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Reviews & Ratings for
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20 out of 33 people found the following review useful:

My IQ dropped after watching this!!!!

Author: mohamed-auc from Egypt
7 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can't believe I actually paid money to watch this horrible thing!! The movie has nothing to see, no plot, no character development and no realism at all!!

(SPOILERS) The movie is basically about a super awesome guy with a tin armor, who is a very wealthy, very sexy, very cool, can hack any computer in seconds, brought world peace with his "tin" armor. The story continues when you see that he is also a genius scientist who discovered or created a new element in about 15 minutes!!

It gets better when you see the all bad a** guy/scientist also who drinks vodka all day and loves his parrot!! a scientist whose body is all covered by tattoos and looks like a thug.

Bottom line, if you want to waste your time, at least waste it more decently, there are a lot of retarded movies way better and realistic than this one. It makes me sad that these kind of movies are funded and produced in Hollywood.

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24 out of 41 people found the following review useful:

"I am Iron Man. The suit and I are one."

Author: Angelus2 from United Kingdom
4 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a comic book fan, it is hard for me to admit if a certain movie has not met the huge expectations that a comic book fan may hold...Batman Begins, Dark Knight held there own, the X-Men movies not so much, Fantastic Four movies were satisfactory....Daredevil was a travesty...Iron-Man was brilliant.....This sequel, is a 50/50 for me... The beginning was brilliant, the middle was slow and random...and the end was satisfactory.

The world now knows Tony Stark is Iron-Man and he lives the high life and battles injustice, but the rest of the world wants Tony's suit. Especially the American government.

Robert Downey Jr is funny, charming and a little eccentric, which works with the Stark character. Gwyneth Paltrow is beautiful then ever before, she plays the caring, at times bossy secretary who is the only reason as to why Stark is still running a multi-billion dollar business. Justin Hammer played by Sam Rockwell is funny, annoying; which does wonders for our ever growing love for Stark...Mickey Rourke is satisfactory as the villain who wants to destroy Tony Stark, we don't really feel scared. And it seems that Rourke is a combination of 'Whiplash' and 'Crimson Dynamo'...But for me...Don Cheadle seemed to be out of place, I preferred Terrence Howard as Rhodey, Don Cheadle did not deliver lines very well, he did not have that 'No Nonsense' attitude that Rhodey has....Or it did not come across very well. Lastly, Samuel L.Jackson actually played Nick Fury pretty well, while I would have preferred to see Olga Kruylenko as Natalie Romanov, Scarlett Johanson was fine.

The middle for me seemed to be a bit slow with random seems, yes we needed to witness the trials Tony faced but it was not dark enough for me. I would have liked to see Tony battle alcoholism, and then hand over his mantle to Rhodes, who would eventually become 'War-Machine' towards the end of the film.....Make it a little closer to the comics.

But, the one thing that sold it to me, actually two things...The suit and the epic battle between Iron-Man, War Machine and the Drones.The special effects were simply dazzling and definitely a must see for all comic book fans.

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39 out of 71 people found the following review useful:

After Avatar the Boreathon comes the utterly boring IronMan2!

Author: badajoz-1 from United Kingdom
5 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the cinema, after the dreadfully boring disappointment of 'Avatar,' I go to see something even worse - 'Iron Man 2.' How can Hollywood spend trillions on such product? It is absolutely uninteresting, except for whether Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing her killer heels in some shots but not in others, with little action, appalling script, lax direction, and mindless high tech imagery. We spend over the first hour while Robert Downey jnr calls on all his past personal indiscretions to try and portray a super hero who is falling apart because he is dying - cue, inaudible supposedly smart ass dialogue with characters talking over each other, which is absolutely a killer and not worthy of all that Hollywood has done in the past hundred years!!!!!!!!!!!!! This film stinks, the action is useless, so-called invincible super killer drones (actually robocop lookalikes) are mown down in two seconds flat (Get bored did you, JON?), the characters not worth bothering with, repetitious to the Nth degree, and the villain (Mickey Rourke picking up his pension money)keels over inside a minute! Miss it if you can - luckily I only paid £3 or $4.50 so I got away with it. The day before Polling Day in UK and there were some nerds from Uni calling it awesome - I don't recognise my country anymore. No wonder Tony Blair got away with it for so long!

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59 out of 111 people found the following review useful:

There's a turd in the punch bowl!!...

Author: jcdugger from United States
10 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Repeat: There's a turd in the punch bowl!

This movie is a microcosm of everything wrong with Hollywood...and, unfortunately, humans in general.

You see, in the most basic terms possible...people are, for the most part, stupid. There are far more of these stupid people on Earth than intelligent ones. So, if you want to sell something to these people, like a movie, you need to dial-down the intelligence level of the product. (In this way, Iron Man 2 succeeds!) For instance, let's say you want to sell a product to a group of Sarah-Palin-backing Tea Baggers. You already know, without ever meeting any of them, that this a group of people who supports a brainless political creation, one who doesn't even belong to the Tea Bagger party! (High intelligence there, eh?!) So if you were to invent a t-shirt with a saying on it, with the intention of selling it to a Tea Bagger...would you create an articulate, detailed argument on the t-shirt...or would you create something that appeals to the lowest common denominator? Would your t-shirt say something smart and factual like "90% of Tea Baggers got a tax cut under Obama!". Or would you just put Obama on the shirt with a Hitler mustache?! Which one is going to sell better? Same thing here with "Iron Man 2". A producer COULD spend $200 Million on something highly intelligent and with some redeeming value -- and sell less tickets -- or that same producer could spend the $200 Million on a bunch of special effects, A-list stars and explosions -- and sell more tickets. So, intelligent people (I'm assuming if you have read this much, you're probably more intelligent than most), we get stuck with these sorry excuses for movies all the time! And I, for one, am sick of it!

Where does Iron Man 2 go wrong? Where to begin?! First off, Mickey Rourke looks like a feminine version of "Professor Chaos"! Where did they come up with that suit design, the Johnny Weir collection?! And Gwyneth Paltrow? How does she keep getting work?! She's the "Mark Harmon" of actresses! In one scene, she seductively kisses the Iron Man mask -- with no human in it! (Imagine her horror when she read the script for the first time and came across that scene!) I almost felt bad for her...then I reminded myself that she is Gwyneth Paltrow! Next in line for this money-grab excuse of a movie is the usually brilliant Robert Downey Jr. If his performance were any more wooden, his nose would grow when he lied!!

In my opinion, there has only been one Comic Book movie worthy of a "10" rating and that was "Batman Begins". Iron Man 2 falls woefully short of that standard. A big step back from Iron Man 1 even. Don't let the fancy CGI and big explosions fool you...this is a clunker!

Thank you for reading!


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9 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Conceived and Directed by an Eight Year Old Boy

Author: GrahamJenkins from United Kingdom
11 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

NB: Check my profile for my blog address, where I have more film/society reviews.

I hoped that Iron Man 2 would at least be hilariously bad: I was under no illusions - I did not expect that it would be of any credit or worth to mankind, or even the lower species - but I did think that those guilty would have at least managed the bare minimum: acting that gave the impression the actor gave a damn about being there; character development; meaningful (in the context of the film) events and characters; and so forth.

What was delivered made me think that an eight year old boy had conceived and directed the film - or was at least a much-utilised consultant to such an extent that they broke child-labour laws: at one point, believe it or not, two men in metal suits - not robots, mind - had a fight while the Daft Punk song 'Robot Rock' the population full of retards not under the care of the State? Or are their carers actually permitted or encouraged to allow their meagre mental faculties to be abused and atrophied yet further with idiocy such as Iron Man 2, for some abstract reason i'm ignorant of?

The crux of the film was meant to be that main idiot (Robert Downy jr..) was dying, and there was no way to stop it - but there was nothing at all done by the film-makers to convey any sort of tension with regards this critical part of the plot. Alongside this was meant to be some sort of adversarial relationship with Mickey Rourke - but Rourke had about five minutes of screen time in the two-hours this insult to the human race debased existence - including a final showdown with Downy which was as tense as the rest of the film - that is, as tense as a used condom sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Which is where all these criminals should be, really - for the good of us all, including themselves: i'm sure they don't wish to continue hurting their loved ones and society by creating such abhorrence as this.

And if they do: then we have all the justification we need to do away with them.

(Check my profile for my blog address, where I have more film/society reviews.)

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11 out of 16 people found the following review useful:

Currently waiting for Iron Man 3.....

Author: Jackpollins from United States
8 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After the surprisingly fantastic Iron Man, old and new faces join forces for Iron Man 2, an equally fantastic sequel. After long months of waiting for this film, it exceeded my expectations and made me want the Iron Man series to be never ending. There's something about Robert Downey Jr's sarcastic tone and out there charisma that suits this character (no pun intended). Mickey Rourke & Sam Rockwell are now villains Ivan & Justin, two competitors of Tony Stark (Downey, JR). Don Cheadle plays James Rhodes, AKA Warhead, Scarlett Johansson plays Natalie, Samuel L. Jackson plays Nick Fury, Jon Favreau plays Happy, Paul Bettany plays Jarvis, Leslie Bibb plays Christine, and Garry Shandling plays Senator Stern. Guess what? They're all excellent. Shandling, especially, who has some of the funniest lines I have seen thus far this year. Rockwell has one of the funniest opening scenes in the film. There's so much to like about Iron Man 2, that, although not flawless, you forget its flaws, and just enjoy the spectacular ride you are to have. I can't decide what I want first, for Iron Man 3 to come out or for this to be in my DVD collection. Either way, see this film right away.

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12 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Pleasantly Surprised again

Author: ZekeRage911 from United States
1 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I saw the first Iron Man movie, I was surprised at just how competently filmed and well acted that movie was. When compared to all "Super Hero" movies before it, Iron Man was easily at the top. Then the Dark Knight came out and sent everyone else packing. Then Watchmen came out and everyone put their stuff away and went back to work.

In short, Iron Man is the story of a very intelligent, highly flawed man who can barely keep his life together while facing super-human threats. In other words, every other Marvel character out there. But The movie is so well acted, and the dialog so perfectly askew that you really feel drawn in. It's not over-dramatic (well, a few scenes) but overall it's a solid story. When I heard the sequel would feature A. Whiplash, B. Black Widow, C. War Machine, and D. An army of Iron Man knockoff robots, I was honestly skeptical as to how the movie could possibly not be stupid.

The movie was not stupid. A few parts where Tony is ruining his life because he thinks he's dying are, to be honest, a little irritating to watch. But by the end of the movie we really are on his side because he is such a likable character.

A lot of people complained about replacing Rhody. In the first movie he was played by Terrance Howard, and in the second by Don Cheadle. People were angry and wanted to know why. I will tell you why. Don Cheadle can act. Terrence Howard can't. Watch his scenes in the first movie, he's blowing his lines everywhere. He's wooden, and uninteresting. Now watch Don Cheadle in the second, he's intense, he's genuine, and he's grammatically correct. "An unfortunate training exercise occurred yesterday," is a line that logically makes no sense. The line is "An unfortunate INCIDENT occurred DURING a training exercise yesterday." If that's the take they kept, imagine what's on the cutting room floor, or more likely, ashes in Terrence Howard's agents office.

Now while the whole 'secret your father left you' angle is pretty cliché and ham-handed, we quickly forget this as Stark goes back to what he does best, which is wreck his house and build a thing. He's great at building things, and watching him build things makes every nerd giddy. It's like Mythbusters but with CGI effects.

Also, Jon Favreau is a very clever devil. Knowing that every fan-boy is looking for signs of the eventual Avengers movie, he coyly inserted a half-formed Captain America Shield into the 'building the thing' scene. Agent Colson picks it up, Tony Stark looks at it in wonder and says "Yes, that's exactly what I need!" and then uses it to prop up part of the thing he's built. Yes, friends, it's a meta-fan-boy joke.

Oh, and if you DON'T want to sit through the credits to see the secret scene at the end (and trust me, it's not worth it) I will SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT! Tell you what it is. It's a crater in the middle of the desert with Thor's Hammer sticking out of it. SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!! So, ultimately, is this movie worth seeing? Yes. It's probably one of the better movies to come out this summer, but then I don't get out much, so I could be wrong, but it cleaned Robin Hood's clock. Say, didn't we HAVE a gritty Robin Hood movie come out already? Prince of something something? Not of Persia? Before I ramble on any more: Surprisingly solid story, well acted, gorgeous special effects, decent action scenes, and Scarlet Johanssen is so hot even my Girlfriend's jaw dropped. It surprised the HELL out of me, I thought she was more into Gweneth.

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14 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

Totally Fail

Author: forcesorcery from Taiwan
15 August 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Epic failure comparing to the Iron Man.

Script/story is the problem. The story is chaos, most of the parts are meaningless. The Shield? EXPOs?

Tony Stark found someone could also meet his tech standard, so he became a dispirited drunkard? Later ignored the basic physics, how could he "create" a new elements without nuclear fission?

The final battle is a joke. Ivan Vanko found they're going to fire weapon and stood there, let them crossfire him?! Prime villain got vanquished in less 45 seconds.

Average rating is 7 which is indeed overrated.

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16 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

Iron Man Does It Again

Author: mack-50 from United States
9 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The anticipation to see the follow-up to 2008's Iron Man was quite high and it was hard to expect anything less than sheer awesomeness. Fortunately the movie delivered in spades and did not fail to impress on most accounts.

The Cast: For starters, Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as Tony Stark, the billionaire, egocentric, narcissist CEO of Stark Industries. While initially skeptical before the first movie I could not think of anyone better suited for this roll now and RD Jr. is easily one of the most watchable actors in film today. Gwenyth Paltro is back as Pepper Potts and while her role seems slightly subdued in this film it certainly isn't due to her lack of acting skill which is, as always quite in tact. Seeing Scarlett Johanssen as the striking Natalie Romanoff however was an incredibly welcome treat. I can't help but fall in love with Scarlett nearly every time I see her on the big screen and she performed admirably in the film with a few outright stunning karate style ass-kicking stunts. Don Cheadle replaces Terrance Howard as Rhodey and when the change was first revealed I wasn't happy, but if there is any ONE good replacement it would have to be Cheadle. Rhodey's character is a bit cold and calculated even though he is supposed to be close friends with Stark. Sam Rockwell appears in Iron Man 2 as Justin Hammer. A nemesis to Tony Stark on the business front and Sam is always great to watch although somewhat annoying which is what the film was gunning for in his character. I've been a fan ever since I saw him in McG's Charlie's Angels as the evil Sam Knox.

I could go on with the cast of characters like Mickey Rourke playing the evil Ivan Vanko, Samuel L. Jackson as Shield's Nick Furty, Gary Shandling as the annoying Senator Stern and even some great cameo's by DJ AM (rest his soul), CNN's Christiane Amanpour, Bill O'Reilly as the Fox no-spin master himself and even G4's super sexy Oliva Munn who were all an absolute pleasure to watch and even more so if you keep your thumb on current pop culture. But I digress.

The Story: This time we see Tony Stark suffering from his chest mounted power source that is literally poisoning him from the inside and there is seemingly no cure. A great plot thickener to be sure but not before Tony and Iron Man have a chance to discover there is also another bad boy of technology on the block in the name of Ivan Venko. Apparently the son of an inventor that Tony Stark's father worked with briefly before getting into a nasty bit of business and ending badly many years ago which brings Ivan back for furious vengeance against Stark and team and eventually going to work for Hammer who is trying to secure a contract with the US government for futuristic arms development. All the while the US government is trying to "acquire" Iron Man technology for "safe keeping" should the nation need to use it while Mr. Stark is off on one of his wild weekend long parties. The part where congress calls in Tony Stark to testify on why he should give up Iron Man technology to the government is particularly entertaining.

Issues: While the movie was great in my opinion it was not without a few issues of note. I found it interesting that Ivan Venko arrived at the race in Monaco in order to confront Iron Man yet it was a last minute change that even brought Tony out onto the track. Quite a large oversight for such a high profile movie.

Also with regards to Tony Stark's relationship with Pepper Potts. Throughout the movie there was little to no sexual tension or overt attractions between the two. However at the very end they seemed to unnaturally pin the two together for something more serious. It seemed rushed and out of place in my opinion.

Closing: With that said I'll leave the rest to imagination and you to see the movie to discover the great storyline, incredible action sequences and entertaining one-liners throughout and let's not forget about the ass kicking sound track officially consisting of all classic AC/DC but with snippets of other great tunes such as Daft Punk's Robot Rock played during an appropriate fight scene between Iron Man and….Oh well lets just save that for the movie shall we? If you enjoyed the first Iron Man I'm fairly certain Iron Man 2 will not disappoint you in the least. Enjoy!

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17 out of 28 people found the following review useful:

An enjoyable banter-filled character driven super-hero film.

Author: Damon Kaufman from United States
10 May 2010

A delightful banter heavy super-hero film in which the emphasis of the film is clearly put on the character of the film and less so on the super-heroic exploits and trials that comic-based films generally focus upon. The diminished focus on action pieces might threaten to bog the picture down but the character interactions and their barbed-filled vocal exchanges keep the film moving along at a clean pace until the inevitable CG heavy battle scenes.

Not that there is a lack of money spent in terms of CG wizardry on the screen. But instead of merely focusing their efforts on the suit battles, the film is littered with highly detailed sets and the constant use of extremely high-tech holographic touch sensitive technology is all pervasive. Not to diminish the skirmishes involving the Iron Man suit though as they are fun to watch, very smoothly executed and very aesthetically pleasing especially Micky Rourke's frankensteined creation clashing with Tony Stark's ultra-slick technology.

The plot itself treads no particular new ground although it does attempt to through in a great many sub-plots and personal dilemmas for the ample cast of characters to deal with. The problem with most of these dilemmas is that they generate very little serious drama as they are mainly dealt with in either a succinct manner or are treated in a rather glib fashion and things just sort of seem to work themselves out almost accidentally due to the increased amount of events and characters involved basically just diluting the situation to the point that it almost seems an afterthought when it is reconciled. This casual dismissive tone carries over to the antagonists as the film spreads itself out a little too thin to the point that what should have been powerful character conflicts involving the major characters just seem like minor scuffles.

There is also the odd sort of underlying theme of a stereo-typical conservative American approach to the way in which the film idolizes weaponry and pushes the agenda that America possessing the most powerful weapon in the world would undoubtedly result in an increase in world peace. Then there's also the extra step the film takes that Americans apparently feel more comfortable in having a shallow, fun-loving, but seemingly trust worthy private individual in possession of the most powerful weapon in the world but not their own government.

Is the writer trying to make a statement about the current mental state of American with the increase in paranoia and private militias or is it just more poorly thought out Hollywood worship of the Dirty Harry one man army character doing things we are afraid to take responsibility for? The film makes an attempt to explore the folly of this approach by the sudden attack of Ivan Vanko utilizing similar technology that supposedly was beyond the reach of the rest of the world as promised by Stark. This is then further compounded by a frustrated military friend being able to utilize one of the suits which seems improbable considering the vast amount of hack proof machinery that Stark regularly employs. But like with most issues in Iron Man these are just brushed aside or ignored in the face of an impending threat and we are left wondering what became of all that anyways? But despite all these faults I found the film infectiously enjoyable. Despite the fact that many characters aren't utilized to their fullest, they are immediately compelling and a joy to watch when they are on the screen. Micky Roarke is incredibly fun to watch as he is both a brutal thug and a introverted technology wizard who is only truly friendly to his father and his bird. Tony's relationship with his ambiguously defined girlfriend Pepper Potts is very engaging and their constant over-lapping dialogue exchanges were genuinely funny and wholly natural. Of course most of this has to do with Robert Downey Jr.'s great acting abilities and he really elevates the quality of the movie with his level of skill.

Despite the intensely glib tone of the movie I found the whole thing very enjoyable. There's nothing new here to be sure, but the abilities of everyone involved elevate the movie as a whole into a very satisfying experience.

Was the above review useful to you?

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