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The Vogels' story is a very specific one, at once more unexpected and more moving than it might seem at first.
What is truly amazing, especially in this age of Ponzi schemes and the misappropriation of people’s life savings, is the fact that Herb and Dorothy have never sold a single piece in their collection.
Village Voice
Watching the Vogels mull over art that they don't need to understand only makes their delight more infectious.
Herb and Dorothy are adorable enough, but Sasaki’s documentary really shines when she gives center stage to the grateful artists whom they helped nurture.
Herb and Dorothy, a documentary by Megumi Sasaki, grows on you just as its subjects do.
Seemingly limitless access is what makes the movie interesting.
This easygoing movie fully captures the couple's charm and offers a unique look at the '60s and '70s New York art scene.
Interviews with artists whom they collected testify to their sharp eye and good spirits, while the Vogels themselves, sitting in their same old apartment, overflowing as ever, make for charming company.
Director Megumi Sasaki's film feels like a cozy visit with neighbors whose insights are priceless.
You can't hate the film anymore than you can hate Herb and Dorothy. But this is lazy work.

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