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Another very entertaining episode of an all-star "Family Feud" with "Barney Miller" vs. "Eight Is Enough"
tavm10 September 2010
This time it's "Barney Miller" (Hal Linden, Ron Carey, Ron Glass, Steve Landesberg, Jack Soo) vs. "Eight Is Enough" (Lani O'Grady, Susan Richardson, Dianne Kay, Laurie Walters, Grant Goodeve). Richard Dawson reminds Susan of the last time she appeared when she put waxy lips on when he kissed her though she kissed him quite a bit here as she also did last time after that stunt. At the other side, Ron Carey kissed Dawson's hand! Also, Richard asked Ron Glass what it felt like dressing as a woman on a recent episode as Dawson had previously done on "Hogan's Heroes" twice every season. Very exciting survey questions asked with much giddiness from me on both sides. At the Fast Money round, Glass answered with lots of high-ranking survey answers so it wasn't so bad when Jack had 0 points on the first 3 as the fourth had enough for them to reach past the 200 points. Oh, and the laughs from his castmates when he answered 13 for the "Name an age when a boy becomes a man" question had Jack saying, "I'm Jewish!" constantly. A very entertaining all-star "Family Feud" this was. P.S. Not long after this, Mr. Soo passed away so it's in honor of his memory I'm dedicating this review.
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