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Followed by 

Ip Man 2 (2010)
Yip Man 3 (2015)
Yip Man 4 (2018)


The Chinese Connection (1972)
Yip Man challenges and brutally defeats the students at a Japanese karate school similarly to how Bruce Lee's character challenges and brutally defeats the students at a Karate school.

Referenced in 

Jing wu feng yun: Chen Zhen (2010)
Chen Zhen chain punches opponents in some of the film's fight scenes in a similar manner as Yip Man during the dojo fight scene.
Dragon (2011)
Liu Jin-Xi chain punches an opponent during a fight scene.
Sleeping Dogs (2012) (Video Game)
You can buy a wing chun outfit that looks similar to the one that is worn by Yip Man. Wei Shen can also incorporate slick chain punches to take out enemies similarly to Yip Man taking out opponents with chain punching in the dojo scene.
The Raid 2 (2014)
Prakoso chain punches an attacker lying on the floor in a similar fashion as Yip Man does in the dojo fight
Yi ge ren de wu lin (2014)
Hahou Mo owns a martial arts school in Foshan, just like Yip Man does.
i (2015)
The male model 'John' repeatedly punches in quick succession. Just like 'Yip Man' does, while fighting the japanese.

Featured in 

Ip Man 2 (2010)
Footage of Yip Man fighting General Miura from the first movie are shown in the beginning of the movie
Yip Man 3 (2015)
Footage of Cheung Wing-Sing from the first movie are shown at the end of the movie

Spoofed in 

Fa tin hei si 2010 (2010)
A scene has Emperor Ocean fighting off ten royal guards. Also evident during this scene is the same music used in the real 1 vs 10 fight scene as well as Emperor Ocean putting down a half-eaten apple on the ground the way Yip Man puts down the half-eaten potato on the dojo floor.
72 ga cho hak (2010)
Ha Kung's daughter is involved in a fight scene with ten people while rescuing a friend. There are some instances where the scene plays out exactly like the real 1 vs 10 fight scene: including a speech of her wanting to fight ten people; putting down a half-eaten potato on the concrete; stepping forward while being surrounded; the ten challengers bowing before fighting; a challenger receiving chain punches while falling on the concrete; and another challenger getting the head grabbed, twisted and positioning the whole body to the ground simultaneously.
Ji keung hei si 2011 (2011)
Arnold Cheng performs make-up on some volunteers and at one point applies it on a woman in a similar fashion to that of Yip Man delivering chain punches on opponents.
Xiao Yong Chun (2011)
Calvin Yee says Donnie Yen's famous "I want to fight ten men!" line when facing the gangsters

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