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anna-50816 May 2009
This episode was just excellent! I can honestly say that i saw non of it coming and my god it was amazing! I promise not to give anything away... It's the least to say that this episode will blow your minds away. If you are a true Supernatural fans, you will be sitting at the edge of your seat. After the episode you will be waiting and literally counting down the days till season five begins. I don't even know when that will be and I'm already thinking it must be way too long. And I saw the episode about 15 minutes ago! Supernatural is one of the best shows now on TV and just the thought of ever waiting to see more of the Winchester boys is simply horrible. I know, but we people are not really known to be patience. Of course this is simply my opinion... feel free do dismiss anything and/or everything I wrote here.
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The Final Seal
Claudio Carvalho20 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Castiel and Zachariah abduct Dean and he discovers that the angels indeed want the Armageddon. Further, the death of Lilith is the last of the 66 seals to be broken for Lucifer rising. Meanwhile, Sam and Ruby find that Lilith is in the St. Mary's Convent in Ilchester, Maryland, and they head to the spot to vanquish Lilith. Dean succeeds in convincing Castiel to help him to meet Sam, but Castiel is stopped by an archangel. Dean runs to the convent to stop his brother.

The last episode of the Fourth Season has many twists and betrayals. The story is very well developed but unfortunately I have to wait for the release of the Fifth Season to see how it ends. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "A Ascensão de Lúcifer" ("The Ascension of Lucifer")
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Great finale finishes off Supernatural's best season yet
sramv16 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This was a great finale. If you watched the whole season, you might not have been too surprised by what transpired, but it is an amazing set up to what is sure to be a phenomenal season five. If, that is, you don't mind the whole angels thing. Cuz with Lucifer rising, the heaven and angels are going to be involved for a while. Some people seem to hate the Angels but I think the show has done an amazing job with them. If Lucifer could get kicked out for pride and being a very naughty angel, why couldn't other angels be SOBs worthy of some heavenly recrimination too? The "Green Room" where they hold Dean to keep him from intervening in Sam's fateful showdown with Lillith was pretty neat. We got to see some more Angel arrogance and manipulation. The bowl of Sam's favourite hamburgers was a perfect symbol and a reminder of the importance of context. in that green room in that bowl in that scenario in that quantity, and with Zaccariah as host, they looked pretty unappetizing!
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Guess who's coming to town!
zombiehigh182 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this last night and I still can't find the right words to describe it, except that it is beyond magnificent. Kripke you are the man, excellent job producing, writing and directing. All the cast was above terrific, Jared, Jensen, Misha, Jim, Rob and Kurt, you guys deserve a reward. And I have to mention a very special lady, Genevieve Padalecki, though I started off preferring Katie Cassidy as Ruby, I have to say you really got me on this one. And I'm glad Dean was never wrong about Ruby being a liar and manipulative and I enjoyed seeing her die. She was the real monster at the end of the book. The effects, the make up and the lights teams did an amazing job. If you are watching this on DVD, you might need to have your season five copy ready.
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