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Wallander (2008)Still of Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hiddleston and Luke Allen-Gale in Wallander (2008)
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Eighteen-year-old Sonia admits to the vicious knifing and robbery of a taxi-driver, but she is an unhelpful interviewee, claiming 'it doesn't matter anymore', before escaping custody during a power cut. Next day her dead body is discovered. The police must also investigate the bizarre demise of Mr. Falk, a physically perfect 47-year-old specimen, who nonetheless dropped down dead in the street. To add to the mystery, his corpse is stolen - from the mortuary slab next to Sonia's - and later found with the hands and feet removed. Sonia's father tells Wallander that she was raped three years earlier but her attacker escaped justice due to a false alibi given by his father - the taxi-driver she murdered. Wallander's belief that the cases are connected is justified when a search of Falk's office reveals a computer set-up identical to that of Sonia's boyfriend, who is the next victim. In fact, all three murder victims are shown to be misguided idealists, members of a cell out to cripple the...

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