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When Happy is using the car to keep Ivan Vanko away from Tony Stark at the raceway you can see the camera changes from close up of the driver to exterior of the car. Most of the close ups show Happy putting the car in drive, even when the car is shown going in reverse.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Tony asks Natasha how she might celebrate her last birthday, we hear the sound of Natasha's heels clacking against the floor as she walks away, despite there being carpet under her feet.

Character error 

Ivan Vanko makes occasional errors in Russian (tense, case, etc.) that no native speaker would do.
When Nick Fury and Natalie Rushman are with Tony Stark and give him a vaccination to cure his blood from poisoning him, Nick Fury gives him a syringe filled with what he says is "Lithium Dioxide". However, lithium ions have a single positive charge while oxygen ions have a double negative charge. As such, lithium oxides have two atoms of lithium per atom of oxygen, not two atoms of oxygen per lithium as "Lithium Dioxide" would suggest. In addition, any oxide of lithium would decompose immediately in any kind of water solution, such as would be required to inject it into a person.
While this might be meant to demonstrate Justin Hammer's incompetence as a weapon's designer, he incorrectly refers to the M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun system as the M24.
While showing off the M134 minigun, Justin Hammer claims the military refers to is as "Puff the Magic Dragon". The title was actually given to the AC-47 gunships that used the minigun.
After Tony Stark's keynote speech, the female journalist incorrectly calls the expo, an 'exo'.
Justin Hammer refers to the assault rifle as an "FN 2000." It is actually an F2000, made by Belgian arms manufacturer FN Herstal.
In a scene where Colonel Fury confronts Tony, Natasha says "According to Mr Stark's database security guidelines, there are redundancies to prevent unauthorized usage". In reality, redundancies do not help prevent unauthorized usage. They provide fall-backs.
When Hammer is showing Rhodes an array of weapons for sale, in addition to incorrectly calling an M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System an M24 shotgun, he also states that it is a pump-action, when it is actually a straight-pull bolt-action.


While Tony Stark is talking to Nick Fury in the diner, the poisoning streaks switch sides of his neck. Most of the time they are on Tony's right, but in one shot, they are on Tony's left.
When Ivan Vanko has dinner with Justin Hammer in the airport hanger the wine and water glasses continually change position and volume.
When Tony is watching his father's film, he is seen drinking chlorophyll but when the camera changes angle, he is seen drinking soda.
When Tony mutes the video on the plane, the word "mute" appears on the screen slightly before Tony gives the command.
The strawberries on Pepper's desk change positions in the duration of the scene.
During the expo speech Stark is wearing a pinstripe suit with a white shirt and black bow tie. When he is checking his blood toxicity immediately after the speech he is wearing a different suit, black shirt, and no tie.
At the of Iron Man when Tony Stark reveals that he is Iron Man, he has blue index cards in his hand. At the beginning of Iron Man 2 when Ivan's father, Anton, is watching the news when Tony reveals, he doesn't have the cards in his hand like in the first movie.
When Justin Hammer is threatening Ivan by taking away his bird, Ivan's outer shirt zipper changes positions several times.
In the scene where Justin Hammer locks up Ivan Vanko with the "babysitters" he is wearing a black jacket which unzippers with every cut. In the final cut to Vanko, the jacket is completely zippered up again.
When Vanko is examining Hammer's drones, his hair is caught under the side of his glasses in the close shots and is over the glasses in the long shots.
When Tony Stark is on stage at the Stark Expo, he is visibly walking forward in several close-up shots. In every long-shot, however, he is shown standing in the very center of the round part of the stage.
When the U.S. Marshal hands the subpoena to Stark, she is holding it in her right hand as she faces the camera. In the immediate reverse shot (focusing on Stark at the wheel), she is holding the subpoena in her left hand.
Ivan meets Hammer in the airplane hanger. When the guards take off Ivan's cuffs he doesn't have anything in his mouth, then the camera cuts away and cuts back to Ivan, he suddenly has a toothpick in his mouth.
When LTC Rhodes enters the court at Tony Stark's hearing, you can clearly see Pepper Potts behind Tony Stark, but in the next frame she is several rows back.
During Tony's birthday party, when one of the girls starts "pulling" bottles, a brunette in the background wearing a bikini is shown wearing a towel in one shot, then without the towel covering her legs in the next.
When Tony is alone in Pepper's office with his belongings, after he throws the strawberries in the trash, he is shown facing Pepper's desk and looking to his right. In the next shot, he appears facing the door looking to his left.
In the party scene, the Iron Man suit's jaw is open/closed between cuts.
Before Stark uses the particle accelerator to power the new core, we see it cut through the wall and various objects. However, none of the cables attached to the core are severed, even though they were in the path of the beam.
During the scene in which Whiplash has just been disarmed, after attacking Tony Stark at the racetrack, in one shot he is on his back, looking up, and blood runs down the right side of his mouth all the way to the base of his ear. Then when the angle changes to show the CRS taking him away, the blood is gone.
When Tony Stark is watching the 8mm film footage of his dad that was provided by Nick Fury, he is visibly sitting in the projector's path when the camera is facing him. In the reverse shot's, there is no reflection of this on the screen (no shadows).
At 1:38:55 Natalie Rushman proceeds to take out a security guard, who is about to pepper spray her, by wrapping her legs around his neck. All of the shots prior to him being slammed to the ground show a tanned man. In the shot where he is slammed to the ground, the guard has changed to a pale-skinned man no longer holding the pepper spray.
When Ivan is brought to meet Hammer for the first time, Hammer is eating a dessert. The way his napkin is tucked into his shirt changes between shots.
When Ivan Vanko and Hammer are in the hanger a waiter is shown pouring a glass of wine for Vanko. He is in the process of pouring, then in the next shot, he is gone.
When Tony Stark is left alone in Pepper's office to retrieve his personal items, the main door is left closed but slowly opens as if the door latch did not engage. However, as the next camera angle has Tony staring at the large model of the city of the future, in the background you can see the main door is completely closed.
In the beginning of the movie, after the 'Ironettes' finish their performance, Tony Stark walks onto the stage. When he looks at the Ironettes the camera is facing his front, and his bow tie is crooked. The camera angle changes so you can see his back, and when he turns around to see his front, his bow tie is straight.
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The position of the tape dispenser and the box with letter opener on Pepper's desk when Tony collects the Expo model.
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The posture of Stark's hand switched from front to back at the end of Stark expo welcoming speech.
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During the Stark Expo Opening Ceremony Tony Stark is clearly wearing a white shirt with black tie, but only seconds after walking offstage (while he's checking his blood toxicity) he's wearing a black shirt.
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When Whiplash jolts Iron Man during their first encounter at the race track, he's using the whip in his right hand. When the scene switches immediately to a a close-up of Whiplash, he's using the whip in his left.
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When the Rolls Royce is outside the Hôtel de Paris, the Louis Vuitton shop is seen one door down the street. However when the car peels out leaving the hotel, the Louis Vuitton store is much farther away and there are two additional stores between it and the hotel entrance.
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When Tony is turning the particle accelerator beam, you can see the center piece holding the material is standing lower than the beam. The beam would not have hit the material then.
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Crew or equipment visible 

During the scene where Rhodes brings the armor to the Edwards Air Force Base and lands, the camera is reflected off the shield.

Errors in geography 

Many parts of the film are shot in L.A. and at different L.A. locations but it is also supposed to be set in New York City.

Factual errors 

Randy's Donuts, a famous Los Angeles landmark, doesn't have any interior dining.
In the film credits for the theatrical version, the song "Highway to Hell" incorrectly lists Brian Johnson as co-writer. Angus Young, Malcolm Young and Bon Scott are the correct writers (fixed on home video release)
The M134, when fully assembled, weighs over 100lbs, yet Justin Hammer is handling it with ease.
The striped sign on Vanko's workshop is a DOT placard placed on trucks. It indicates that the truck is carrying environmentally hazardous liquids (DOT 3082). Doors in buildings are marked with four-part NFPA hazard labels.
When LTC Rhodes is testifying before the Senate Committee, he is wearing a dress uniform with Gold Oak Leaf Clusters on his epilets. LTC Oak Leaf Clusters are Silver, the Gold Oak Leafs indicate the rank of Major.
LTC Rhodes is wearing a class ring from the United States Air Force Academy on the middle finger of his left hand. These rings are worn on the ring finger in keeping with the policy that used to restrict the amount of jewelery a serviceman could wear. Graduates of the service academies, who were bachelors while cadets or midshipmen, were loathe to discard their class rings upon marriage so most sport a custom made wedding band flush against the class ring next to the knuckle.
The Dallas Record in Howard Stark's lock box describing Anton Vanko's defection is dated Wednesday, October 16, 1966 - which was actually a Sunday.


When the particle beam from Iron man's particle accelerator is cutting everything in half, it doesn't cut the cables going to the center piece holding the material that the new element will be created from, and it doesn't damage the center piece either. It also doesn't damage the particle accelerator itself, which is highly improbable considering that it could clearly cut through steel.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

In several scenes you can clearly see the "Hall Of Armor" in the back ground. Each of the Ironman Mark Suits have arc reactors in the chest so it is possible Rhodey could have piloted the Mark II suit.
A newspaper on a stand says "Stark takes reigns at 21", should be "reins". This is a running gag from Iron Man.
On the first half of the movie, Ivan Vanko's mustache changes in size and lip coverage several times. This is easily explained by the fact that there was a long period of time spent developing his own arc reactor. He could have shaved multiple times during this period.

Revealing mistakes 

After Rhody lands at Edwards Air Force Base, in the wide shot both the B2 Stealth Bomber and War Machine have disappeared. This is because the Air Force wouldn't let them film the aircraft from that angle, and War Machine was eliminated to save production costs.
In the scene right before the car race when Tony is looking in the mirror his "reflection" doesn't match up to his movements, indicating there was no actual mirror for the shot.
Pepper Potts sees a full intra day chart of Stark Industries stock on TV at 7:30 AM Pacific (10:30 AM Eastern). The NYSE opens at 9:30 AM Eastern, so it has been open for only a hour.
"Kodak" is written backwards on a building in the final rooftop scene, revealing use of a mirror image.
Mirrored Shot: When Whiplash (Mickey Rourke) attacks Tony Stark at the racetrack, after Tony puts the portable Iron Man suit on Whiplash gets hold around Iron Man's throat using his right-hand whip and starts electrocuting him. Then it changes to a close-up of Whiplash enjoying his work, however, he is clearly holding his left arm forward and when it goes back to Whiplash moments later he's using his right-hand whip again, revealing a flipped shot.
When Tony is in his basement lair he's looking at video of him at the Senate hearing. The caption reads "Tony Stark On Capital Hill", but it should read "Capitol Hill".
In the car racing scene the Rolls Royce is driven against a wall several times in an attempt to stop Whiplash, however the air bags do net deploy until after the car comes to a halt.
Tony clearly hits Mute when he's on the phone to Ivan so he can talk to JARVIS without Ivan knowing. He never touches the screen again to un-mute when he starts talking to Ivan again.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


At the end when Senator Stern presents the medals to Tony Stark and Rhodey, Tony Stark puts his arm behind the Senators back for the photo, but in the next shot of the cameraman running towards them to take a photo it is in front of him again.


During the action scene at the end, AIR Drone #303 is the first to go "offline" by being destroyed by the ARMY Drones. Later, a drone explodes after it hits the column under the highway but the computer screen shows AIR drone 305 already offline and AIR Drone 303 going offline.


In the prison scene, after Ivan kills the inmate with the same id number, the "potato" changes form between the moment it is set on the wall and when the timer is activated.

Factual errors 

In the Thor scene after the credits, the agent gets out of a car with New Mexico license plates on the front. New Mexico only issues rear license plates.

Revealing mistakes 

In the scene when the medals are awarded at the end, one of the microphones on the lectern (an SM57) doesn't have a cable going into it.

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