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What transpires gives fresh meaning to ‘sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.'
As an encore for Brand's Aldous, it's a welcome return. And for Hill, it's a chance to really shine.
Orlando Sentinel
The mercurial Brand is spot on as the mercurial Aldous, putting over outrageously titled tunes with panache.
The movie is like an old vinyl LP; the best cuts are on the first side, there's a bangup finish and a lot of filler material in between.
Turns out to be the funniest hard-R comedy since "The Hangover."
Barring a few lapses, the gags fly by in rapid-fire fashion, and enough of them connect -- thanks in part to the amusing mix of Hill's hang-dog demeanor with Brand's lanky, relentless hedonism.
Village Voice
Get Him to the Greek, is a mess, but an amiable and occasionally uproarious one due mostly to Russell Brand’s reprising of his role as Aldous Snow.
The funniest bits in the movie are, by and large, the small, offhanded gags stuffed into the corners.
When the movie remembers to be the drug-spiked, hard-R comedy you hope for, it’s more than just a fun romp (and, incidentally, superior to "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," the rom-com from which its Britpop libertine spins off).
The Hollywood Reporter
Never achieves the propulsive traction and outrageous/endearing balance that made "The Hangover" such a smash this time last year.

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