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The film is consistently fun, and Tucker's comeuppance ? will leave you gasping (if not gagging) with laughter.
Slightly better than it should be. For Tucker Max, this possibly represents a triumph.
It's not a total wipeout: Czuchry embodies the Tucker Max(-ims) to a self-obsessed fault, and there are moments of rough comic brilliance scattered throughout, but really, this particular antihero is all anti- and zero hero.
This unfunny, über-misogynistic adaptation of Tucker Max's audacious best-seller of the same name is unlikely to please anyone.
If Max and his "Hell" collaborators feel stymied by the summer hit "The Hangover," they'd be justified to scream to the bromance gods that someone stole their film's concept. But those guys did it the right way, bro.
Time Out New York
Painfully unfunny.
The Hollywood Reporter
Achieves a certain cinematic distinction by outdoing "Dumb and Dumber" in sheer grossness and detail with its depiction of the unfortunate effects of explosive diarrhea.
This desperate effort by ­professional frat boy Tucker Max may be the most dismal movie of the decade.
The result just might be the most hypocritical feature in the history of film as well as the history of hypocrisy, and along with serving beer, I hope they show I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell in hell.
Just when you thought this movie had run out of bad ideas, this last-minute outpouring of sanctimony feels like a whole new way of being slimed. Some movies come with parental warnings; this one feels as though it should come with a mandatory biohazard suit.

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