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(I) (2010)

Plot Keywords

east berlin nazi
mossad nazi war criminal
kiev ukraine escape
journalist book
suicide secret agent
safe house redemption
hypodermic gynecologist
nurse gurney
bathroom stall roof leak
stockholm syndrome sonata
berlin wall shot in back
spiral staircase kicked in face
aleternate versions of event decapitation
follow shot holocaust survivor
war criminal told in flashback
cold war sex in the workplace
playing on the beach kicked in the head
vomiting cockroach
straight razor duct tape gag
alarm clock ambulance
injected in neck sex with a colleague
passionate kiss posing as husband and wife
holding hands injection in butt
glass syringe sewing machine
map hidden camera
gynecological exam speaking german
baby picture trolley
archival photograph woman wearing towel
upright piano shaving
playing piano passport
man in a wheelchair reading aloud
leaky roof speech
east berlin east germany tel aviv israel
hit by a truck year 1997
year 1966 israeli flag
humiliation justice
stabbed in the back stabbed in the leg
stabbed in the shoulder stabbed with scissors
cover up punched in the face
bilingualism vomit
tape over mouth spit in the face
injection bare chested male
piano playing character repeating someone else's dialogue
birthday train station
cigarette smoking subtitled scene
flashback shot in the back
pistol woman punching a man
kicked in the face gash in the face
bound and gagged new year's eve
photograph wheelchair bound
hit by a van secret mission
israel facial scar
scar younger version of character
nonlinear timeline german accent
evil doctor force feeding
chained to a radiator bag over head
pregnancy love triangle
syringe stabbed in the stomach
insane asylum beach
ob gyn kidnapping
berlin germany east germany
ex husband ex wife relationship nazi hunter
mother daughter relationship 1990s
1970s 1960s
remake death of friend

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