"Supernatural" It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester (TV Episode 2008) Poster


Dean Winchester: Well are you gonna figure out a way to find this witch or are you just going to sit there fingering your bone?

Sam Winchester: [Upon meeting Castiel for the first time] Oh, my God! Er, ah, I didn't mean to... sorry.

Dean Winchester: [ghost throws Dean against the wall after he kills zombies] Zombie-ghost orgy, huh? Well, that's it. I'm torching everybody.

Dean Winchester: So we're talking ghosts?

Sam Winchester: Yeah.

Dean Winchester: Zombies?

Sam Winchester: Mm-hmm.

Dean Winchester: Leprechauns?

Sam Winchester: Dean.

Dean Winchester: Those little dudes are scary. Small hands.

Sam Winchester: You know, my brother was right about you. You are dicks.

Uriel: The only reason you're still alive, Sam Winchester, is because you've been useful. But the moment that ceases to be true, the second you become more trouble than you're worth, one word, one, and I will turn you to dust.


Uriel: As for your brother, tell him that maybe he should climb off of that high horse of his. Ask Dean what he remembers from Hell.

Castiel: You misunderstand me Dean. I'm not like you think. I was praying that you would choose to save the town.

Dean Winchester: You were?

Castiel: These people, they're all my father's creations. They're works of art. And yet, even though you stopped Samhain the seal was broken and we are one step closer to Hell on Earth for all creation. And that's not an expression Dean. It's literal. You of all people should appreciate what that means. Can I tell you something if you promise not to tell another soul?

Dean Winchester: Okay.

Castiel: I'm not a hammer, as you say. I have questions. I-I have doubts. I don't know what is right and what is wrong anymore, whether you passed or failed here. But, in the coming months, you will have more decisions to make. I don't envy the weight that's on your shoulders, Dean. I truly don't.

Astronaut: [Outside their motel, Sam and Dean cross paths with a kid dressed as an astronaut with a bucket of candy] Trick or treat?

Dean Winchester: This is a motel.

Astronaut: So?

Dean Winchester: So, we don't have any candy.

Sam Winchester: No, we have a ton in the-

[Dean cuts him off]

Dean Winchester: We did, but it's gone.

[the kid isn't buying it]

Dean Winchester: Sorry, kid, we can't help you.

Astronaut: I want candy.

Dean Winchester: Well, I think *you've* had enough.

Astronaut: [the boy narrows his eyes into a steely-eyed glare and walks away roughly shouldering past Dean]

Dean Winchester: [Dean is disturbed/confused]

Castiel: Our orders were not to stop the summoning of Samhain. They were to do whatever you told us to do.

Dean Winchester: Your orders were to follow my orders?

Castiel: It was a test to see how you would perform under battlefield conditions, you might say.

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Castiel: I'm not here to judge you Dean.

Dean Winchester: Then why are you here?

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