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254 out of 358 people found the following review useful:

Am I not getting something?

Author: Edd Howarth from United States
19 September 2010

In a series that deals with viral mutations, it's pretty fitting that the fourth Resident Evil, a film that found its roots in the sort of humble zombie/ mad scientist territory, is practically mutated beyond recognition. And when is mutation ever really a good thing? After a devastating zombie plague hits humanity, rogue survivor/ superhuman Alice (Milla Jovovich) roams the globe seeking those responsible: the evil Umbrella corporation. This time, the search takes her to LA, where she finds other survivors holed up in a prison, and a mysterious safe-haven called Arcadia.

Told like a story translated into French, Japanese, back to English, and finally into GGAAAAKEEERFLLLAAARGH, Afterlife is a bloody patchwork of action movie clichés, clunky dialog, and more slow motion than you can shake a clock at. There's also a villain so villainous he wears dark glasses inside. INSIDE.

The whole thing plays out like a video recording of a theme park ride, and if we were to defend Afterlife at all, it would be that its 3D appeal does make it sort of like a ride, so much so that watching it in any other dimension is a weirdly unfocused experience that falls (get ready for it) flat. Slow-mo rubble sails unimpressively across the screen. Slow-mo bullets sort of come toward you. Oh, and did we mention the slow mo? But all these hilarious jokes aside, it's a shoddy, lazy and repetitive film that treats the audience like we don't have brains, but are just hungry for them.

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128 out of 190 people found the following review useful:

Did we see the same movie?

Author: CrimsonKingLives from United States
11 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'll be honest, I went to see this knowing it wouldn't be great. The 3D looked awesome, and I was excited to see Wesker. What I wasn't expecting was a dull, pointless, plot less, horribly-acted cornball "action" movie.

Milla has worn out her welcome as a poor-man's Angelina Jolie. I love her, I really do, she's one of my favorite actresses, but this has gone too far. That said...

Without trying to spoil anything, it seems that Paul Anderson had no idea where to go with this sequel, thus throwing everything out from the last film, (I wont go into detail), while shoving small things from the video game in, just to fill time and justify the 'Resident Evil' title. It falls flat, and leaves many of the scenes feeling unneeded and forced.

My MAIN grudge against RE:A is the lack of plot. I do like to see a good mindless action/horror film (Machete and Piranha are on my top 10 list already!), but this film took itself way too seriously, and forgot where the hell it was going at times. Taking a look back at the movie, it seemed like nothing happened throughout the whole 96 minutes! The action scenes, in my opinion, were lame, tame, dull, overdone, and the slow-motion wasn't impressing anyone. It came off, once again, as forced and corny.

I'm a fan of the RE videogames and do nitpick, but at the same time, I've taken the movies for what they are. The first film was great, second meh, third bad, but this one was downright horrible. I'm really not sure I saw the same movie as most of the reviewers here, because what I saw was a flashy, dull, pointless entry in an already dead series. Time to give it a rest Paul.

Resident Evil: Afterlife gets a 3/10 *'s

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89 out of 123 people found the following review useful:

What once was buried, should have stayed dead

Author: urizen-7 from Germany
7 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While I usually refrain from writing reviews, RE: Afterlife was such an excruciating experience to endure, I had to somehow vent my righteous anger. Thus: the review.

While I quite enjoyed the very first Resident Evil movie (except for the CGI showdown), starting with Number two (Apocalypse) the movies went from thrilling, spooky zombie movies to something like a low-budget Zombie-Movie-in-the-Matrix. I say low-budget, because the special effects and action sequences screamed of cheap and shoddy work, the stories were laughable at best, and yet, here comes another entry in a series that should have stayed dead.

To see all of Afterlife's Non-Glory in 3-D, probably made it even worse for me. As much as I like 3-D movies, RE: Afterlife cannot be salvaged by anything at all, short of standing up after the first three minutes and walking out the door. Or maybe urinating on the screen, then walking out the door. Or maybe adding another dimension, time, which would allow me to go back to the beginning of the film and shoot myself repeatedly in the head.

Starting with the first (of many) utterly ridiculous action sequences, dominated by so-bad-it's-funny-in-a-sad-way wire-fighting and wire-wall-jumping, the movie actually manages to go downhill from there, which is somewhat commendable, since I thought it not quite possible to even get any worse.

What follows is an assembly of disjointed, poorly conceived action sequences, way too many slow-motion captures, incoherent story telling, continuity errors that made my teeth hurt, and then you realize that the movie has only been running for thirty minutes, and you ask yourself what you could have done in a previous life to deserve this.

The "story", if you want to call it that, is driven by ludicrous plot elements that only exist for the sake of driving a non-existent story ahead, while half of what happens seems to only happen in order to create the need for even more embarrassing zombie-killing action. Or poor attempts at creating some of that Wow-Feeling we all shared when we first entered "The Matrix".

As some critic once wrote about the new Star Wars Episodes (I-III), the Resident Evil movies offer great actors the chance for the worst performances of their lives. I am still astounded by the fact that Milla Jovovich has not filed a law suit against the producers for prolonged career murder or violent destruction of reputation.

I honestly cannot find more than two good things about this film, and I actually am an avid fan of the video game series, so seeing some familiar faces, as well as monsters, should have at least appeased my inner nerd-ness, but alas, it wasn't so.

As my final verdict, I will now present the two and only good things in this movie: 1. Ali Larter in wet clothes. 2. Kacey Barnfield in tight clothes.

The rest deserves to be laughed at, tarred, feathered, quartered, strangled, drowned, poisoned, stabbed, clubbed, and then buried in a toxic landfill next to the remains of Uwe Boll.

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88 out of 144 people found the following review useful:

What happened?

Author: cycoone from Canada
30 September 2010

One of the things I like about the Resident Evil films is that they take the time to fill in the details while holding the audience in suspense.

This forth film completely falls flat on both accounts. Thanks to 2 dimensional characters, an overdone plot, and poor use of foreshadowing, the entire film is predictable. At the same time it doesn't bother to show or explain how certain important plot devices came to be. The movie reeks from it's overuse of Deus ex machina.

The special effects were the only engaging thing about this movie. A lot of it felt like The Matrix in 3D.

One other thing this film did well was continuity from the 3rd film. I like that they didn't spend much time on flashbacks while being faithful to the events of the 3rd film.

All in all my feeling after seeing the movie was that I was expecting more. They could have made it longer, filled in some missing details, developed the plot/characters more, and had a much more enjoyable film.

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62 out of 94 people found the following review useful:

Rather Stick Rusty Pins Into My Eye Balls!!

Author: rodders81 from United Kingdom
19 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went to the cinema with realistic expectations; however even my with my very low outlook I was shocked by how poor this film was.

The plot was so thin that I honestly feel that it didn't exist. The movie instead was random events of poorly scripted action scenes that at times looked like an 80's cartoon. I am going to list in no particular order the glaring aspects of the movie that exemplify the lack of thought and continuity that went into its creation.

Ammunition: Call me a cynic but surely even futuristic weapons, require to be reloaded or even ammunition? Instead we have full blown automatic fire from handguns that just never run out.

Food: Where does the food come from? Stored? Why is the Hollywood sign still burning 5 years after the end of mankind? Make up: Character been through the 'wars' covered in mud and guts, blink and perfect makeup is reapplied and hair in perfect condition. Miracle!! Fashion: Again would a few survivors, ever have designer trimmed beards, haircuts, clothes in perfect condition? Fuel: A small aircraft that can fly without the requirement for being refuelled.

Ship: Here comes more of my sarcasm: ' I have searched the whole ship and can't find 15,000 people hidden on board, or a giant science lab, or hundreds of fighter planes' .... Oh did you mean check that out that massive door with the umbrella logo on it... well blow me!! Giant Hammer: Random monster with a hammer, comically knocking down a metal door, if you've watched the movie you'll know what I mean.

Armoury: Look lets swim underwater, whilst holding our breath for 20mins to an armoury. Luckily for our intrepid characters the weapons and ammunition are stored together in the same room and oh look at the giant air conditioned unit in the ceiling, fantastic security and it leads straight to the roof of the building, magic.

3D effects: I have watched many 3D movies of late and this one was so poor that I think they forgot to make it 3D.

I feel that this movie could have been a five star bonanza except that there was not plot, thought or direction put into the movie. The movie never promised to be a dramatic enterprise with gritty story lines and depth of characters, never less I am sure any self respecting director of any note would have the self pride and integrity to produce something of more quality and reverence. My recommendation, do not watch this movie!!

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89 out of 152 people found the following review useful:

no story, but enjoyable

Author: Mauricio Silva Barrios from Brazil
6 October 2010

I liked this compilation of scenes. I liked the soundtrack; I liked the acting; I liked the settings; I liked the effects. As a game, it works greatly. The movie is a sum of chunks of stories. Most of them are action stories. A few are horror stories. Another few are mystery stories. And none of them are connected to each other. They just share common characters.

Honestly, the plot is just an excuse for great action scenes. And I liked the action scenes. I rate it zero for the story, ten for the technical quality. And I have to admit it: in the end, I liked it as a whole.

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69 out of 116 people found the following review useful:

They should've ended it at the third one. Utter trash.

Author: Matthew Harkin from United Kingdom
10 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've always enjoyed the Resident Evil movies, I know they're far from being Oscar worthy material, but overall they've been entertaining one way or another. The first was great, Apocalypse was alright, Extinction was great, if not on par with the first. Afterlife however, is just awful.

Who the HELL is the Executioner? and who created him? Why is Afterlife full of pointless slow motion shots? Why does Alice never show any emotion at all? Why is she making a video diary for half an hour? Why do the zombies have weird tentacles? Yes, I know that they're from Resident Evil 5 but honestly, it's never explained. Why are they here? Why is Wesker dressed like The Terminator? Where is Jill Valentine? She was credited but I'm positive that she wasn't even in the damn thing. Why does Clare disappear for half an hour? Oh, and probably the most important question of all, who in the right mind hires composers under the name 'TomandAndy' to compose a movie like this?

Also, I love how confident they are about a sequel. They even left the damn thing on a cliffhanger. Probably one of the worst cliffhangers I've ever seen. The only redeeming feature I can actually think of in this garbage is Milla Jovovich and even she isn't on top form.

Overall, probably one of the worst films I've ever seen. Bad acting. Bad writing. Bad dialogue. Utterly pointless. They should've stopped at Extinction.

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29 out of 39 people found the following review useful:

Survive in a plane crash?? What were they thinking???

Author: alexlee1905 from Hong Kong
14 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Damn...I registered IMDb just to review this movie... Could the plot writer make something explainable ?? The story line confused me again and again.

How come Alice survive in that plane crash? She was normal human already! And where is Wesker when Alice leave the crash site? Since when Alice learn to fly? And where is the fuel? Food? Makeup?? The building in LA keep burning for 4 years? The armory has a shaft of something take you to the roof top? Wesker can dodge bullets (ok fine he is a superhuman), but can't dodge the knife? Here comes the most ridiculous part....what kind of self-destruction bomb is that? I mean look at the size, no way it can blast a ship that huge! OK even it is some kind of alien technology, if it was designed to blow the ship, would you mount it on a corridor where everyone can touch? Not even you can touch it, you can just dismount it with ease and dump it like a grenade?? WHAT KIND OF SELF-DESTRUCTION SYSTEM IS IT??? What were they thinking??? Not to mention there is a couple of helicopter there and Claire knew which one Wesker will go aboard! And She knew Wesker will came back after she and Chris punch hundred of holes on Wesker and shut the gate. In conclusion, don't pay to watch this movie, rent it on DVD or watch it online!

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26 out of 38 people found the following review useful:

Resident Evil(series) needs Fresh Blood or R.I.P.!

Author: manjodude
22 August 2011

Sheer disappointment! This is surely the weakest Resident Evil movie in the series. Although we still have the ruthless Umbrella corporation and the undead here chasing the survivors, their characterisation also left much to be desired.

The only thing which was and still goes good for the series is Milla Jovovich. That's unfortunate because how much of the movie's success can she carry on her sexy shoulders :) Yes, she still looks smokin' hot and ably kicks b***. She also gets nice support from Ali Larter although you don't miss anything if you'd replace her with anyone else :) Seriously, I think Larter's better off in negative, villain roles than just being a side support. And except for Albert Wesker(head of Umbrella) who was effectively menacing in his act, we can forget the rest of the cast.

Even if we were to include the good visual effects and the action choreography, they don't help much to mask the mediocrity of Afterlife. Which is sad because I really like Paul Anderson's first in the series. That was quite scary & memorable. The second in the series was good too. The third wobbled a bit but this one just crashed! So I guess Paul should stop making any more REs unless there's a complete makeover in the writing, direction and casting(except for Milla Jovovich)

Verdict: Hardly much life in the movie, forget Afterlife! Chuck it.

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31 out of 49 people found the following review useful:

What did you expect?

Author: ztlfire
22 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To even begin to describe just how right people were to doubt Mr. Andersons ability to write a script and direct would be a book in itself. His inability to capture the imagination, to remain consistent to his own plot, to develop characters, and a story line that coincides with the overall story, even understanding the term continuity is a feat for Hercules alone - obviously. Mr. Anderson's lack of creativity and possibly suffering from short and long term memory loss is abundantly in effect with this farce he's created. He claimed it would 'pull the audience in' when in truth all it did was make people walk out - and people are usually easily pleased but not from where I was sitting.

Battle field Earth marries matrix and has an affair with ultra Violet the end result is the bastard child he calls Resident Evil Afterlife.

I will pull out just an example of how terrible the plot was by quoting the goof's section and adding a few of my own: (spoiler next) During the final confrontation with Wesker, Chris and Claire enter the scene. Wesker addresses them by NAME and states they "have become quite an inconvenience". How, and when did they do this? Chris has been locked up since the outbreak of the virus and Claire had no impact on Weskers operations in this or the last movie WHATSOEVER.

In Andersons mind this was a 'salute' to the fans. THE PROBLEM Mr. Anderson is that when a character has no idea who is who and has NEVER encountered them before the dialog makes absolutely no sense and the 'confrontation' is redundant. Not to mention the entire story is warped. Quite a HUGE thing to escape his mind and I wish it ended there. But the man did not just develop a huge plot hole; the entire movie was nothing but plot holes INSIDE plots holes. I never even knew that was possible until now.

His only focus was the 3D CAMERA with his wife as the 'little piggy'.

Mary-sue is back and is now the living embodiment of an oxymoron (which also isn't possible tech but there you go ) and an utter cliché. She loses her powers but can still leap 20 feet in the air and kick a tray of sharp objects with absolute accuracy, not to mention take blows from GIANT Ax's full on and get up with not even a broken rib let alone a bruise. Oh and there is a stabbing but you'll mistaken it for a tooth pick because it seems even when a blade is run right though the arm of Ms mortal Mary-sue all you get is a GUH! and it's business as usual.

The acting WOODEN and the stunts are ridiculous! Considering it's apparently the real world with no 'jacking into' a massive computer world where basic physics don't apply, it's hard to sell and digest just about most of the stunts.

The OC meets the Resident Evil characters and the movie is one god awful fan fiction. With plenty of WTF moments and FTS, even Micheal Bay would be LHAO as the terribly created explosions and gun shots. Because even gun fire is digitally created badly resembling old Japanese English dubbed movies with the lips moving and the dialog happening a few min later! WHERE DID ALL THAT MONEY GO when making this movie?! the answer: 3D.....3D.....THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Slow motion thrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee deeeeeeeeeeeeeee Really Mr. Anderson, if you wanted to molest the camera there are cheaper ways of doing so than getting a production company to cough up millions of dollars, rent you their staff, and devote more minutes to agonizing slow motion scenes (instead of developing THE ACTUAL STORY) - and cheat people out of their hard earned money which we desperately need in these hard times.


To those readers who want a good time SAVE YOUR MONEY for marvel and DC because Capcom has seriously misjudged Andersons professional integrity and ability to deliver the only thing he's achieved is proving his doubters right- he is a hack. His work is a drop out middle schoolers work. Your money and your time will be greatly wasted. Those positive reviews are beyond misleading. They paint a picture of a movie that never happened. Or are written by EXTREMELY generous people or people with low expectations and just wanted to get out of their houses.

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