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Fantastic Spin-Off
imbrokened5 June 2010
Opening up with the shooting of Aldos Snow's latest music video and then showing his downward spiral that leads to present day was the hilarious, perfect beginning for this innovative comedic spin-off. If you saw 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' then this is exactly what you would expect a movie about Aldos Snow to be like. This movie has a heart that I did not expect to see, it's buried under lewd, vulgar and brilliant wit, but it's in there.

Russell Brand just opens his mouth and his words are comedic gold. Jonah Hill takes a step out of his comfort zone, a bit, and plays a "no confidence good guy". (Usually he's the overconfident prick, for all you naysayers). Diddy delivers a surprisingly strong performance that I'm sure shocked anyone who sees him. He's actually hilarious! His repartee with everyone he comes into contact with is spot-on. The entire cast has hilarious one-liners and the two main characters really make this movie a joy to watch.

The plot is actually a creative one, something we don't see a lot of nowadays. Albeit the humor treads into "familiar gross-out" jokes, there are clever jokes too. But it's all you have to expect when following "Rock and Roll personified". Another point I was surprised by was that a lot... a lot of the scenes from the trailers were not in the movie. I thought that was a good and bad thing. Good because it didn't show us stuff we've already seen and gave us the chance to see new stuff. But bad because a few of the scenes were real funny.

For the critics who are hating this movie: Do you like comedy? Do you like Apatow's stuff? Do you like Russell Brand or Jonah Hill? If the answer is no to any 2 of these... why are you reviewing this movie? Your opinion is pointless for the people that actually DO like these movies.
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M Eridion26 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Unexpectedly funny, with many celebrity cameos, very grotesque on-drugs characters... Develops the same charm as "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas" while maintaining a certain message and character development.

The movie picks up issues most people (obviously - judging by other review s here on IMDb - not all) have thought or dreamed about. How would it be to go anywhere anytime you want, have any woman you want, use drugs whenever you want. Would it be a lonely life, is it destructive? What would you do or react if you were thrown into such a lifestyle, if only for a few days?

This movie made me laugh heartily while giving me things to think about. Absolutely grand and absolutely hilarious.

WARNING: Expect this movie to be an underachiever concerning ratings because of moralists all over the world though. So if you're an open minded person, easily add 20% to your average rating and enjoy!

Very fun movie.
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I sure did laugh, but this spin-off eventually wears a little thin, and sometimes gets kind of disturbing
Electrified_Voltage28 March 2011
The now very famous but widely despised Russell Brand made his breakthrough in 2008's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", in which he played Aldous Snow, the lead singer of the fictional rock band, Infant Sorrow. In this 2010 spin-off sequel, the comedian got to reprise his role from the previous film, but this time, it was one of the two lead roles. As frightening as this may sound to a lot of people, I do think Brand is a funny comedian, and I found the 2008 Apatow Productions film he appeared in to be an overall funny and satisfying farce, so I was obviously interested in seeing this follow-up. I wasn't expecting "Get Him to the Greek" to be as good, and had noticed a lot of criticism of it, making my expectations a little lower. It turned out that I found it a LOT funnier than many others have, but it certainly doesn't stay as consistent as it could.

Infant Sorrow frontman Aldous Snow, whose current girlfriend is pop star Jackie Q, makes an album with his band called "African Child", with the title track as a single, but this turns out to be a critical and commercial disaster! The singer has now been sober for seven years, but his relationship with Jackie fails, and he relapses, abusing alcohol and illegal drugs again after all these years! This makes him spiral out of control and ruin his career! Meanwhile, Aaron Green is a lowly Los Angeles talent scout who works for Pinnacle Records, a company which is currently in a financial rut. He is also a hardcore Infant Sorrow fan, so he suggests to Pinnacle Records head Sergio Roma, who is looking for ideas to save the company, that they have Aldous perform at the Greek Theatre on the tenth anniversary of his big show at that venue. Sergio sends Aaron on a flight to London to escort the washed-up rock star to Los Angeles, and tells him he has 72 hours to get the man to the Greek Theatre. Unfortunately, several complications will make it difficult for Aaron and Aldous to make it to this major gig on time!

Aware of the criticism by the time I watched this, I thought maybe it really would turn out to be lame, and a major disappointment after "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", but that wasn't the case for me. I soon found myself laughing (sometimes lightly) as the film shows Aldous and his girlfriend and what goes wrong. More funny parts follow as we are introduced to Aaron Green and his life in L.A., and at this point, it helps that Sean "P. Diddy" Combs is funny as the short-tempered Sergio Roma. There are times when the film lags around this point, but not usually. I think it gets funnier when Aaron meets Aldous in London, and we hear what Aldous' mother thinks of his father. On the flight back to the United States, the conversation between Aaron and Aldous is another comic highlight, with Aaron admitting what he really thinks of "African Child" and the Infant Sorrow frontman's reaction to this. The big laughs continue with all the problems these two characters face as the talent scout tries to get the singer to their destination before the time is up. Sure, there are some pretty lame gags, but these are fairly rare. However, after a while, it wears a bit thin, and it sometimes gets kind of disturbing with Aldous' drug problems and what happens when he gets Aaron to smoke some of these drugs without the talent scout knowing, though I'm certainly not saying that it's all straight-faced from this point on.

Other viewers can hate this movie and look down on anyone who likes it all they want, but after watching such lousy attempts at comedy as "Ed", "My Boss's Daughter", and "The Master of Disguise" recently, I have to say that this one is a LOT funnier than those! "Get Him to the Greek" is the first comedy I've seen in a few weeks that has actually made me laugh a lot, so I have to give it credit for that! Still, even all those bad comedies didn't make this one look like a work of genius to me, as I could still see the flaws in it, which eventually get more significant as the movie progresses. Since this is another effort from Apatow Productions, you can obviously expect it to be very raunchy, and some scenes could gross you out, but even if you can take this and are prepared for it, and even if you like "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", you could find "Get Him to the Greek" disappointing. Still, while many would disagree, I certainly think it could have been MUCH worse, and it can obviously please certain audiences.
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Very very funny
cadillac205 June 2010
When I saw the trailers for Greek, they looked moderately funny. I hadn't seen Sarah Marshal, so I had no idea what that was all about. But, reviews were good and I thought, hey, what the heck. What I found was a very funny Apatow-filmish take on the rock n roll film. All the elements of a usual Apatow troop film are there: focus on unusual moments, sex drugs and gross out humor, friendship and some serious moments, and the breaking down of typical film trappings. Suffice to say, this is a great summer comedy.

The film, as many know, charges Allen Green with getting washed up rock star Aldous Snow to the Greek Theater in LA for a 10th anniversary concert. As one would guess, things don't go accordingly, and a whole lot of comedy ensues. The film, more than anything, is essentially a rock pic. It's about the life of this rock star who has burned out his bulb and is attempting to put in a new one. And as Aldous Snow, Russel Brand is fantastic. He truly embodies this rock star and you feel he really IS this character. He boozes it up, drugs it up, sexes it up, and whatever other manner of things a rock star might abuse. He's a mess of a guy, and like so many famous people who have gone south, he's a complicated person who has let fame get the best of him. This is translated extremely well. Despite all the comedy, this is an excellent rock and roll biopic type film. Jonah Hill is great as the lead character with baggage of his own and he does what he does best here, although he plays a more awkward kind of character versus his geek-in- charge style that we're so accustomed too.

Stealing the show, however, is Sean Combs, who plays Green's boss Sergio. Every scene he is in is hilarious and he is surprisingly funny. It was definitely pleasant to see him pull off such a funny role. The other supporting characters are great, doing a fine job of being very funny themselves. Most of the film falls into stages of comedy bits, and all are pretty damned hilarious. There's nothing here that's too ridiculous, which is nice. There is once scene that kind of makes you raise a brow, but it's just so damn funny, you forget how insane it is. And that's really the charm of the film. Everything about it is larger than life, yet believable. This is exactly why it perfectly molds both the rock star film and an Apatow comedy so perfectly. It's the kind of comedy you would expect it to be, while not knowing exactly what is going to happen. If you don't like these kinds of comedies, this one may not be for you. But if you've enjoyed other films like Sarah Marshal, Pineapple Express, and other Apatow troop films, you'll find Greek hilarious. I know I did.
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Completely Ridiculous... and Awesome!
BwSwim10 June 2010
This movie was great. I expected considering how much I enjoyed Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and how much I enjoy Jonah Hill in general. I was not disappointed. The only reason that I did not give this movie a higher rating was because it was so ridiculous and unbelievable. I could not stop laughing out loud in the theater and neither could the rest of the audience (which was decent sized for a mid week night time showing after release). If you do not like drinking, drugs, and sex than I would recommend that you do not even come close to this one. It is above the top in all three of those aspects. You may be offended by some things, but that is the whole point of the movie... enjoy it. See it soon, I foresee this one growing in popularity as word of mouth spreads. 8/10.
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A Hilarious Spin-off
desiplaya21 April 2010
I was lucky enough to see this movie tonight as an advanced screening at my school.

It is the funniest movie of the year so far and I think it will be a sleeper hit like The Hangover was last year. I loved Russel Brand's character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but I was bit hesitant to see an entire movie based around the character. If you feel the same way as I did, stop! This was an excellent spin off with a great cast. If you love movies like Superbad and The Hangover, you will not be disappointed with this. Although, don't go in expecting another Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which is more of a romantic comedy. This is just 108 minutes (approx) of pure fun and a lot of crude humor.

Russel Brand, Jonah Hill, and Diddy are flat out hilarious. I'll go far as to say that Diddy's character Sergio is to this movie as Russell Brand's Aldous Snow was to Forgetting Sarah Marshall. There are a lot of hilarious lines throughout the movie and a couple of awesome cameos.

I haven't laughed as much as I did tonight since I first saw The Hangover last year. If you love comedies, then don't miss this! I highly recommend it.

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Was expecting more laughs.
stmaartengirl4510 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I kept hearing Get Him to the Greek, being compared to The Hangover, which I loved and thought extremely funny. Get Him to the Greek was at times more disturbing, pathetic, and gross than funny. I should have waited for it to come out on video. Normally you can hear people laugh around you, but I do not recall hearing anyone really laughing. My son, son-in-law and daughter also saw it. They said they liked it but they usually will instantly start talking about the movie and playing out some of the scenes, but that did not happen either. So it leads me to feel, they were not very thrilled by it. My son actually said he could have done without the threesome scene. They all agreed, not near as good as The Hangover.
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Not Very Funny
zardoz-1326 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
They should have called this movie "My Favorite Rock Star" because "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" director Nicholas Stoller scenarist Jason Segel look like the Peter O'Toole comedy "My Favorite Year" inspired them. Pinnacle Record President Sergio Roma (Sean Combs) is searching for a surefire hit to keep his brood of kids in Air Jordans when an intern Aaron Green (Jonah Hill of "Super Bad") suggest that they stage a comeback concert at the Greek Theater for washed up British rocker Aldous Snow (Russell Brand of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall")whose career tanked after he produced an album called "African Child." Sergio packs Aaron off on a trans-Atlantic flight to London to pick up Snow and bring him back in 72 hours. Meanwhile, Aaron and his live-in girlfriend Daphne (Elisabeth Moss of "Did You Hear About the Morgans?") are having relationship woes. She is a hospital intern who is worked so hard that she doesn't get to spend much time with Aaron. She finds a job in Seattle that would give them more time together, but it would force Aaron to look for a new job. They decide to break up and Aaron flies off to England. Of course, the comedy here is that Aldous is a drugged-out rock & roller who cannot get enough booze and narcotics into his system while straight-laced Aaron does his best to keep him off drugs and get him onto the plane. The irony is that Aaron eventually winds up doing all of Aldous's narcotics. At one point, Aaron has to stuff a ball of heroin up his anus so that the two of them can slip past the airport checkers. Aaron discovers what it is like to be a free-wheeling, drugged out guy and gets laid once in a bathroom by a woman and later is raped by a drugged out Vegas chick called Destiny who stuffs a dildo up his butt while she straddles him in bed. Indeed, poor Aaron does virtually everything to nurse maid Aldous to the concert. The jokes are not that funny and the formulaic characters are far from sympathetic, despite the fact that Aldous redeems himself and Aaron becomes Aldous' producer. Incidentally, Aaron and Daphne hook back up and make it to Seattle. Sean Combs delivers one of the funniest performances and Colm Meaney of "Con Air" isn't far behind him as Aldous' father Jonathan Snow. Kristen Bell appears in a cameo.
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A film of two halves
tomgillespie20023 June 2011
The comedy films of writer/producer/director Judd Apatow have somewhat dominated the last eight years or so. As well as being commercial hits, they have been lauded by critics for their sweet approach to comedy, blended with gross-out aspects and genuinely good scriptwriting. Apart from his best works - The 40-Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Knocked Up - his films can often be lazy, relying on quirky randomness to get through. The overrated Anchorman, which has somehow become a massive cult hit, was the biggest example of this, and although I could watch Will Ferrell all day, the film just felt like it was desperately trying to get through to the other side. Get Him To The Greek is another example of this.

Music producer Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) convinces his somewhat angry boss (Sean Combs) that an anniversary concert for failing rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) is the way forward. Convinced, Green is sent to London to collect Snow and take him on a few promotional spots before arriving back in America for his concert. Snow would rather have endless parties, take lots of drugs, and sleep with lots of women - which is okay with Green, only he has an angry boss on his ass and a girlfriend (played by Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss) who he's not sure has broken up with him or not.

This is really a film of two halves. The first being genuinely funny - with Brand breathing likability into his somewhat loathsome character, and the exchanges between Hill and Diddy being a particular highlight. This is coming from a person that hates Russell Brand. I mean I really, really hate him. But the charm that everyone else seems to see only becomes apparent to me when on the screen. Here he reprises his role from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where I was surprised with his comic timing. When the second half comes around, I began hating him again.

The film simply runs out of ideas, throwing in a troubled father-son relationship between Brand and his Las Vegas-based father Jonathan Snow (Colm Meaney) that is of no interest. It also throws up one of the unfunniest scenes in the film, with Hill being smashed on a 'jeffrey' (a mix up of a variety of drugs smoked like a joint) and stroking a furry wall while Brand and Meaney fight. It resorts to scenes like this because it has no more jokes to tell, and combined with Aldous Snow's increasingly crap and unfunny array of songs, it all feels like it just wants to end.

Sadly, a more interesting sub-plot that reveals Snow's serious drug habit crops up then seemingly fades out without being properly explored. It could have added another dimension to Snow's character, and stopped him becoming a whiny and annoying protagonist. That said, the first half is funny enough to make it worth a watch, and Sean Combs near enough steals the entire film.
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Surprisingly Outstanding
annejenningsparis5 June 2010
Many people won't get this movie, because it moves so quickly from extreme comedy to near tragedy, but that's the whole point of the film. Russell Brand is near genius in his portrayal of an out-of-control rock star has been, and Jonah Hill, for once, plays the low-key straight man. Another standout is Sean Combs as an over-the-top music exec. My husband and I saw this on a date, and we both loved it. Granted, it has plenty of profanity and some gross-out moments, but I felt all of those contributed to the message of the movie, which was about the extreme nature of the rock and roll lifestyle. Funny, poignant, and ultimately a feel-good story about friendship and forgiveness--and rock and roll!
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t's an acquired humor that I will never find funny._spoiler_
Jessica Savage18 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
After watching this movie, I am pretty sure I will never watch anything by this director or anything starring Russell Brand or Jonah Hill. The movie was quite distasteful with the idea that you should help your friends by doing anything you can even if it includes: over abuse of drugs, dropping off the wounded in front of a hospital, sticking drugs in your rectum in an airport, and ridiculous kinds of unnecessary sex (some in bathrooms - gross, suggested and almost forced threesomes, cheating). So your health means nothing as long as your friends or your work are satisfied with your loyalty? I should mention there was a quasi-rape scene that was absolutely unnecessary. Not a woman being raped, but Jonah Hill with a dildo. Wow, not something I'd ever like to see or think about. By the way, if you were "jones-ing" to see Jonah Hill's overweight bare naked bottom, then this is the movie for you! No thank you. Not only was the movie semi-musical, but the songs were treacherous and completely stupid in context.

I have seen other things with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill, two comedic actors. Two actors that I have not found the least bit funny among actors such as, Jason Segel and Seth Rogan. I always thought this was due to their roles being minor in certain movies. Instead, I was right with my own judgment that I should have not seen this movie - even though I saw it.... This movie was not worth watching, making, or filming. It's an acquired humor that I will never find funny.
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So much puke
thesubstream5 June 2010
It's not quite Pixar-like, Judd Apatow's streak of very funny, very good films, but it's close. As a producer, he's as close as it gets to Mr. Automatic, going from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy to The 40-Year-Old Virgin to Talladega Nights to Superbad to Pineapple Express with only a couple Year One's and Walk Hard's to queer the run. Apatow's done it the right way, by surrounding himself with a gang of truly funny people and by recognizing what a lot of timid, gloss-obsessed Hollywood folks won't: that guys like Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Steve Carell and Seth Rogan could carry pictures. They're all... these are odd-looking dudes, these Apatowian fellas, and it's hard to make them look good blown up billboard size. But all of them can write their own jokes, all of them are funny, and as Hill proves in the new Get Him to the Greek, all of them can carry the weight of a big film on their back, despite their schlubbiness, despite the films not being SNL spin-offs. There's just talent and comedy, that's both fresh and charmingly old-fashioned. With Get Him to the Greek there's a weird bit of Hollywood story/actor oddness that evaporates as soon as the picture gets rolling: writer/director Nicholas Stoller is taking characters from a previous film that he directed (that was written by and starred Jason Segel), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, keeping one intact (Russel Brand's rock god Aldous Snow) and slightly tweaking one other (Jonah Hill's disturbed-fan maître d' becomes a shy music intern), and sets them loose in a completely unconnected narrative. Snow is the last true rockstar, recently fallen hard off the wagon post-a disastrous, career-threatening single about starvation in Africa called "African Child". Worried about slumping record sales and a label-head (the surprisingly entertaining Sean "Diddy" Combs) looking for "the next thing", intern Aaron Green (Hill) suggests the company return to its rock roots and sponsor a gig at the Greek theatre in L.A., to mark the 10th anniversary of a legendary Aldous Snow show. Green is sent to London to collect him, packing an adrenaline shot and instructions to do whatever it takes to get the slippery, deluded, hard-partying rock god to L.A. in three days. Very funny hijinks ensue.

Brand as Snow is the spectacle, the wild spark that animates the whole film. Snow vacillates wildly from petulant artistic preciousness to aggressive junkie posturing to anarchic drug logic and back. Story-wise, tt's a dangerous thing to chance, as the rock-excess thing has been parodied to near-death. Brand, though, limns the edges of his chaos with occasional moments of human frailty. The film notes late in the going that Snow's self-appointed rock messiah is intelligent, and it's a small ignorable moment that speaks to the subtle bits of originality in the film's script and in Brand's performance: he's a pompous idiotic waster in true rock fashion, but there's a cruel, manipulative intelligence underneath it all that helps the whole film feel fresh and funny, even if it's going over well-trod Spinal Tap ground.

The discovery of the film, though, is Jonah Hill as Aaron Green, the spectacular punching bag at the heart of a film that mercilessly visits every kind of humiliation and degradation on him. He stands square in the furnace blast of Snow's rock-superstar excess and the shrivelling, repeated "mind f__ks" of his conniving, unbalanced boss: he pukes, he's sexually assaulted by more than one person, he's threatened, cursed, party to a stabbing. But what makes Hill's performance truly funny is that while he is in essence a nebbish, a victim, a barf-coated ill-looking cannonball of a man he nonetheless retains a really kind of compelling dignity and oddly endearing self-confidence. There's a depth to Hill's performance in this film (and in Forgetting Sarah Marshall as well) that's actually… special. He's not an oversize wild-man, he's not a tiny Michael Cera-esquire mumbler. He's doing something new, and it along with everything else in this film is very very funny. 8/10
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Aldous Snow. We love you.
WilliamSG16 April 2010
Oh what a character. If you love Russell Brand, seeing this movie should be a no-brainer for you. His character was the best part of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," and it's the best part of "Get Him to the Greek."

If you enjoyed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," be aware that Greek is far more outrageous and crude, even to the point of getting past that suspension of disbelief that is the holy barrier of Do-Not-Cross when it comes to these types of movies.

Performances are top-notch (except for an occasionally overacting P. Diddy), and the production values are just tremendous. The "music videos" and occasional cameos are just masterful!

Just be aware - there are a few exceptionally uncomfortable scenes, one of which is a huge misstep, and just very awkward (you'll know when you see it).

Overall, though, a fun movie. No, you'll forget you saw it soon after, but you'll have a rockin' time while you're there.
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Utterly disappointing
V P21 June 2010
I chose this flick because I want to get in a few laughs and I missed the show time for Toy Story 3. From the start of the movie, I was already alarmed that I had chosen the wrong movie what with the music video and the switching between the various newscast of Aldos Snow. I thought it would get better once we get into the meat of the story. I thought Jonah Hill will bust out a few good jokes, but most of the jokes just make me cringe instead of laugh. By the one hour mark, I wanted to leave, but stayed which is a mistake. In the end when he finally got to the concert, I thought it would be over, but no, they had to prolong it another little bit to extend the bore. I went in expecting something close to The Hangover and instead got 90 minutes of swearing and a few flashes of nudity. I don't know how anyone can rate this a 7 out of 10 or more.
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horrible movie
hooterhater6 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When I see movies like these with the same characters as in the last dozen movies, with the same roles, doing the same thing, lacking any imagination or creativity, it makes me want to bang my head against a wall. Not only because I think the people are losers, but because I wasted ten bucks to see this movie. I am better off taking my ten bucks and flushing it down the crapper. I think the money would be better served and less angry at me for spending it towards something so repulsive. This group of guys in high school that must have been total nobodies, must have gotten together and thought of scripts for all these movies brain storming on the raunchiest, most sexist, degrading, cliché, nasty crap without ANY substance what so ever! and thought "hey, maybe people will be ghetto and dumb enough to actually like this" I honestly think I would enjoy getting served crap on a plate than to have to sit through another one of these immature, offensive, "shock-value" type movies. Its hard being an intelligent person in this world, movies are limited. To sum up the movie, a low intelligent film of a rocker with the topless women, strippers, drugs, and plain stupidity with lame jokes. I think I would have had more fun running out into the highway trying to dodge oncoming traffic. the movie sucks.
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Thanks God there is a Fast Forward Button!
mauro volvox20 September 2010

This is the only word I can use to describe this "film"

THTTG is advertised as a comedy, but watching it was a very depressing experience. Sometimes, I have the impression that I as born in another planet in a far away galaxy because I cannot understand what passes as comedy these days. There are no funny moments in the film, the characters are all losers with no redeeming qualities and after a while one does not care about them any more. There is no sympathy nor empathy for these guys.

A movie lacking a smart and funny script such as THTTG resorts to bathroom "jokes" and raunchiness, etc. to keep peoples' attentions. And that is all this film is all about. A succession of depressing examples of lowbrow humor and situations involving bodily functions...

Can't those guys come up with something a little more creative than vomiting, dildos, situations involving one's lower parts of the digestive tract? What next? What is going to be the next great idea of these guys to "entertain" the audiences: a graphic display of diarrhea, a person with cholera? Who nows...

For me this was the last time I'ever watch one of these post-modern comedies.
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The longer it goes, the worse and worse it gets.
legalguru3619 June 2010
Anyone who thinks this is good must be taking the same drugs that Russell Brand's character is in the movie. First off, you know going in with Apatow that it's probably not going to be a thought provoking, compelling storyline, so the comedy HAS to carry the film. Sadly (and honestly painfully) it doesn't, not even close. This is one of Apatow's worst films, if not THE worst. Jonah is funny to a point, but what was fresh with him (Superbad)in the past, to me has gotten old very quickly. There are a few instances that are funny, but nowhere near enough (tired, old, unoriginal bits we've seen before) and nowhere close to as funny as "The Hangover" (it was advertised to be), "Superbad," or "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." The whole bit with Snow and his father is pointless (it's neither funny nor do they re-examine that relationship). The movie just drags on and on, not being funny, and they should have cut it by at least 30 minutes. After a short amount of time you just say "Uncle," and hope that it ends.
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Andrew Tape's review was right on the button
bearyez7 July 2010
Why do people find this type of humor entertaining? Barfing? Three-ways? Excessive drugs and alcohol? I guess it's just a generation gap. I thought it stunk. Nothing like the Hang Over. I didn't like the characters or the plot; therefore I didn't care what happened. I almost left the movie early. The one interesting thing I liked was the link with the Sarah Marshal movie and the commercial for her upcoming T.V. show. Even though that wasn't one of my favorite films either, it was a whole lot better than this piece of crap. I have to add more just to get the minimum 10 lines, so I'll add that I only went to this film because of the 7 plus rating I saw here. It was between this film and Grown Ups, and that had less than 4 stars. My guess is that Grown Ups will turn out to be a better film; not that I expect that much from it either. Kind of like Killers and Knight and Day. K&D was better, but still not a great film.
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Some good music, period.
evilan215 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
One of the worst pictures I've ever seen. The role of Russel Brand is highly annoying and disrespectful for any professional musician. In this world of drug related terrorism and drug abuse which undermine our society this picture is just a bag of S.......garbage.

What is the market intended for this kind of garbage? I really don't now. But it has no value not even one asset to lose your time and money attending to see this kind crap movie.

We expect for the entertainment industry particularly the motion picture industry to release some type of constructive, comedy ( this is not the case), action, interesting plot or just plain fun movies rather than an ode to the drugs and scumbags.

If not enough waste of time and money and we have to still tolerate the supreme stupid Brand quotes and the ending disrespectful "crazy credits"
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hated it
colinhawksby21 June 2010
man this movie wears out its welcome really quickly.Its the kind of thing that might be funny as a sketch on TV but a full length feature film? no way.

Brand is far too irritating when he's more than a cameo and the rest of the cast are all doing stuff they've done before. Brand is doing his usual bit as well but i'm not familiar with his routine so its not too bad at first. I'd realised he was a one trick pony long before the film ended.

Ah the end!!!!!!!!!!!to go outside, feel the warm sun on my face, breathe fresh air and forget about this horrible load of old tripe. I enjoyed the end best of all!!
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Jonah hill AGAIN, this is so annoying
maryquitecontrary276 June 2010
is this fat A_ _ ever not in one of these stupid sexist movies? Lord help us, will he be in ALL of them playing the exact same character every time? These people that are in these type of movies on a regular basis cant act worth beans. Its like a camera man follows around the same pack of vulgar losers who cant control themselves and act like horny teenagers trying as hard as they can to offend as many people (especially women) in the process. Its a train wreck and paying money for this or to even see this is a total waste. I think people should instead donate money to these guys in the movies for acting school and to the directors for a psychotherapist to talk about their women issues. Cause they are clearly angry women haters who feel to the need to humiliate, degrade, and insult women on a constant basis and who have absolutely no respect for women nor their bodies. Degrading a person because of their sex or their body is not funny, its stupid and shows lack of character and immaturity. Can these directors seriously not make a movie without insulting women? are they incapable? Movies can be funny without belittling a sex. Where do they find these desperate women to take these roles anyway? Its truly sad. This movie is a disgrace and a waste of time.
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Lame, uneventful, sexist, degrading, boring movie
jenniferbeals286 June 2010
This is just another one to add to the bunch of judd apatow type movies which include, tons of vulgar language-f-bombs (getting old), drug references, sexism towards women including over the top degradation, disrespect, female nudity, and being objectified. Lets see....did I miss anything else? oh ya, lack of creativity and originality. Seriously, these movies that come out seem to have all the same old characters in them and its getting quite annoying. Cant they think of something new besides offending people? its just not funny. And the sexist crap, can we really not get through a movie without throwing in naked women and strippers? its like the director makes certain that they humiliate the females and intentionally degrade them. I am growing quite tired of theses immature, senseless, sexist movies. Maybe if they were comical, they would be more tolerable. I guess I could see a pubescent teen being excited about this movie, cause like the others there is always the abundance of over the top sexual content, but a person that is a bit more grown up and looking for adult humor and maturity, I suggest you look elsewhere. Its embarrassing seeing movies where the adult men act like 15 year old boys. Its like we are going backwards in time and America is getting stupid from these movies.
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"Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life, son"
ssaftler21 June 2010
Apologies to the writers of "Animal House", but Dean Wormer's comment to Flounder is just so apropos to the character(?) played by Jonah Hill.

I tried to convince our friends to choose something else besides this, given all of the reviews I'd read and the trailers that I'd seen. But, someone else was paying, so I went along, figuring it couldn't be THAT bad. Well, a couple of our friends walked out within 10 minutes and saw a different movie. Wish I'd followed their lead.

This movie was vulgar for the sake of being vulgar and gross for the sake of being gross. If there was supposed to be a message, it was lost in the tsunami of bodily functions, profanity, drugs and alcohol that never stopped.

All in all, a waste of time and money to anyone outside the 13-25 demographic. Then again, that's where the cash must be nowadays, Hollywood keeps targeting them almost to the exclusion of the rest of us.
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A fun ride with a sudden stop.
Viccars6 September 2011
This is Nicholas Stoller's first mainstream film in which he both wrote and directed, exploring the high's and lows of Jason Segal's Forgetting Sarah Marshall's character "Aldous Snow".

Aldous Snow is the controversial, alcoholic, drug addict rock star stereotype played by Russell Brand. He does it well and leaves us with a strong and convincing performance, but then It's hard to criticise his acting when he for the most part just plays himself, and to that point he does it well as always.

The story-line is basic but strong, and doesn't skimp on the laughs... or the nauseating, leaving the theater in stitches and disgust several times throughout. It takes you on a journey of the highs and lows of life as a rock star, the publicly glorified side and the more somber, touching on the loneliness and struggles with relapse.

It flew by fast and felt squashed at the end, the resolution was a tad jammed and left me slightly disappointed, but i'll be watching it again.

If you liked the hangover, you'll defiantly like this.
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