to get it you are not in the right position, so everything is a challenge, and a fun one at that. I also particularly like gliding. It can be very fun when you are high up, and the flying is ACTUAL flying, if you've played skylanders the flying in that game is awful, actually, talking about that, the whole of the Spyro trilogy was epic, awesome, indescribable, but sadly followed by Sylanders which ruined the whole game.

Overrall, the plot is captivating, the lines will make you cry, and the game-play will become real. Every puzzle makes you think, every upgrade is worth it, every piece of armor helps, and the final battle will be epic.

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Best game i've played in a long time

Author: macdonaldjonw from United States
15 February 2012

The Legend of Spyro dawn of the dragon is the third and hopefully not the last of Spyro games. This game was AMAZING!! I couldn't stop playing because it was so much fun.The plot is great and has an out of this world ending. The characters are excellent and impossible not to like. They did a great job with the voices. The graphics are beautiful and has amazing scenery. The game play is fun and continues to get better with upgrades and the free flight mode is always enjoyable and is somehow really fun just to fly around. The villain is great and the story is pretty intense and makes you connected with the game. The soundtrack was great the music matched the story and the song "Guide you home" (I would die for you) is an amazing song. The story touches you're heart and will leave you wanting more. Overall this game is definitely one of the best games I own.

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Is the Best Game Ever, the End?

Author: destroyyourevil from Canada
14 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have the Wii version of this game. So, I saw for myself the epic battle. I was amazed and very moved. What's not to like? You won't believe the game play. The downside is the difficulty. Player's were annoyed by being surrounded by too many enemies and wandering lost. What's to love is the animation. Everything seemed so realistic and detailed. The AI of your ally does a good job, too. With 2-player co-op and greater power, you'd want to find ways to be destructive and blow the grublins to hell.

We have a fantasy cast-- Frodo Baggins, Sirius Black and Luke Skywalker. Elijah Wood is the best Spyro voice ever. Christina Ricci is the best cynder voice. It made no difference to me when Sparx's voice was replaced even though I didn't understand why. Mark Hamill is one man I heard of who has a talent of changing his voice completely.

This wasn't just epic; it was also emotional. I think I felt the characters' emotion. What really got to me was the music and the song, "Guide You Home (I Would Die For You)". It made me cry. I also cried when I thought Spyro was dead. However, when I saw Spyro and Cynder fly through the valley, seeing them alive, I cried tears of joy.

Overall, I loved the beautiful music, the cast, the animation/game play, combat, and the time line. In my years of videogaming, this may have been the best game I ever played. I want Spyro to live on. I ♥ Spyro.

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