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Aladin was impressive.
Vishal Nair15 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Aladin : Sujoy Ghosh Budget: INR 50 Cr This movie produced, directed and written by Sujoy Ghosh comes as a welcome change from the regular run around the trees. Yes its a love story as well but isn't almost every movie made in bollywood a love story? Now Sujoy Ghosh has had a impressive stint with Jhankaar beats and Home Delivery. The former being something very down to earth for a movie freak to relate to and the latter, although an outright copy from a french movie still made a good impression. In Aladin the story was completely revamped to suit the Indian movie enthusiasts. Somehow I have a feeling that Sujoy very well knew that this movie will not be exactly appreciated by majority of the crowd. But as you know he went ahead and took the risk anyway. The result? - Surprisingly impressive.

Let me justify why I was impressed. We had 2 huge names playing strong characters. Amitabh Bachchan playing The Genie - Genius and our very own Sanjay Dutt plays The Ringmaster - An Ex-Genie. Now some of us may question why would a guy like Big B of such high caliber be in a kiddie movie prancing around playing magical pranks. The answer is playing a genie required screen presence. The audience need to feel the Aura he normally emits in any movie. The same logic was applied to Sanjay Dutt playing The Ring Master. He had this evil aura around him every time he came on the screen that was very impressive.

Now I believe that is not the only reason these two extraordinary people where requested to grace the characters with their names. I think it was the chemistry they shared in Kaante long back ago.

As I mentioned the story is completely revamped to suit the Indian audience as in the original cartoon movie Jaffer dupes Aladin into looking for the lamp whereas here Aladin was destined to have it.

The movie starts off normally in a city called Khwaish (fictional city of course) showing Aladin (Ritiesh Deshmukh) a loser orphan being bullied by kids in school just because his name is Aladin. He is asked to rub fake lamps by the bullies every time he is spotted. His miserable life continues to be the same when he enters college as well. Enter lady love Jasmine (Jacqueline Fernandez - OMG she is soo cute) a friendly US return. Of course our protagonist falls in love with her on first sight. Aladin keeps making a fool of himself whenever she is around but somehow she finds it cute I guess.

At Alladin bday bash, held by Qasim (Sahil Khan - Lead bully) to impress Jasmine, Aladin is gifted yet another lamp this time by Jasmine from an antiques shop. Only this time its the real thing.

Enter Genius (Amitabh Bachchan) a cheerful lively genie who is eager to grant Aladin's 3 wishes and go on a vacation.

The rock-star Genius finds out its too late as our baddie The Ring Master (Sanjay Dutt an ex genie) is in town looking for the lamp as well.

We find out that The Ringmaster wants the lamp for himself to get back his powers from which he was exiled due to selfish reasons. The Ringmaster uses a mirror, he claims to be the Google in the magical world, and finds out that Aladin is destined to protect the lamp. And then we have the 2 genies display excellent martial art and war of words to defeat one another. Both the characters were played wonderfully by Big B and Sanju baba taking coolness and awesomeness to a new level.

The comedy/cheesy dialogues were well timed in the movie so yes there are a few good laughs for the audience as well.

Specially in the scene where The Ringmaster displays his joy rubbing the lamp and singing "Main dardi rub rub (rab rab) kardi" had us rolling on the floor laughing even though the whole darn movie theater didn't find it funny.

Sometimes I wonder if the Indian audience will ever grow out of KJo movies.

The special effects for good specially where Genius breaks the edge of a cliff diving down to save baby Aladin. When it comes to acting except the 2 genies none of them where impressive at all. Ritiesh needs to look for a new career soon if he doesn't do something about his pathetic acting skills. Jacqueline Fernandez, the Srilankan beauty, is just one film old and did a decent job. I fail to understand what actors like Ratna Patak, Victor Banerjee and Mita vahisht were doing or thinking.

All in all I can easily rate it 8/10
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Very Good!!
luckylaraib1 November 2009
Hmmm Very good.. nice effects good movie good story very good acting.. i will call this movie a very enjoyable movie that you can watch with whole family.. really this was awesome.. i was not expecting much but it was really goOd!! aladin is a boy who fall in love with jasmine but he cant tell her then jasmine gives her a gift from local store that was a lamp when he rubs it here comes the genius MR AB who act really cool i think he watch all the cartoons for this act luv the story plot for kids,adults and family then Sanjay Dutt acted well his character is of ring master and it suits him the best.. really i will wait for the sequel to come..

Now watch it now!!:P
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this movie is great
Abhishek Nayak3 November 2009
this movie is great. frankly speaking i was not expecting anything from this movie, but i was blown away by the cgi quality which can be compared to the best of the best in Hollywood.the story was very good and the music was excellent,all the actors acted very well and specially amitabh bachan and ritesh deshmukh. sujoy gosh has done an excellent job and proving his metal after the debacle of his previous movie. the pair of vishal and shekhar have once again proved their capability. this movie is full on entertainment and best deal for kids. this movie is the perfect showcase to the world about what bollywood can do.i rate this movie 8/10
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Overall great movie, just a tad bit illogical
thewizkid477 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was awesome. I can tell some viewers didn't like it, but most of them prefer the old traditional marriage type movies. If you're like me and love fantasy or magic, then you will like this movie. You have to have an open-mind to watch it. Remember that Slumdog Millionaire was also a flop in India due to the same reasons of non-open mindedness. I am sure that if an NRI watches it, they will like it.

The only thing that was a bit illogical was that in the story they said that the Ringmaster had lost his genie powers because when he had them, he used them for himself. Yet, in the movie, he did all kinds of weird things like jump and flip a truck over, roll an electric piece of wire, super-strength, etc. This did not make any sense to me whatsoever. The whole purpose of the movie was for him to restore his genie powers so that he could rule the world (yea typical).

Don't get me wrong though. This is probably the best Aladdin movie made so far (non-Disney).
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Fairy Tale and Adventure Mixed With Some Science Fiction
Pratik Jasani7 November 2009
Really, the title said it all – fantasy mixed with adventure, fairy tale and a bit of science fiction. A small boy looses his parents as they are in search of a lamp but years pass by and he meets a man who is claimed to be his cousin. The only thing is that the man is on the point of retiring from his job.

Starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandes, Sanjay Dutt, this is directed by Sujoy Ghosh while Vishal Shekhar provide the music score.

Amitabh Bachchan in a role that has been mentioned quite a few times for a while now, is as usual, excellent and he has managed to carry it off rather well. While Ritesh Deshmukh, in the title role, has done a job that, perhaps, he could have taken it a bit further but never the less, he has performed well. The same, however, can't be said for Jacqueline Fernandes and she could have been more convincing in her role. Sanjay Dutt, is just excellent in his role as the villain and is worth watching. I felt that his role, could have been extended and it would have been better. But both Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt, really carry this film on their shoulders to a level that one can say that is worth watching if you like such films.

What also makes this film a bit interesting are the visual effects and these are worth watching and especially the woman who breathes nothing but fire and the fight sequences. The song to listen for "Ore Saawariya," is the one to listen for and is worth listening to.

A good film to watch if you like a bit of everything, fantasy, romance, adventure, fairy tale and science fiction is mixed in. A good film for the kids as well.
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Excellent by Bollywood standard.
tashkhelbo1 November 2009
The best supernatural movie of Bollywood so far. Amitabh Bachchan showed how he can handle any type of role at ease, even at the age of 67. Lot of directors tried this type of special effects before but Sujoy Ghosh is really successful in his effort. I did not have much hope for this movie but when I saw this with my kids I saw how much they enjoyed. Ritesh Deshmukh was perfect as Aladin and beauty of Jacquline was really mind blowing. The songs in this movie was just appropriate for the sequences.

Never saw a more colorful kids movie than Aladin before. The only thing that was missing from this movie was a villain like Amrish Puri.
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The Answers to Your Questions are within you.
torrentstorm4 December 2009
Hindi / Bollywood movies have come a long way, and I am impressed with this one! The above theme stands out, and I could find no fault with the way the story was written and portrayed. Everyone did well; perhaps though, I did find "Aladin's" acting somewhat 'wooden', and I felt he could've been more expressive. But I guess they wanted him to portray the image of negativity and a loser, and if so, then little more can be said. Definitely Jasmine and the Genie's parts, as well as the evil Ringmaster's, made up for any flaws. The special effects were fantastic! I liked it, and will watch again given the chance.

A must see for everyone!
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Indian audience is stupid for hating this film i loved it
M MALIK22 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
i am serious the Indian people are stupid when comes to movies this proves it their critics & audience hated this film.

this is not the Hollywood & Disney version but a real modern take on Aladdin by bollywood.the special effects were great

the story is about a guy named Aladdin who meets a genie & all goes well for him as jasmine loves him too.but then the evil ringmaster approaches & wants his powers back he will do anything to get them even if he has to destroy Aladdin & jasmine for it.

the cast,music,direction it was a great attempt by Indian cinema amitabh was nice but the best thing about this movie was sanjay dutt as ringmaster & his flamethrower girl i don't know who is the actress behind the mask but it was awesome seeing these two.

i will say it again i cant wait for the sequel if they ever make one in future.but this film is a definitely must buy DVD.

my rating is 10/10 just go watch Aladdin 2009
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Aladin and the tragic lamp!
manjodude1 November 2009
I am a Sujoy Ghosh fan, ever since I saw Jhankaar Beats and Home Delivery. I especially loved the whacky comedy in Home Delivery. Now, having seen Aladin, I feel this has been his weakest movie comparatively. I am not saying he was bad. In fact I enjoyed the movie till it reached the final moments where it simply fell. The end seemed to have been made in a hurry as lot of questions remain unanswered - What exactly happens to Sanjay Dutt in the end? What happens to his gang? The climax failed to impress us unlike the previous scenes or situations namely good songs, lovely, fairy tale locales, good cinematography, gorgeous costumes, exciting fight sequences, nice performances, and lot of funny scenes had movie-going kids in splits. I think Aladin works for children but for adults, it fell short of our satisfaction. And I also feel Ritesh was a wrong choice for the lead. Maybe if he had built a good physique or changed his boring hairstyle, things could have been different...

Amitabh Bachchan was great and so lively for his age. Jaqueline Fernandes has lovely looks & figure and did pretty well too. Sanjay Dutt's baddie act was also very good. Rest of the cast has ably supported the lead people.

My verdict - A nice choice for young kids. A poor choice if you're watching it alone or with friends.
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Pure Moment of Happiness Mixed with Enough Amount of Sadness !
ahmed elshikh29 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Since years the Indian cinema fails to attract my attention and respect. The Americanized atmosphere, the must-be-plagiarized story, or just being weak were the problems. This time forget it.

Now here's a movie that takes not the easy, but the hard way to do everything. There are some diligence and patience behind the CGI, the sets, the music, and the story; which is a creative take on the famous Arabian folk story : Aladdin and the magical lamp.

The story managed to be a romantic comedy mixed with fantasy, action and music. The matter of the Genie knowing Aladdin's parents, failing to rescue them, feeling responsible for their death provided the story with new spirit and catchy surprises. Yet, the character of The Ringmaster as the archenemy with his really creepy henchmen and woman, wanting the lamp along with the one million years meteor's flame did impress me, being more new and catchy. Did I say earlier that this is a movie from Bollywood as well ?!

The image is beyond dazzling. The comedy got me. The music is as high as any Hollywood music or maybe better. Most of the songs are instant classics; (You May Be) is one fair example. The dancing affected me to the extent that after days and days of watching I still imitate the moves of (Bachke O Bachke) ! The action (The battles of the flashback, with the evil minions, and sure the last one) is perfect. The young director (Sujoy Ghosh) is marvelous; just recall where Genius and The Ringmaster meet head-on, or the inspired by Cyrano de Bergerac scene of (You May Be); How Enchanting !

(Ritesh Deshmukh) did a fine job whether as actor or dancer. He makes the role his own. And anyway THANK GOD THAT THEY DIDN'T USE (ABHISHEK BACHCHAN) AS IT WAS INTENDED. To tell you the truth (Deshmukh) looks like the fair son that (Bachchan) didn't have. (Jaqueline Fernandes) is one of a kind smile, sweet femininity and cute gestures; in brief a walking dream.

I envied the movie's makers to have (Bachchan) as the Genie. Who else him can be more magical ? I laugh when I read something like "Genius's characterization is inspired by Robin Williams's take on the Genie in (Aladdin – 1992)" !! Genius's characterization is inspired by none other than the Big B. Follow the nice references to his old roles/the classic Indian cinema all along; talking about turning the impossible into possible (Amar Akbar Anthony – 1977), facing the bad guys in climactic fight but not before a song in a masquerade (Naseeb – 1981), The while suit in the party (Namak Halaal – 1982), etc. The movie understands which icon it deals with, being so proud of having him around. And he shows much brisk that can't tell how he was 67 year old. I only hated that his eyes were being covered for 75% of the time; by the cool hat or the white wig's long tufts.

Speaking about hating; many scenes and moments, in the first 2 acts, should have been deleted; Aladin at night demands from the Genie to have love without magic, then a next scene, in the morning, for saying nothing but the same thing !, Genie goes to assure that nobody remembers the first wish's dance by asking the teacher (Why ?!), someone asks who's next in audition to know that Aladin is the next while we can understand it easily without that, The Ringmaster makes way over a mountain by outstanding stunt; I believed that fits being a smart introduction for him, or something he does with one of the first 2 victims, not a totally extra scene that didn't affect anything. Some shots begin with somewhat long and unnecessary walking for the characters or moving camera over the city. Let alone that the movie waits, for more than its half, till the romantic comedy ends to let the hot action unfold; however why The Ringmaster didn't try earlier to kill Aladin more than once?! That could have added some excitement, not delaying the conflict to very late phase. All of the above did slacken partly the final product. Is it why it ended up as a flop ?!! Is it how an original, fancy, lovable movie, with 4 years of working, huge budget, and A-list stars, went wrong ?!!! Whatever the reason was; 5 out of 10 in the IMDb is not unfair, it's rather the unfairness !

This is surprisingly top notch and no less. Surprisingly as I used to get "The less" mostly from Bollywood lately. It's more like a festival of bright colors, imagination, and cinema. Despite its pace problems I can't get enough of it. Therefore it's sad that it had to fail in the box office. But don't bother yourself (Ghosh), we need more wonders from your pocket, because dear…you're the true "Genius". And this pure moment of happiness you made; will live forever.
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