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Chimpanzee lets everyone feel like a mini-Jane Goodall.
An eye-opening primer in cross-species similarity. We learn that apes are violent and territorial but also that they are capable of creativity and tenderness.
No amount of gorgeous jungle footage can make up for the fact that this Disney-produced documentary feels about as natural as an episode of "The Hills," though with (slightly) more feral characters.
In general, the more young people who see the film, the more who will be made aware of a fascinating, complicated near-relative whose numbers are dwindling rapidly.
The stunning and mostly uncompromising visuals more than compensate for the frequent corny turns of phrase.
Inter-chimp and territorial fighting are facts of nature, but the extreme anthropomorphism of Chimpanzee makes what is natural feel bizarre.
But nature is messy, and Chimpanzee doesn't shrink from that, to its credit. Fothergill and Linfield at least exercise discretion when their cameras capture disturbing turns of event.
It's unfortunate that the filmmakers juxtapose those striking visuals with a warlike anthropomorphizing element.
Blend sound with sight, though, and the package becomes more difficult to take.
Some privileged nature footage from the African rain forest is dishonored by deeply silly narration in Chimpanzee.
"Humanize" might not seem the obvious verb for what happens in Chimpanzee, Disneynature's latest kiddie documentary. But it's dead on; this escape to the planet of the apes is anthropomorphic to a fault.

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