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8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

There is no tension, no fear, only a catalog of ways to die

Author: dbborroughs from Glen Cove, New York
14 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw the trailer and promotional material at New York Comicon this year and I thought it had possibilities. Now I've seen the film and I'm less impressed. The nominal plot has a young woman waking up in a coffin unaware of who she is or how she got there. Almost immediately she finds herself stalked by a guy wearing a silver skull mask and two huge knives. There is no set up the film just goes from there as random people die around her and she hooks up with people who later die. The deaths are horrible and bloody. Technically the film is a gore lovers delight. There are so many "great new ways to die" that odd are those looking for great special effects will be pleased. Those looking for plot or tension, beyond the what is the next nasty thing thats going to happen sort, will be disappointed since there is none (and I do mean none this is not tense its gross). Its girl gets chased and people die, thats the whole plot. We eventually find out who she is and how this all started (sort of kind of) but really this is just a catalog of bloody ways to mangle the human body. If you like that sort of thing (and go to movies only for that) this is your movie. If you don't this is something to avoid like the plague.

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9 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Horrific acting

Author: Michaelrsear from Kansas City, Ks
4 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Gee, where to begin? Horrific acting - no plot - bad sets - cheapish atmosphere - you name it, it was awful in every way - and that's coming from a guy who loves B-grade horror films. It was touted as the gore film to end all gore films - well, there was gore, but not to the extent it was billed. Sure, there were some good effects and some killings were disgusting - but, the quality of the acting and characters can't compare to even most of the other low-budget B films. Which begs the question - what in the HELL is someone like Lena Headey doing in this film? Her acting - while also sub par, was good enough to stick out like a sore thumb. The only other bright side was the acting of lead man Kevin Gage who must have also been drunk when he signed on. I choose to ponder that perhaps the actors agreed to do the film as a "mercy act" for the benefit of the producers rather than approaching it as a serious gig. Speaking of the producers - it just so happens that the lead female role, kind-of acted by Bobbi Sue Luther, who, just happens, from what I gather, is the director's main squeeze in real life. This makes perfect sense since I doubt she could have gotten the part any other way. Horrible doesn't even begin to describe her acting skills. Her acting can't even compare to your run-of-the-mill first-term garden-variety politician. Besides looking as if she can hardly control grinning while being pursued by a deranged psycho killer, she always appears joyfully pleased to be on camera. Sure, she has the lead - but is the worst actor (a term I use as loosely as can be used) of the bunch - no small boast. I read several reviews which marveled at her beauty and thus gave her kudos for providing some eye candy. But, NOTHING can cover for her pathetic performance. I will go so far as to speculate that no amount of coaching can make her better. Some people just don't have the ability to act - Bobbi is one of them. No matter how long she hangs around the set - no matter what the role - I doubt she'll ever improve. As for her nude scene - she showed nothing - no money shot - and judging by how her chest appeared behind her blouse she is yet another fake-breasted bimbo with implants so large her nipples are probably stretched by the silicone like rubber bands. By the way - who decided over-stretched volleyball-sized breasts were attractive? I won't even get into the dialog. Anyway, I'd say don't waste your time or money - but it's the kind of film you need to see for yourself. I will admit it's well packaged and promoted - and some people seemed to like it. But, if the kills are what you're mainly focused on, I would suspect you're at the least a bit sick. I give it 2 out of 10, and that's because I'm feeling generous.

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9 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Interesting and gory slasher with no meaning whatsoever

Author: dschmeding from Germany
5 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For a slasher movie "Laid to rest" has some things going for it... first of all the kills are pretty gory, so the crowd should be pleased in this department. Secondly it manages to grab your attention with a strange atmosphere of uncertainty. It follows a girl who wakes up in a coffin with amnesia, soon being stalked by a killer with a chrome skull mask on who slashes everyone in his way with some pretty artistic knife cutting.

Girl teams up with a rough old guy and some internet freak whose mom died and the dynamic three are trying to survive and unfold the mystery around the killer. Actually I thought I was in for a huuuuuge twist because the movie soon starts to get incredibly ridiculous so I stuck to the amnesia thing and the obscure killer with a camera and mask. The guy can kill someone in one house then have the dynamic three flee miles in a car and yet Mr. Killer (who just was stabbed in the leg BTW) re-appears in front of another house right after the fleeing three stopped there. Also the back plot with the funeral home and several girls in coffins and many other hints are thrown in there with no real explanation. The movie manages to keep your attention but believe me... you are let down in the end when you expect more than some gory kills. The plot is a joke and there is so much abysmal dialog in there or plenty of scenes that make no sense. First of all... no one has a phone, the next police station is 100 miles away, the only guy who can help has internet but no phone. Then the killer turns out to be some kind of James Bond guy with high-tech equipment, a remote controlled super car and a "state of the art Chinese fancy handy". Its really unbelievable to have the dynamic three find the killers handy which is password protected and then guessing it like this (I am not joking!): "Try DIE! No, try COFFIN. Ah, I know... try CHROMESKULL. Yeah, thats a smart one". Where the movie manages to build some dark atmosphere it immediately puts it to waste with such ridiculous scenes and dialog. There is no real motivation given for the killer being so obsessed with the lead actress that he wipes out an entire small town and his mask glued to his face with industrial super-glue is just a fancy shiny but meaningless gimmick like his secret agent high-tech equipment. "Laid to rest" could have been something but ends up being just another movie with a laughable script and some nice visuals and gore FX.

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14 out of 25 people found the following review useful:

Satisfying Slasher

Author: AaronHickory from United States
6 April 2009

If you are looking for some pretty graphic and realistic gore porn, this does the job. The fx are well done and really make you cringe with all the various cerated edge knife slayings. The killer is pretty cool with all his gadgets, he kinda reminds me of Deadpool from Marvel Comics (X-Men Origins: Wolverine). Accept instead of two katana blades he has two shiny knives as his main killing devices. Yeah the plot is full of gaping holes but its a fun movie if you're into this type of thing. The acting is decent, and the main female role is actually pretty humorous with how stupid some of the lines are. I recommend it for the kills.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

"Craptacular" indeed.

Author: shoesncandles from United States
14 November 2011

That second star is for Stephen, who was the one character that made this monstrosity slightly bearable. Not that he's much of a character, but at least his particular brand of idiocy is the sort that draws a grudging smile out of a horror fan. He certainly has the best lines of anyone in the movie. A car in a horror flick that can only go forty miles an hour is a new one on me, and kind of funny.

Also mildly hilarious is the fact that the convenience store is clerked by a Justin Bieber look-alike.

Apart from that, there is absolutely nothing to see here. The gore gets points for being the right color, texture and coming with a minimum of stupid slurpy noises... it LOOKS better than average, but the killer and the director screw it up by not really seeming to understand how a knife is actually used. (But then, I like for the execution in excessive gore to make SENSE if at all possible--helps justify it. What can I say, I'm picky.) People who only care about the blood'n'guts bit will like it well enough.

The plot is virtually non-existent; the heroine, while not unlikeable, has no personality and is impossible to give a crap about; the acting is god-awful even by horror's already-low standards; the characters' decisions are stupid even by horror's already-low standards... and possibly worst of all, the final confrontation with the killer sickeningly reminds one of the one in "The House By The Cemetery."

Nasty... just nasty.

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11 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Competent Slasher With Amazing Gore Effects

Author: gavin6942 from United States
12 May 2009

A woman wakes up in a "dead box" (what most of us would call a coffin) and has no memory of how she got there or who she is. But she quickly discovers a man with a metal face is seriously interested in killing her, which isn't something she's particularly looking forward to. Will she be able to escape and find the answers she's looking for, or is her running just a delay?

The soundtrack music was provided by Deadbox and Suicidal Tendencies. I'm familiar with the latter, but not the former, and I have to give them a fair amount of credit for this film's mood. The opening scene and music really sucked me in, and I can't say I recall any opening having such a strong effect since the Nine Inch Nails' beginning of "Seven". Well played, maestro.

The director of this piece is Robert Hall, probably best known as a special effects artist. Not surprisingly, this film has pretty much the best gore effects ever. Okay, a slight exaggeration -- but not much. One scene where a man's face gets sliced clean off? Gloriously sadistic! The only film in recent memory I can compare this to is Ryan Nicholson's "Gutterballs", though there is a marked difference -- Nicholson goes for grit, Hall goes for shock and awe.

The killer, ChromeSkull, is both cool and cheesy -- he writes his own name on his car? I find it hard to believe a guy who does that remains uncaught. Especially a guy who films himself killing -- in the open sometimes -- and dresses like Destro. But he's a menacing figure, and far more threatening than Jason or Michael simply for his pure intensity. This is the kind of killer "Hatchet" promised us, but couldn't deliver.

Many of the classic horror clichés are here -- no phone, no gas, the killer tracks victims for miles. I almost wonder if this was done intentionally to be a bit over the top, because if not I think the writer (also Robert Hall) tried to hard to be clear about the peril. This many obstacles in one film takes the "isolation" factor and makes it more of a hilarity factor. I had trouble taking this film completely seriously.

"Laid to Rest" is likely to be overlooked by many, which is a shame. I freely admit I was not overly excited upon seeing the unoriginal skull and crossbones cover. My expectations were somewhat low, and I fear others will walk past this one in the video store, as well. Don't. Unlike other mask covers (this means you, "Bryan Loves You") this one is the real deal. I don't know if it's worth a purchase, but neglecting to rent it would be a mistake for any slasher fan -- a fatal mistake.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

And the award for worst acting goes to ...

Author: Cedric_Catsuits from United Kingdom
10 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Bobbi Sue Luther couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, as witnessed here in what must be one of the worst performances of all time. Add to that fact her character here is a truly horrible person who deserves to be cut up into little pieces, and we have a movie that should never have been unleashed on the unsuspecting public. Just how do these films get made? Who on earth thought that Luther was a good choice? I despair.

So we have some psychopath killing girls and he wants this one, who had escaped and sought shelter with the unfortunate Tucker and Cindy. He holds a knife to Cindy's throat and indicates he wants the girl. If I was Tucker I'd have handed her over without question and the movie could have ended with the satisfactory slashing of the horrible cow. But no, Tucker decides his wife is less important to him than this weird girl he just met. Honestly, who comes up with this drivel?

From then on everyone the despicable girl comes into contact with dies a horrible death. What is wrong with these people? Do the sensible thing and hand over the worthless criminal whore to the man with the big knife. How many good innocent people must die just so this scumbag can live? Well, just about everyone. Utterly stupid and irritating.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Kill the girl, please!

Author: King Kong from Australia
9 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just hate it when the girls in these flicks haven't got enough brains or common sense to fit inside a thimble. This girl, however, takes the prize for most frustratingly useless victim in the history of my horror movie-watching existence of thirty years. I literally wanted her to die about two minutes in when she commits her first of many atrociously stupid acts (you'll know it when it happens). From there, she seems to get progressively more idiotic by the scene. From cowering in the corner while watching another screaming girl have her head sawed off to cowering in a corner after her guardian sacrifices himself so that she can escape to crying and whining the entire length of the movie, you just WANT HER DEAD.

On the upside, plenty of gore and death for you torture porn types, zero plot, zero back story, zero intelligent ideas coming from the hapless victims-to-be. This movie was just frustrating to watch. so, so frustrating to watch. Unless you're a gore freak, give it a miss, because there's nothing else here to redeem it and a new low in utterly moronic main character.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Great gore but not much else.

Author: Paul Andrews ( from UK
8 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Laid to Rest starts as a young woman (Bobbi Sue Luther) suddenly wakes up inside a locked coffin, she struggles & finally manages to open the coffin & finds herself inside a funeral home. She has no memory of who she is or how she got there but instinctively know's to try & call for help but she soon discovers that a brutal killer who calls himself Chromeskull (NIck Principle) likes nothing more than stalking & killing people while he films it with his shoulder mounted camera, Chromeskull wants to kill this woman & will seemingly stop at nothing to do so. As the terrified woman flees from Chromeskull & tries to stay alive she meets up with various other people who try to help her but usually end up dead as Chromeskull isn't picky about who he kills...

Written & directed by Robert Hall this is your typical slasher horror film in the vein of Wrong Turn (2003), Friday the 13th (2009) & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) although one does have to say at this point that while Laid to Rest is nothing particularly original or thought-provoking it certainly delivers on the gore. I suppose the basic idea behind Laid to Rest is quite good, the script revolves around this central mystery of a woman with no memory of who she is or what has happened to her being stalked by some maniac killer & as the mystery unfolds the pieces all come together in a satisfying twist ending. Right? Well, no actually because nothing is ever really explained to any great degree & even though we rather randomly discover that the woman was a prostitute there's no reason behind why Chromeskull picked her or why he just didn't kill her straight away or why this whole stalking thing is going on. Chromeskull himself is an OK killer, he never speaks & we never see his real face & he has absolutely zero background or motivation for anything he does except he's just a sick killer. At least he know's how to kill people in spectacularly gory ways & for that I salute the guy. At just under 90 odd minutes the pace is decent enough & the action & story kicks in straight away but it can get a bit repetitive & with an almost total lack of explanation behind anything that is happening Laid to Rest feels empty & must be considered a bit of a wasted opportunity. The annoying aspect that none of the character's in danger of bing horribly murdered by Chromeskull take any of the opportunities they have to just escape to safety, I mean there are plenty of occasions when they could just drive or run away somewhere totally random as far from Chromesjull as possible but they always hesitate or find something to stay behind for or come up with some strange reason why they can't just leave. Laid to rest is a decent enough & pleasantly gory slasher horror thriller but a bit more work on the central story to make it actually end up meaning something & this could have been so much better, as it stands laid to Rest is perfectly acceptable thanks to a quick pace & some impressive gore but it's not going to go down as any sort of classic.

As I have already mentioned the real highlight of Laid to Rest is the gore which is impressive, there are gory slit throats, severed heads, cut open torso's, dead mutilated bodies, someone's stomach is sliced open & their guts slide out, a man's face is literally sliced off, people are stabbed, a guy's head is blown off with a shotgun, eye's pop open & a guy rips his own face off exposing his skull underneath all shown in loving detail with plenty of blood splatter. There's a little bit of nudity as well. While Laid to Rest has the look of a modern low budget horror film there's not much machine gun editing or shaky hand-held camcorder crap going on which is appreciated, two modern techniques that are overused these days that I personally can't stand.

Filmed in Annapolis in Maryland this probably had a low budget but looks alright with decent production values, I am pleased to say that the use of CGI computer effects is kept to a minimum & the majority of the gore scenes are good old fashioned on-set prosthetics & fake blood. Leading lady Bobbi Sue Luther is alright if forgettable while none of the other cast members feature that much before they are gorily killed.

Laid to Rest isn't a terrible film but neither is it a great film, it just sort of sit between the two camps as it has good gore & a good pace but nothing else & does get a bit dull after a while. I thought it was OK, worth watching if you get the opportunity & like slasher films.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Good gore but way too thin plot

Author: Jesse Nissinen from Sweden
14 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The promo picture and the whole villains arsenal and look are original and cool, I really enjoyed seeing this movie, but the fact which makes me sad is that there's close to no plot/story or character development at all, it's non-existence.

This simple fact takes it actually down from an 8 to 4-5 rating. I know I gave it a 6 but, I wanted to still promote this movie a bit instead of just bashing it down.

People who are into extreme violence will surely like this flick and also probably ignore all the plot-holes etc, so this movie definitely still has its audience. I can still remember one of the death scenes where a person gets his whole face just ripped off, obviously a plastic face but still cool nonetheless!

There's a fun scene where they find the killers cell-phone and they desperately try to find the password for it, small stuff like this would have been nice to the movie (small character development as to what a mad man uses for his password), and there was also one scene where you see the killer type down the password on his cellphone, but too bad, we are never known what it is, as this simple subplot is fast ignored and never revealed.

Also the whole reason why the killer kills everyone is never revealed, and who the killer is, and so on. Basically nothing is revealed in this movie. Maybe the director had no idea himself and lack of imagination made him just do a simple slasher movie.

I also think this had obvious connections to The Predator, the cam-recorder on his shoulder giving out a red spotlight, the metallic-mask and blades, but seems to be impossible to get this fact through to the 'Movie connections'-part.

Overall a good slasher movie, but this could have been a good thriller movie if it had a plot, but now it's just fast forgotten.

Watch it ones for the extreme violence death scenes, shouldn't be any reason to watch this twice though.

Was the above review useful to you?

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