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Backlash 2008
Kevan Thomas1 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
1. US Championship - MVP vs. Matt Hardy The crowd was really into this match, which helped make a good match even better. These two worked at a nice pace with some good spots every now and then. Hardy's win was a real feel- good moment, it seemed like he just won a word title. 7.5/10

2. ECW Championship - Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero Well this was a lot better than their Wrestlemania match, which only lasted a few seconds. Surprisingly, Chavo had most of the offense in this one, working on Kane's injured leg. Good psychology, but it ended out of no where. 6/10

3. The Big Show vs. The Great Khali I didn't expect much from this match, so I wasn't too disappointed. A lot of punching and kicking here. I'm confused why they made it seem impossible to lift Khali, when Cena and Kane have done it before. 4/10

4. Guest Referee: Chris Jericho - Batista vs. Shawn Michaels I thought this was a very good match, best of the night so far. It was interesting to see Jericho involved here, actually calling a fair match. There was some more good psychology from both men here. I wasn't sure if Michaels actually hurt his knee or was just playing possum, but he nailed Batista with the sweet chin music to get the win. 7.5/10

5. 12 Diva Tag Team Match A lot of divas and a lot action, but nothing worth watching. 2/10

6. World Heavyweight Championship - The Undertaker vs. Edge This was a rematch of their main event encounter at Wrestlemania, which was also an amazing match. These two have had a great feud so far, and this match only added to it. Very entertaining, near 20 minute match. Very cool ending and post match beat down to continue the Taker/Edge feud. 8/10

7. WWE Championship Fatal 4 Way Match - Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Triple H vs. JBL This probably would have made more sense to be just Orton vs. Triple H, but making it a four way elimination match made it a little more interesting. A lot of action at the start which lead to two quick eliminations. After that though Orton and Triple H put on a great match that went back and forth until the end. Good main event. 7.5/10

Backlash 2008 was a very good pay per view, and a great follow up to Wrestlemania. The Taker/Edge match was the best on the card, but the main event, HBK/Batista, and the opening match were all very good as well. This was one of the best Backlash pay per views in awhile.
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Alright Show
jts04054 January 2009
Backlash is normally the show in which you see all the fall out from the previous Wrestlemania. With Orton still as WWE Champion and Undertker as new World Heavyweight Champion you could have expected a lot from this Backlash, but it could have been better.

Dark Match: The Miz & John Morrison vs Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore - My friend took a trip up to Baltimore with his family to see this event live. I asked him what the dark match was when he returned home and he informed me that it was a tag team contest between The Miz & John Morrison taking on Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore. Miz & Morrison picked up the win. Who didn't see that coming, all though I would like to see more from Wang Yang & Moore, they are a fantastic team.

Match 1: MVP (c) vs Matt Hardy for the United States Championship - We all knew that it was Hardy's time to shine. MVP at this point was champion for almost a year. These two put on a very decent opening match. MVP takes it to Hardy a little and Hardy takes it to MVP a little. In the end we see MVP goes for his Player's Boot, but Hardy moves and catches him into a Twist of Fate. Hardy wins the title and the crowd goes wild because of it.

Match 2: Kane (c) vs Chavo Guerrero (with Bam Neely) for the ECW Championship - I for one took out my stop watch to see if Chavo would last longer than at Wrestlemania. Kane really does what he can to retain, even through interference from Bam Neely. Chavo attacks Kane's knee a lot to try and keep him down, but in the end it doesn't matter because Kane turns it into Wrestlemania all over again hitting a chokeslam to retain the title.

Match 3: Big Show vs The Great Khali - Besides the two main events this match was what most wanted to catch on this show. I for one have to point out what a low and dull match this turned out to be. WWE just makes Big Show look like all he can handle is guys the size of Floyd Mayweather. Big Show for one is a two time WWE Champion, while Khali only held the World Heavyweight Champiship for a cup of coffee sort of reign. Khali basically dominates, but the question is why. The fans were bored out of their mind with this. In the end Big Show knocks his hands out of the way to hit a chokeslam for the win. Fans are excited with the finish even though the match sucked.

Match 4: Shawn Michaels vs Batsta with Chris Jericho as Special Guest Referee - This match really takes that bad taste about Batista out of your mouth. He really sucked at Wrestlemania against Umaga. This match though was a very good contest and a nice candidate for match of the night. Michaels really makes it seem as though he is turning heel again the way he wins this match. Michaels feigns a knee injury only to catch Batista with a roll up for the win. Both Jericho and Batista are unhappy with this choice of victory from Michaels.

Match 5: 12 Diva Tag Team Match - Dull match at most. Just a time filler from Michaels/Batista to the title main events. Beth Phoenix, Melina, Layla, Jillian Hall, Victoria & Natalya take the win.

Match 6: Undertaker (c) vs Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship - These two once again put on a stellar performance. Next to Michaels and Batista this was one of the best singles matches of the night. Undertaker fought through all Edge and Vickie put him through and he took it to the Rated R Superstar with authority. Edge also shows that he is ready to finally beat Undertaker by not full-on cheating this time around. Undertaker in the end latches on his gogoplata submission for the win by choking out Edge.

Match 7: Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena vs Triple H vs JBL in a Fatal Four Way Elimination match for the WWE Championship - Orton caught us all by surprise when he retained at Wrestlemania. Even though it was too good to be true we knew he was done this time. Ten minutes into the match JBL submits to John Cena's STFU. After JBL's elimination, Cena is struck with a stiff punt by Orton for his own elimination. It is all down to Orton and Triple H for the title. These two put on one hell of a performance. Without the dead weight of Cena and JBL this match earns a higher rating from me. In the end Triple H hits a pedigree so he can start title reign number 12.
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Excellent WWE PPV
kyle-mcdonald4 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Well I ordered the backlash PPV and I have to say that WWE did an outstanding job on this PPV. All the matches on the card were very well done, Not a flaw in them. The only match that was not that good was the divas match but the divas are hot so i was not really paying attention to it. The best match was the undertaker vs. edge match and the fatal four was good to. so make sure that you see this PPV because it is awesome.

Match ratings:

(US Championship) Matt Hardy vs. MVP **** out of *****

(ECW Championship) Kane vs. Chavo ****1/2 out of *****

Big Show vs. The Great Khali **** out of *****

Shawn Michaels vs. Batista ****1/2 out of *****

(12 divas tag match) ** out of *****

(World HeavyWeight Title) The Undertaker vs. Edge ***** out of *****

(WWE Championship) Orton vs. Cena vs. JBL vs. HHH ***** out of *****

Match results:

Matt Hardy Defeated MVP (US Championship)

Kane Defeated Chavo (ECW Championship)

The Big Show Defeated The Great Khali

Shawn Michaels Defeated Batista

Team Beth Phoenix Defeated Team Mickie James

The Undertaker Defeated Edge (World HeavyWeight Championship)

HHH Defeated Randy Orton and JBL and John Cena (WWE Championship)

Overall Score: ********** out of **********

***** out of *****
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WWE backlash 2008
An excellent PPV.

I feel confident when I say this but I'm sure 80% of fans knew that Triple H would defeat Randy Orton in the main event. JBL on the other hand is not championship material and John Cena doesn't need another title reign just yet as he's currently filming another movie which requires him to be in New Orleans for most of the time. I just hope HHH drops the title when the time comes and doesn't bore fans stupid like he did in mediocre feuds with Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner and Bill Goldberg in 2003. This reviewer would like to see a feud between Triple H and CM Punk in the near future.

The Undertaker vs Edge match was again a top match and they didn't disappoint the crowd, however this Vicky Guerrero is really doing my F'N head in with her "You are not the champion crap", I just wish Taker would give her the Tombstone on the steel steps and do us all a favour. Hey you might criticise me for being too harsh there but she does my head in. I know Eddie Guerrero left her and the kids in financial peril and she needs the money but I'm sure WWE can just give her a pension based on what Eddie earned throughout his career..... oops I forgot "pension" and "benefits" are a dirty word in WWE and to show how cruel this company is they still don't pay for wrestler's hotel and car rental expenses.

Getting back to Backlash, no I haven't forgotten about it, Mick Foley joined Michael Cole on the broadcasting booth, but Foley is a better replacement than Jonathon Coachman, perhaps the second worst commentator in the WWE only behind Mike Adamle of course.

Results from the show: Matt Hardy downed MVP to win the US title in a very good match.... Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero to retain the ECW title.... Big Show downed The Great Khali.... Shawn Michaels downed Batista in a strong bout (I forgot about Batista's lame match with Umaga at WM 24 when I seen this match).... Layla El, Victoria, Beth Pheonix, Melina, Jillian Hall and Natalya Neidhart defeated Mickie James, Cherry, Maria, Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly and Ashley in a fair match.... The Undertaker defeated Edge to retain the World title in a grand match.... Triple H defeated Randy Orton (champion) JBL and John Cena in an excellent match to regain the WWE title.

Overall Grade - A
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