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Halle Berry's latest vehicle is old-fashioned as a leisure suit, but better-looking and a lot more fun.
This movie, with its flashbacks to past sins and traumas, rests squarely on Berry, a mesmerizer who makes every moment count.
It's occasionally imaginative, and, most importantly, never boring.
It's just a matter of time, flashbacks, many costume and accent changes, some more jazz, and a triggering tune on the radio before the truth can set Frankie, and the audience, free.
It's not just Frankie who is putting on a show here. Berry is also overemphatically showing off her chops.
A soapy period piece that hits all the usual mileposts in filmed versions of such stories.
The New York Times
Ms. Berry does a decent job with the role, and the film treats its subject matter respectfully, but the overall package doesn't rise above ordinariness.
Although it is based on a true story, the dramatization doesn't make much sense psychologically.
It's all too much. Frankie & Alice has multiple problems it can't get past.
Berry's florid physicality has a certain silent-melodrama pull. The film around her, however, is lamentably by-the-numbers.
A cringe-inducing mess.
Frankie & Alice gives her the rare opportunity to play a film's hero and its villain inside the same body, and she does a memorably dreadful job in both capacities. That trainwreck fascination is about the only redeeming facet of a prestige picture gone terribly, though not entertainingly, awry.

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