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This is real edge-of-your-seat stuff, in a throwback way - no booming special effects, just old-school timing and execution.
Orlando Sentinel
"The Debt," a very good 2007 Israeli thriller with Cold War and Holocaust connections, earns a nerve-wracking and entertaining Hollywood remake.
The film's a potboiler but a gripping one, and it leaves you chewing on both its nuances and implausibilities.
The acting is superb across-the-board, with the three younger performers deserving accolades.
What the three pairs of actors lack in semblance (or resemblance), they make up for to a great extent in their performances.
The Debt eventually settles into a predictable groove that slightly undercuts its impact. Still, it's a film of ambition and substance.
Madden's dark, moody, complex exploration of guilt and identity taps into a rich vein of moral ambiguity, but the filmmakers should know that in the face of unspeakable Nazi evil, the romantic problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans.
As The Debt grows more complex and suspenseful, it also becomes more literal, losing some of its dramatic intensity.
Slant Magazine
Its performances are resourceful and affecting, with Chastain and Worthington in the past sequences, and Mirren and Wilkinson in the later chapters, exuding a complicated mess of responsibility, guilt, sacrifice, revenge, and regret.
The Debt shortchanges itself severely with the weight it gives the portion of its story set further in the past.

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