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The funniest American comedy of the summer.
Judge is in the business of social satire, and his laughs can sting, but his movie is a comic salute to free enterprise. And, boy, do we need it now.
Affleck ought to do more quirky character roles rather than leading-man parts in action films. Bateman plays his low-key straight man/protagonist to perfection.
Isn't an instant classic, but it bumps along agreeably.
White trash meets white collar in Extract, Mike Judge's workplace comedy -- which contains more reality than the last five documentaries I've seen.
Extract is an exuberant original...like no other and one of the best comedies of the year.
A mix of coolheaded cultural satire and anxiety-inducing workplace and marital shenanigans, Extract is an odd project. It's smarter than most of the comedies out there right now, but that doesn't necessarily make it funnier.
The entire cast, in fact, seems to be having fun, with Affleck and Koechner cheerfully stealing each one of their scenes. And the jokes come often enough to leave us consistently amused and occasionally delighted.
Couldn't Mike Judge, with his acid wit, have come up with a better title for a suburban-schlub comedy than ?Extract?
Wall Street Journal
Mr. Judge has done better...Here, by contrast, we're dealing with one-note characters, among them a sexy grifter (Mila Kunis) and a dim-witted gigolo (Dustin Milligan); situations that stretch all credibility; and jokes that are never more than sort of funny.
The Hollywood Reporter
Not a single person in this ensemble comedy doesn't suffer from colossal stupidity.

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