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Season 1

25 Jan. 2010
First Day
When his father walks out on his mother and himself, bespectacled, nerdy Will McKenzie is forced to leave his private school and enroll at the local comprehensive, where his accent and appearance make him an easy target for the school psycho. Seeking to make friends with 'normal' boys he pals up with Jay, Neil and Simon, but none of them are exactly winners, as is evidenced when they try to buy alcohol in a pub.
1 May 2008
Bunk Off
The four bunk off School and get drunk. Simon tells Carli D'amato he loves her by writing it on her drive way in big letters. It ends badly when Simon and Will's parents find out what they've been doing all day.
8 May 2008
Thorpe Park
Simon passes his driving test at the first attempt, less on account of his skills than the fact that Tracey, the saucy examiner, finds him cute. As promised, he agrees to take his three friends to Thorpe Park, where he can get in free as he knows the man who clears up the sick. Once on the road, Will, Jay and Neil realize that Simon is a rubbish driver.
15 May 2008
To the amazement - and annoyance - of the other three boys, Will takes off with Charlotte Hinchcliffe, the most desired girl in the school, who just happens to be dating his nemesis, Mark Donovan. Nevertheless, at a party, he even ends up in bed with her though he keeps his socks on.
22 May 2008
Caravan Club
As the guys try to decide what to do for the weekend, Jay convinces them to come to his parents' Caravan Club at Camber Sands as they are having a dance where there are plenty of girls willing to have sex. Simon and Neil go on the promise of possible sex, while Will goes, enduring what he envisions as the horrors of camper van life, primarily to prove Jay's stories of his sexual conquests there as total lies. Will sees this as a win-win situation as if by chance Jay's stories are true, Will will also get to have sex. As the guys spend the weekend with Jay's parents, ...
29 May 2008
Xmas Party
As the only person to have volunteered for the job, Will is elected Chairman of the Organization Party for the end of term Christmas bash and ropes the other three boys into being his assistants. Simon, needless to say, is keen to use the opportunity to declare his public love for Carli D'Amato, which proves to be anything but a good idea.

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